Date: 1/7/2006


In a message dated 07/01/2006 04:21:14 GMT Standard Time, XXXXXXXXXXXXXXwrites: //// It was a political division. We are still culturally close to Pakistani Muslims. We are all from Punjab and share the same language and culture. Do you know that much after the partition, Muslims from a village in the Pakistani side of Punjab protected the entire Sikh community and brought them safely to the Indian border so they could cross over, which they did. Such incidents are not highlighted whereas violence catches the headlines fast. //// ===============//// Thank you Sir, //// But frankly and fearlessly, please tell this to the MUSLIMS of Lahore and urge them to undo partition so that our own chief minister and his baboos ("baboons") could vacate UNION TERRITORY of Chandigarh and move honourably and decently to LAHORE. What is wrong with this? What obstacle do we face? //// Till then please keep the sweet pill of "Sikh Muslim friendship" in your own pocket. //// It was NOT a political division as you state with self-assured certainty. It was RELIGIOUS divide that split the two ideological territories asunder with the ear-shattering bang. //// Partition was announced in the following terms: “MUSLIMS ON ONE SIDE, THE REST ON THE OTHER.” //// The Sikhs, having NO separate perception, believing themselves to be no different from “the rest”, promptly fell in line with the fleeing Hindus. //// The basis of Partition was RELIGIOUS & IDEOLOGICAL though all the previous Islamic invasions from Arabia, Turkey, Iran and Afghanistan may have been for loot, plunder, rape and abduction. //// Political parties come and go and Pakistan has had MANY dictators of different POLITICAL persuasions who came and vanished, but the BORDER, (O yes, the frontier between Lahore and Amritsar) is permanent and you need Pakistani goodwill and visa to visit that side. That partitioin could only be on RELIGIOUS basis. //// Still wish to deny the obvious? Still wish to deny the sun due to the thick dark clouds above? //// The INSPIRATION (amounting to BRAINWASHING) towards "friendship with whole mankind" that we get from TEN Gurus and what they get from their ONE Rasul-Allah are POLES APART. //// Please tell this to the vanishing Hindus of the sub continent, too, enjoying safety under the foot of Italian Mafia (Mother of Nation, Sonia), who guides the Prime Minister through his politics, and the thumb of Pseudo-Secularism (Father of Nation Abdul Kalam) who could happily and safely choose NOT to emigrate to his Pakistan in 1947.//// Let us stop IGNORING the giant sleeping outside our tent by DENYING both PARTITION OF PUNJAB and the horrendous HOLOCAUST OF SIKHS in 1947. //// Who do we expect to EDUCATE us on both? //// Since the OBSCENE and IMMORAL occupation of Lahore by separatist Indian MUSLIMS in 1947, there is another “hot potato” that we need to touch with courage given us by Tenth Guru but also due to loyalty to our coming generations who are threatened with the same kind of EXTINCTION as we went through in 1947. //// ...............000000000