Date: 1/4/2006


Dear brothers, //// All the political leaders right from the days of Jawaharlal nehru have betrayed Indians, irrespective of their religions, and i would like to mention that In 1922, the noted freedom fighter Mr. C. Rajgopalachari wrote in his prison diary that "elections and corruption, injustice and the power and tyranny of wealth and inefficiency of administration will make hell of life as soon as freedom is given to us. Men will look regretfully back to the old regime of comparative justice, as well as efficient, and more or less honest administration. The only thing gained from independence will be that as a race, we will be saved from dishonor and subordination".//// It seems that the fears of Mr. Rajgopalachari became true in India's present day socio-economic and political environment. The daily news media presents the height of corrupt practices of our politicians and bureaucrats currently rocking the Indian Parliament (e.g. commission issues in MPLAD (Local Area Development) scheme and cash-for-questions scam. Consequently, for the first time, in 54 years, eleven members of the Parliament have been expelled for demonstrating unethical practices in high places). //// Everybody knows about the wealth of Indian politicians today not only in India, but across the borders too, the question is not weather it can be proved anywhere or not, but in the heart of hearts people know of the wealth of Indian politicians, and bureaucrats. I know that on an average an IRS officer of customs or income tax deptt. is worth more than 10 crores of rupees, recently one official Mr. Ajmani (Bombay excise official) was arrested and cash Rs. 12 crores was recovered from his possession besides many properties, etc, and it was found that he had not withdrawn a single rupee from his salary account in the bank for more than 5 years.//// Rajeev Verma //// -----Original Message----- From: [ On Behalf Of gurmukh singh Sent: Tuesday, January 03, 2006 7:32 AM To: Subject: RE: [kartarpur] Amarinder soft on conversions: BJP //// Well said Rajeev Verma. S. Kapur Singh's "Saachi Sakhi" referred to the callous betrayal of Sikh principles by Akali leadership which mishandled Dr Ambedkar's approaches with a view to recommending "Sikhism" as a casteless order to his people. The situation today is even worse. We, the Sikhs today, are following all the superstitions, rituals and caste-based evil and opressive practices of Manuvadic Hinduism forbidden by Guru Nanak's mission. The poor and the hungry sit out in the sun outside Gurdwara langar halls (e.g. at Hajoor Sahib) waiting for food, while bogus "Guru ke Sikh" and Kaar seva waalay Sant Babas dine under fans. The equalising sangat/pangat institution of Sikhism has been hijackedf by "Malak Bhagos" who now run our politicised lucrative institutions. (Elsewhere, my item on "Sikhism Indianised" refers. Happy to send on request.) //// Gurmukh Singh (UK) //// Rajeev Verma <> wrote://// Dear Friends,//// Why blame others for your own failures. Most of the indians don't treat fellow countrymen as equal and with an eye of friendship. And if somebody who has been treated unequally for generation, quits your group, then the blame should be on you. BJP should try to find the faults in the Hindu society, and then only blame others. //// Best Wishes,//// Rajeev Verma //// -----Original Message----- From: [ On Behalf Of B.S Goraya Sent: Monday, January 02, 2006 9:17 PM To:;; Subject: [kartarpur] Amarinder soft on conversions: BJP /////Amarinder soft on conversions: BJP//// Tribune News Service//// Chandigarh, January 2, 2006//// Leaders of the BJP's Punjab unit have accused the Punjab Chief Minister, Capt Amarinder Singh, of turning a blind eye to the increasing rate of conversions in the state. This was aimed at capturing the votes of the Christian community, they said. //// Mr Vineet Joshi, member of the national executive of the BJP youth wing, and Mr Harjit Singh Grewal, general secretary of the Punjab unit of the BJP, said, "These days a large number of conversion cases in the Sikhs and Hindus of economic weaker sections are coming up". Accusing Capt Amarinder Singh of deliberately trying to please Ms Sonia Gandhi, the duo said the state's demography was in danger.//// ---------------------------------------//// B.S.Goraya adds:-//// The BJP leader has blamed Captain Amrinder Singh for failure to curb conversions where as the blame lies on their ally S.Parkash Singh Badal who is actively supporting the conversions. In fact these days Akali Dal is fully geared to support the Christians- appropos news from Gurdaspur district. Even the Hindu terrorist organisation RSS had last month blamed Badal sahib for his indifference to on-going conversion on a massive scale. This was publicly announced by RSS supremo K.S.Sudarshan. But Badal sahib replied it on the following day, "Sadarshan is not aware of the ground realities in Punjab." We have repeatedly brought it in the notice of SGPC authorities how the Majhabis were being lured to Christianity for monetary considerations but alas the Sikhs cry only after the milk is split. In the meanwhile may we ask what are those ground realities S. Badal has hinted at.//// Perhaps it means that the Majhabis once converted to Christianity no longer support the seccesssionist movement. Is it so? //// ---- B.S.Goraya//// Amritsar, East Punjab (India)//// Editor//// (Magazine of Punjabis-Worldwide in Punjabi) (A movement seeking coardial relations between India and Pakistan through a corridor to Kartarpur- a universal shrine on Indo-Pak border)//// ----------------------------------------- 000000000