Date: 12/17/2005


WHO WERE THEIR GRANDMOTHERS? //// It is most likely that the grandmothers of some of these Pakistani SUICIDE BOMBERS were the abducted Hindu and Sikh girls at PARTITION. //// NO Indian reporter or official will dare to look into their fate if the country, its government and parliament have deleted the word PARTITION from their Constitution and vocabulary and are determined NOT to touch the year 1947. //// Mohammed grew up in savage Arabia. Cruelly struck by luck and fate, he was born ugly and became an orphan at young age. His mother had no money to feed him. He stole from shops and ate off the food donated to temples. //// The worst was yet to come. At puberty the girls laughed at the starving lad and pushed him away. All he could do was to stare at them from a distance in the market, and in the temple where they freely came with parents, sometimes alone. //// By banning the entry of women in mosques to pray alongside men, he not only took account of his own frustrations in early life but also those of his followers, for unlike the other Prophets, Mahatmas and Gurus, he had created an ARMY of MEN to subdue the whole world. Accordingly, he made “JIHAD” the primary duty for every Mohammedan. //// As a result the Muslims soon became a formidable force of invaders, predators and killers who would sweep across the globe from Morocco to Indonesia within a century of his DEATH. //// Blind believers in ‘Word of Allah’ also became blind believers in Mohammed. That meant willingness to blow themselves up with eyes set on rewards in paradise. The reward was virgins after death and the captured or abducted women on earth. //// Today MOHAMMED SIDIQUE KHAN, the Pakistani suicide bomber (London, July 7, 2005) is “in charming company up there, drinking wine and feeding on fruit served by virgins.” //// Before him were the Albanian TURKS raping Serb women in Bosnia and Kosovo, and before them were the Pakistani soldiers who made over100,000 Moslem females in East Pakistan pregnant despite their desperate but futile pleas to be spared in the name of Mohammed. //// Before them were the MUSLIMS in West Punjab who saw no Sword of Sikhs or Guns of Britain overhead (Lahore was under Sikh rule till 1849 and under British rule till 1947), and saw full freedom to demonstrate Mohammed’s character and teachings to the rest of the world. //// Tens of thousands of noble Punjabi girls and women were abducted and raped, often in front of small children after their men folk had been slain. Thousands of abducted girls were forcibly married by their abductors and the murderers of their male relatives and used to produce children in order to raise countless little "Mohammeds" all over West Punjab only to grow up to be indoctrinated in mosques against the Infidels and to be taught in madrassas to liberate Kashmir, if not the rest of India. //// All the children born out of these unfortunate and BETRAYED Hindu and Sikh females were raised as Muslims. Many of them are now part of Al Qaida and belong to the vast Pakistani terrorist landscape. //// We need to find out from every available source whether any terrorist among the London bombers and those fighting our forces in Kashmir were born out of these women who were snatched or abducted while the survivors managed to reach safety in India. //// The current Government of India, led by Sonia KHAN and Abdul KALAM could do a lot to find it out. But if they will not do so, then this will be the foremost duty of the strong and honourable HINDU RASHTRA that will replace the present Congress misruled “Slave Colony” called INDIA. //// The reason for this vital QUEST is that unlike the Will of Everlasting (Nehru) Dynasty controlling Bharat today that has no breath left to reclaim North Kashmir and will NOT permit the re-construction of Sri Ram Temple in Ayodhya, these women are our own betrayed KITH AND KIN. //// We could neither defend them from the Mohammedan “devils” nor rescue them afterwards from their degrading wretched ISLAMIC fate. //// 17/12/2005//// ===================//// “Have you grown too big for your boots, Mohammed? Allah will send His infidel armies to Afghanistan and Iraq to cut you down to secular size,” predicted a proud Pagan Prophet a week before the terrorist attack on WTC Towers in New York on September 11, 2001.//// 000000000