Date: 12/13/2005


Letter to the Chairman, British National Party on 13 December, 2005.//// Sir //// Please convey the following counsel from the survivor of INDIAN Holocaust to the Australian youth, now tackling the growing Arab menace from Middle East. //// Thank you. //// --------------------------------//// AFTER FIRES IN INDIA, USA, UK, AND FRANCE, NOW AUSTRALIA. We can see the sparks. //// The Arabs have arrived in Australia, and will be multiplying, abducting, seducing and CONVERTING. They are also rich enough to build at least ten grand mosques in each Australian city within 10 years. Therefore, please take the earliest signs of trouble seriously. //// When social temperature was rising AGAINST the Muslims in our own UNITED India as she was under the British rule- with KHYBER and CHITTAGONG in its map, and when the tourists could still travel to Kashmir for holidays, our INDIAN leaders like Pandit Jawaharlal NEHRU and Mr. Mohandas Karamchand GANDHI (the so-called "Mahatma", now regarded as the real Father of Pakistan due to his policy of appeasement) told their blind following not to "touch" any Muslim.” //// Indian youth being docile and timid by upbringing to the point of being cowards like “grandfather” Gandhi, went out of their way to befriend the enemy. The result of appeasement then is in front of our eyes now. India lies devastated IN THREE FRAGMENTS. One third of her TERRITORY is now out of her maps while the State of Jammu and Kashmir has become a DISPUTED territory. //// Indian leaders committed HIGH TREASON against their own country and people by not taking stern action AGAINST the threat of Muslim separatism promptly. //// What lies behind the trouble in Australia now are the MEN from Middle East (Arabs and MUSLIMS) bringing ALIEN separatist way of life and their typical eave teasing "girl snatching" culture with them. //// While the governments in the soft West, as in France last month, go politically correct out of fear, it is up to the MAN IN STREET to rise and defend their females, places of worship and TERRITORY from the brainwashed perennial predators. //// If, as a Pakistani said in England, "Every Muslim grave here is a bit of Pakistan," then we ought to regard this as a warning to our soft and secular Civilisation- especially when they have set up their own MUSLIM Parliament in London with an eye to the future. //// The Australian youth are doing what the French youth FAILED to do, i.e., to stand up against the rising tide of MUSLIM / ARAB immigrants. They not only disturb social peace but also intimidate and terrorise other hard working and peace loving minorities around them. //// Our shrinking free world ought to remain vigilant if their Koran (literal word of Allah) contains two words, KAFIR (INFIDEL) and JIHAD (that are incitement towards relentless war on KUFR, that is, the non Muslims). //// Behind these Arabs in Australia are HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS more from nearby countries like INDONESIA and MALAYSIA, even Bangladesh and PAKISTAN, where MEN will pay any price to escape the Islamic Hell known as “ISLAMIC Republic” whose Constitution flies in the face of UN Charter of equal human rights across the globe. //// Australians need to forget their government for a while and see the shape of their country, that is, HOW IT WILL LOOK, long after the governments have changed and gone. //// Do they wish to see more Muslims, mosques and terror cells linked to Al Qaida who want to convert the whole world, and resurrect the Caliphate in Baghdad? //// Do they wish to see Australia partitioned like India whose people now live in terror and fear of the Sword of Islam from the East (Bangladesh), the West (Pakistan) and WITHIN (the ever growing menacing Fifth Column)? //// The Australian youth can see the situation in the United States through the mirror of September 11. The British youth can see their own country through the mirror of July 7 and all the INDIAN youth can seem themselves through the huge cloud of smoke rising above the TWO MILLION cremations in 1947, and show courage to ask the question, pushing their "Muslim licking" Governors and governments aside, "Why are LAHORE, CHITTAGONG and NORTH KASHMIR not in the map of India?" //// Go ahead, Australian youth, you are only a few decades BEFORE Partition of Australia, Indian style, if you do not act now. //// Before you trust a Muslim anywhere, wait till they dismantle at least ONE of these so-called ISLAMIC republics where the status of a non Muslim is dirt. //// -------------------------//// News item, courtesy AOL NEWS (Dec 13, 2005)-///// Racial tensions erupted into running battles between police and thousands of white youths, many chanting racial slurs against ethnic Middle Easterners, at a beachside suburb in southern Sydney.//// At least 12 people were arrested for assault and other offences and several were injured in alcohol-fuelled fights at Cronulla beach. "People of Middle Eastern backgrounds that have been seen in the Cronulla area - a swarm of the crowd has approached these people with vile abuse,'' said Police Assistant Commissioner Mark Goodwin.//// In TV broadcasts, the rioters overwhelmingly were young white men. //// Many carried beer bottles, waved Australian flags and chanted anti-Middle Eastern slogans in response to reports that youths of Lebanese ancestry were responsible for a recent attack on two of the beach's life guards. //// After an uneasy peace had returned to Cronulla, police said youths damaged cars in nearby suburbs and there were unconfirmed reports of a man injured in a stabbing and police stopping cars full of youths of Middle Eastern appearance heading for the area. //// Dozens of police in riot gear also were involved in a confrontation with youths in the Brighton-le-Sands neighbourhood close to Sydney's Botany Bay, Sky News reported. //// In Cronulla, one white teenager had the words ``We grew here, you flew here'' painted on his back. On the beach Sunday, someone had written '100% Aussie pride' in the sand. Two paramedics were injured as they tried to get youths of Middle Eastern appearance out of the Cronulla Surf Lifesaving Club, where they had fled to escape one group. //// The mob broke the vehicle's windows and kicked its doors as the paramedics tried to get the group out. //// TV broadcasts showed a group of young women attacking another woman. Her ethnicity was not immediately clear.//// Some rioters stomped on police vehicles and other cars. Officers fought back with batons and pepper spray.//// Sydney has many beaches, but Cronulla is one of few that are easily accessible by train and often is visited by youngsters - many of Middle Eastern ethnicity - from the poorer suburbs of western and southern Sydney. //// Area residents accuse the visitors of being disrespectful and sometimes intimidating to other beachgoers. //// Area mayor Kevin Schreiber accused the mob of flocking to the beach looking for a fight.//// "As mayor and as a resident of Cronulla, I'm devastated by what has occurred on our beachfront,'' he said. "It is the actions of a few, but let's not kid ourselves that people didn't come from far and wide to participate.'' //// =================//// (Dear Australians, GUARD YOUR BEACHES. "NAZIS" ARE COMING- PLANELOADS- AND BOATLOADS.) //// With regard to the INDIANS living in Australia, will they be safe from backlash? //// Well there are three kinds of Indians living outside India who are vulnerable to any changes in local political weather, as in Uganda and Fiji. Government of India will look THE OTHER WAY. //// First category are those who deny our own HOLOCAUST by calling PARTITION “independence”. None in the world has any love lost for this despicable rotten category of Indian scum. //// The second category are those who go along with DYNASTY- Nehru down to Sonia, and declare, “We shall also get beaten up since we are friends of Muslims and beholden to the Arabs who come to India for young brides. //// The third category are those who shun political correctness and understand what motivates the Australian youth to act in this way. They recognise the new “invasion” by the enemy who now reads KORAN instead of MEIN KAMPF. //// Finally an appeal to Prime Minister and Parliament of the UNITED Kindom from the survivors or INDIAN Holocaust in 1947: “Please guard your beaches, seaports and airports, as Sir Winston would have called upon the nation on July 7 last.” //// -Kuru//// dECEMBER 13, 2005.//// (from India that lies in three flaming fragile fragments. The Imperial “political correctness” has badly backfired in South Asia).//// .........................000000000