Date: 12/15/2005


NEHRU'S SAW THE "GLOW" OF FREEDOM//// Like Winston Churchill's famous call to war, "We shall fight them on the beaches, on the land and in the air," that has acquired immortality, we also have a phrase that has entered history books and is embedded deep into Indian psyche.//// It is Nehru's speech at midnight, 14/15 August 1947, when at 12 the clock struck and he declared, "I see the glow of freedom." //// Millions of his IGNORANT and TIMID followers gave him a standing ovation that lasted many minutes. Some broke into spontaneous singing and dancing, unmindful of the bloodshed in SINDH, NOAKHALI and DHAKA. //// For nearly SIXTY YEARS the Indians in PARTITIONED India have been thinking of those celebrations that were orchestrated and organised by "Nehru and his Gang" on THIS SIDE of the border that separated the perennially gentle and conceding, a***-licking FRIENDS from our perennially brainwashed, indoctrinated and blood thirsty ENEMIES.//// What about the OTHER side? That side is now totally wiped out from our psyche. A powerful reminder is necessary to wake us all up from induced slumber. Tragically and ironically those who are SNORING in deep sleep are the Sikhs, living on (not across) the most lethal dividing line between the (Mohammed induced) Muslim MADNESS and the (Guru Nanak induced) Sikh SANITY. //// While congregations in every Gurdwara on earth regularly pray for the "darshan deedar" of the snatched gurdwaras, no one knows HOW that can come about by doing NOTHING. And to think that the Punjabis are again along the line of aggression and invasion by the ENEMY. //// Yes, what about the OTHER side? It was not a tiny patch of land like BOSNIA where the Serbs and the MUSLIMS fought, resulting in the massacre of a few thousand and the rape of a few hundred. It was not a local affair like the massacre in the theatre in Moscow that made world headlines, and it was not like the merciless killing of all the pupils in one primary school as in Beslan, September 2004 ( The doomed area was vast, beyond imagination. It was ONE THIRD of the sub continent where the "beasts in human form" had taken control of every bit of land, water and air, and were doing thorough and savage ETHNIC CLEANSING on earth as never seen before in human history. //// World's worst ever HOLOCAUST was under way and world's largest numbers of REFUGEES were moving, travelling, trekking, running and walking eastwards often forced to go through bottlenecks like bridges on rivers that became KILLING GROUNDS. //// And there were the FIRES, huge fires that lit up the sky above. //// Last Sunday, on 11th of December, 2005, there was Europe's biggest fire raging in a fuel depot north of London whose GLOW could be seen as far as Holland and France. //// That fire, described as the biggest ever on earth since World War 2, and the biggest ever in European history, was just a "peanut" as compared to the FIRES that were raging across Western India, consuming large cities like LAHORE, MULTAN, RAWANPINDI, GUJRANWALA, HAIDARABAD, KARACHI, QUETTA, PESHAWAR and even NORTH KASHMIR, and hundreds upon hundreds of smaller cities, towns and villages. //// Schools, shopping centres, temples, gurdwaras, private dwellings and even hospitals and orphanages were being torched and set ablaze, often with the residents trapped inside. Those who tried to escape were promptly HACKED TO DEATH in the most brutal manner imaginable. //// This is NO fiction but FACT. It may look gruesome since it has been SUPPRESSED. Just ask anyone who moved from West to East in those hot months of 1947, if his memory cells are stil in tact. //// The facts on PARTITION and the full account of accompanying massacres and FIRES have been suppressed by the treacherous RULERS of India, foremost among them being all the members of India's most powerful DYNASTY ever, and their lickspittle stooges, cabinet ministers, journalists, historians and writers of school text books. Even the Constitution of India does not mention PARTITION or the TWO MILLION dead. //// What would all those fires have seemed like from the air? //// It would be like a million glow worms in the forest. It would be like viewing large German cities like FRANKFURT, DUESSELDORF, BERLIN, DRESDEN and HAMBURG at the height of air raids when thousands of INCENDIARY bombs were dropped upon built-up areas. //// It would be thousand times the fires and flames rising from the burning ships that came under Japanese attack at PEARL HARBOUR on December 7, 1941. (64 years ago). //// Now imagine the FIRES OF OUR HINDU ANCESTORS, RISING FROM TWO MILLION CREMATIONS. Their "glow" would surely be visible right up to Delhi where Pandit Nehru saw the glow in the otherwise pitch dark sky above.//// Now at last I have found the answer to my question that always troubled my mind, "What GLOW was Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru referring to in his "Independence" speech?" //// To be true or loyal, to his mother's milk NEHRU had to call it "PARTITION" speech, instead. //// Now I have also got the answer to my second question: "What kind of a patriot was this man who is being celebrated as great patriot who won freedom for us from the British?" //// The answer? "HARAAMI". //// Only a "BLOODY BASTARD" could turn the glow from all those countless CREMATIONS into his own glow of freedom. //// ..........................000000000