Date: 12/19/2005


HAVE YOU GOT CHILDREN? //// FACT: KILLING OF BABIES, INFANTS AND SMALL CHILDREN COMES NATURALLY TO MUSLIMS. Girls are seduced, abducted and raped under "intoxication" provided by Hadis of Mohammed and teachings of Koran.//// -------------------------- //// Let us now look specifically at the murder and mishandling of CHILDREN by Muslims. What right did the children have in Mohammed's eyes is proven by the FACT that he took (seduced or forced?) a 9 year old minor girl called Ayesha into his bed, making her his wife. That is where children's "human" rights end with a "good" Musalmaan. //// Now we move across centuries and recall the latest victims, the children of an entire school at BESLAN, September 1, 2004. The terrorists and murderers were fulfilling their ISLAMIC duty with "pleasure". //// Muslims from primitive to modern times, from the Dark Age of Mohammed to the enlightened Age of Computer, have not hesitated in the least from striking terror and death among the children just as much as among their parents. //// We feel disgusted over what these “beasts”, reading Koran, did to them. We also recall the TRAINS that brought only mutilated bodies of the massacred, when Hindu and Sikh families, including their CHILDREN, were trying to escape the newly conceded and created ISLAMIC HELL called Pakistan in 1947. Those who picked up the few badly mutilated crying babies from the heaps of corpses will never forget those scenes of horror nor ever forgive Mohammed and his followers. //// Whosoever kills an innocent child is the DEVIL in human body. //// So, what do we know about Islam and children? Let us do some FINDING OUT. If you have anything to add or any memory to share, please do so. //// There may be no records of the earliest atrocities committed against children by those who believe in Mohammed and Koran. But we may start with a little boy called Hakikat Rai in Punjab who was BEHEADED on refusing to recite “KALIMA” in the ALIEN Arabic language. He was a PROUD Punjabi-lad who had great pride in his own native civilisation, culture and “mother of all languages”, SANSKRIT. //// Does anyone born in the Punjab, where many sages and seers lived and the Vedas were written, need any crude "Rasul Allah" from the intellectual and spiritual (barren) deserts of Arabia? //// When his mother pleaded for his life to be spared, young Hakikat Rai shouted at the executioner, “Don’t listen to her. She is not my mother. Do what your KORAN tells you about me, an Infidel boy!” //// The Sword of Mohammed struck and severed the boy’s head from his body. Young Hakikat Rai attained immortal glory and left his name in the golden chapter of Indian history. //// This was the “Government of India” at that time, destroying our temples, killing and converting the Hindus by every crude and brutal method, even beheading our CHILDREN. Was it any different from the “Hindu bashing” Government of India of today that the intimidated, impoverished, subservient and ignorant Hindus call “Sarkaar Mai Baap”, still regarding "Indira is India!"? //// We wish today's Indian children and youths were brought up by their parents in the same spirit to DEFEND their threatened native culture and way of life. //// They need not emulate one despicable drop-out WADRA, who hails from the same Punjab but has turned his back on Hindu Dharma and become a Catholic to please "Mother of All Indian (Coolie) Nation", ITALIAN BORN Sonia Maino. //// This "lost" Punjabi young man, (s.o.b.) who married Priyenka, daughter of BOFORS CHOR (Beyond Law), now gets round-the-clock police protection. He will put his “LAND OF FIVE RIVERS” at the feet of the Roman Pope any time. His next of kin is the very son of BOFORS CHOR, Rahul, who has imported his own worthless spouse from the Land of Drugs, Mafia and Murder, COLOMBIA. //// Under the treacherous Constitution of Partitioned India there is a new trend of thought emerging in which religion and territory seem irrelevant. //// Buses and trains carrying goodwill missions from India to breakaway rebellious Islamic Pakistan have become a daily occurrence. Pragmatism and Reality are slipping away from the minds of our top leaders, many of whom were themselves wretched refugees in 1947 and ought to know, and warn the others. //// Then we can recall the four sons of Guru Gobind Singh ji, the younger ones not even in their teens. The manner of their execution, while the Qazi was reading some verses out of Koran that justify the murder of innocent children, is particularly beastly. It gives us a good insight into the sick psyche of a “very good” Muslim. //// In the United States the hijackers did not care about children, pregnant mothers and the old who were working in the World Trade Centre Towers, nor did they care about the young mothers and their children travelling on the bus and tube trains in London on July 7 last. Many children became orphans who will grieve for their mothers and fathers for the rest of their lives and curse "rising" Islam in Britain and its Prophet who was born in Arabia. ///// Most of the hostages taken in Iraq, Philippines, Thailand, Afghanistan and Kashmir had small children who were left orphans to abuse Mohammed, curse his Koran, and to mourn the tragic loss of their dear parents for the rest of their lives. Often these parents, like Margaret Hassan, were on humanitarian missions in an Islamic country, when captured suddenly. //// Not long ago in terms of history, we had a Governor of LAHORE, called Mir Mannu under whose orders all the Sikh boys (and men) were beheaded and their mothers were rounded up in a compound. Their babies were flung up in the air by soldiers to be impaled on spears held upright