Date: 12/14/2005


In a message dated 13/12/2005 21:50:19 GMT Standard Time, XXXXXXXXXXXXXX writes://// No security checks: After Dalai Lama, Robert Vadra only one named in VIP list //// //// Sunday, November 13, 2005 //// NEW DELHI, NOVEMBER 12: So far, Nobel Laureate, His Holiness the Dalai Lama, is the only “individual” named in the list of “VVIPs/VIPs” who don’t have to go through a security check at domestic airports across the country. //// Now there is a new name to that list: Shri Robert Vadra.//// Son-in-law of UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi, Vadra’s name was added to the list on September 28 in a circular issued nationwide by the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security (BCAS) under the Ministry of Civil Aviation. //// The list mentions that Vadra is exempted from security checks “while travelling with SPG (Special Protection Group) protectees.” //// As husband of Priyanka Gandhi, who is an SPG protectee like her mother and brother Rahul, Vadra does get SPG protection when he travels with either of them. But no other spouse or family member of any SPG protectee has been so named in the list. Vadra is the 23rd entry in the list, the other 22 identify positions and categories including President, Vice-President, Prime Minister, former PMs, Speaker, CJI, Leaders of Opposition in the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha, CMs, Ambassadors and all SPG protectees. //// Why is he the only spouse named in the list? BCAS Commissioner S R Mehra declined to comment despite a faxed questionnaire sent five days ago. //// On November 10, when The Sunday Express contacted his office, Deputy Commissioner R D Gupta said: “We have no official reply. BCAS just took out the order as advised by the Ministry. Please talk to MCA Under Secretary L Haokip for clarification,” he said. When contacted by this newspaper Haokip refused to comment.//// ==================================//// National HINDU Government one day will find this List of 23 very useful. Here are some who will be stood before the FIRING SQUAD promptly after the approaching civil war or Revolution. //// Mussolini (Italy) and Caucescu (Romania) need not be the only TRAITORS to be tried by their own PEOPLE in this way. //// Other examples of PEOPLE'S JUSTICE come straight from Bharat itself: Political "Witch" Indira Gandhi (for returning East Bengal to ENEMY after its capture in 1972 and for declaring Emergency in her democracy in 1975) and her corrupt notorious son "BOFORS THIEF" Rajiv Gandhi, the RASCAL who (like his own LOAFER son Rahul) could not find a single native female good enough for him. //// Yet in Congress controlled and (Nehru) Dynasty degraded Bharat, they count as great patriots and mighty "clean". //// ...........................000000000 ......................000000000