below them. Such a ghastly scene found acceptance and approval among all the Muslims on earth who heard the news. The beheading of an elderly saint, Guru Tegh Bahadur in Delhi In 1675 AD, was similarly regarded as victory of Mohammed over “Kufr”. //// In 1947 the creation of separatist State of Pakistan was similarly regarded as victory of Mohammed over Kufr. //// The ruins of Sri Ram Temple in Ayodhya and the sight of helpless Hindu refugees from South Kashmir also means victory of Mohammed over Kufr. So do the Sikh pilgrims queuing up patiently for visas to visit their holy places in Pakistan, e.g., Sri Nankana Sahib and Punja Sahib. In reality it means the Victory of Devil over Good & Decent, and our free society (under Sonia and Abdul) must NOT tolerate this. //// We have been waiting for centuries for the FORCES OF SECULARISM (what the Koran calls "KUFR") to unite and strike back in order to put an end to "Mohammed & his Jehaalat." //// Muslim mentality can easily be compared to the indoctrination and brainwashing of the NAZI officers who rounded up the Jews, old and young, even babies in their mothers’ arms, to be flung into gas chambers in Auschwitz and Buchenwald. Like the perennial incorrigible Muslim Morons, the brainwashed Nazis, too, obeyed the Will of their Leader. //// Today we are told by our treacherous leaders and governments, “Islam is a religion of peace.” We should respond vigorously, “Who are you kidding, Mr. Blair?” //// By showing them carrot, appeasing them more and more, the day will dawn when our guard drops and they will promptly become “blood thirsty wolves” in human form. I have never seen men transform so radically and so spontaneously. //// I have become aware of one alarming fact: The Muslims collectively are like a tank full of gasoline. You drop a match and the whole catches fire in no time. One can recall the BIG BLAZE at Hemel Hempstead, north of London (11 December, 2005), that destroyed millions of gallons of fuel oils overnight. //// On the other hand the civilised secular world is like a large sand pit. You drop a burning match and see only a little patch blackened. So, while thinking of Muslim and non Muslim worlds, think of petrol and sand and the lighted match. //// Herein we begin to see the advantage enjoyed by the savages in our midst. There was NO reaction in Kerala or Tamil Nadu to the thorough ethnic cleansing in West Punjab and North Kashmir. Yet British bombs over Baghdad motivate Pakistanis living in Yorkshire to go down to London to kill scores of innocent Britons. Similarly you will find Bangladeshi Mujahideen fighting in South Kashmir, Afghanistan, the Philippines, and even Chechnya. //// That is how the Muslims scored over two million “KILLS” in India when they learnt that they were going to live in areas designated as Islamic Pakistan. ‘Free and democratic world’, and the ‘Rest of Hindu India’, offered NO deterrent. //// We need to be very wary of our Muslim fellow citizens and ought to gather all such accounts from every source, and do so FEARLESSLY, if we wish to avoid being caught unawares or trapped by the MUSLIMS ever again. //// We must remember that in their minds we are KAFIRS or INFIDELS, with as many human rights as enjoyed by cats and dogs, even less. //// We should keep them under observation. Governments of secular democracies should keep them under surveillance. The Islamic JINN can escape any time and cause mayhem and murder all round. This specially applies to the Land of Hindus who are the most unprepared victims. //// We are still waiting for a Memorial to be erected to the memory of 92 Sikh girls, many of minor age, who along with their mothers and grandmothers jumped into deep wells in Rawalpindi district in March 1947 in order to defend their dignity from the lewd Mohammedan "dogs". //// The United States had no such FEAR or TERROR of Islam while constructing a Memorial to the Dead of September 11 in New York, while in India the Hindu nation will have to remove ABDUL KALAM and SONIA KHAN from the top first before replacing the statue of BOFORS CHOR by one that honours our own native girls. //// Another Memorial ought to be erected to honour all the MILLIONS of Hindu brides and wives, of murdered Hindus, who were made widows. Let us spare a thought for their life long suffering, deprivation and sacrifices while bringing up their children single handed. //// When the Muslims strike, while obeying the command of Allah, not even UN can go out to secure the release of the hostages and captives, leave aside dismantling each and every ISLAMIC Republic including Bangla(BOGUS)desh. //// Indeed, we should find out more about ISLAM and the treatment of non Muslim CHILDREN, especially the girls, who are a soft target for Muslims even in normal times. //// =================== //// Girls in ISLAMIC republics, too, are always at extreme risk. Here is a report, not rare or unusual, from Islamic Pakistan. //// www.jang.com.pk/thenews/index.html By Aroosa Masroor Khan //// Father knocks on many doors for justice//// KARACHI: The fate of three sisters from a Hindu family who were kidnapped from their house in October remains unclear with their family insisting that they are being detained against their will at a city “madrassah”. //// The madrassah insists that the girls have converted to Islam by their own free will and are not interested in meeting their family. //// The parents were allowed to meet their daughters a few weeks back after orders from the court but the meeting was carefully orchestrated. All three girls were behind a veil and were assisted by a woman from the madrassah.//// The father of the three girls, Sanao Amra, said that he felt that his daughters were being pressurized because he could see tears in their eyes - the only body part that was exposed. //// He objected to the interference of the lady of the madrassah who did not let him and his wife talk to them in private. He also said that the veil was perhaps being used to hide their facial expressions, because hiding the face behind a hijab in front of the family was not a part of the Islamic practice. //// The family was earlier informed by one of the neighbours that the girls were found and brought to Frere police station after which they were shifted to the Darul Uloom. Amra was told that he could not meet his daughters until he had orders from the court. //// Even though the magistrate reassured that the girls had accepted Islam, the father insisted on acknowledging this fact only after he met them. Recognising the family's right to meet the girls, the court ordered a meeting under the supervision of five policemen including an senior official from the Baloch Colony police station. //// On reaching the madrassah, where they have been kept for over two months now, the family was told that none of the girls were willing to meet their parents. "I couldn't believe my daughters saying such a thing and immediately understood there was something fishy," said the father while talking to The News. //// After much debate, the girls were then brought to a small cubicle room surrounded by people other than the family members. The daughters were unable to disclose anything in the uncomfortable surrounding so the woman accompanying the girls did the talking, which did not quite please the family. //// "We got up after 20 minutes instead of the decided one-hour meeting because we did not like the intrusion of others who were made our conversation an ordeal," disclosed Sanao. //// Not satisfied with this meeting, Sanao Amra filed an application with Magistrate Zulfiqar Ali for arranging another meeting either in the court, the Edhi Center or the Darul Uloom. However, this application was rejected after referance was made to a 'letter of satisfaction' from the daughters as proof to convince the parents that they were not willing to meet again. //// On 18th October when Sanao Amraís wife, Champa, returned home from work, her daughters were nowhere to be found. Unable to understand what had exactly happened behind her back, she inquired about their whereabouts from her neighbours. The neighbours initially said they had not seen the girls, but later told Champa that the elder daughters Reena, 21 and Usha, 19, were seen rushing out of home towards their younger sister Reemaís school from where perhaps all the sisters were kidnapped. //// Sanao Amra searched for his daughters for 2-3 days after which he went to the police. They turned down his pleas for help by saying that the government had not provided them with proper means of investigation and therefore there was not much they could do. The refusal by the police did not leave much for the family to hope. //// Then a few days later, one of the neighbours handed some documents to Sanao, which they said that they had received through courier. The documents stated that their daughters had embraced Islam and was signed by them too. A neighbour informed the girlsí family that the girls had embraced Islam a year ago, but the father did not believe him. "No sane person would ever fall for that. My daughters were kidnapped on the 18th and the documents state that they accepted Islam on that day itself, if at all." He said that he had been with his daughters for years and was very well aware of their thoughts and actions. //// Sanao added that kidnapping Hindus and making them embrace Islam is not a new practice for their minority. "This has been happening for years, itís just that we belong to a suppressed class and are scared of involving the police and the media which is why such cases werenít highlighted before. This is the first time anybody from my community has taken this step and I am not going to withdraw the case, but I can nothing by myself until I have the police or some government official to help me investigate." //// ====== //// If any State on earth has outmoded intolerant, crude and dictatorial ISLAM in its Constitution, it will tend to be hostile towards all its decent and civilised non Muslim neighbours, and adopt a hostile confrontational posture towards them, especially India, Israel, the USA and other secular democratic countries. //// It will regard them as enemies and put their destruction ABOVE its own advancement, education, reform and prosperity. //// The way forward is to insist on deleting the word “Islamic” from the constitutions and re-write them on the line of of the ones in Europe, even INDIA, which takes out this potentially venomous ideological sting. //// Only a non Islamic Constitution will make a country attend to its illiteracy and poverty at home, not to kill the Hindus, destroy Israel or capture Kashmir. //// ===================== //// FACT: Muslim population anywhere (not only in India) is like GANGRENE. Whenever their numbers increase sufficiently to become a menace to the rest of the tolerant CIVILISED society, the territories in question will be CHOPPED OFF from the main (mother) land. ///// They will drop, nose dive, into 1400 mile DEEP and dark pit, one mile for each year since Mohammad was born to turn happy civilisations into uniform repressive barren ISLAMIC landscape. This is how Turkey, Albania, Kosovo, Syria, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh vanished from the map of civilisation, secularism, democracy and tolerance. //// This is exactly what happened in India in 1947. //// ........................000000000