Date: 1/7/2006


IN THIS TOTTERING, DECOMPOSING AND DISINTEGRATING REPUBLIC THE HINDUS AND SIKHS ARE BOTH BEING PERSECUTED. THE HINDUS CANNOT RAISE THEIR TEMPLE IN AYODHYA NOR RETURN TO THEIR HOMES IN SRINAGAR WHILE THE SIKHS ARE LANGUISHING IN PRISONS WITH THE HINDUS HELPLESSLY LOOKING ON. THIS IS LIMBLESS, HEADLESS, PARTITIONED INDIA, 2006. Dal Khalsa urged the President and Prime Minister of India to make a forceful intervention to ensure that injustices being committed against the Sikhs in Kashipur were stopped immediately. //// “There is a long history of injustice and discrimination against the Sikhs in this Hindu-India. The state never seems to tire of adding insult to injury. The eviction of Sikh farmers in Kashipur is the latest glaring example. Such provocative and uncalled for acts can easily evoke a strong backlash that could be devastating for the society. Therefore, it is imperative for the President and the Parliament to intervene and save the situation from getting out of hand”. //// The resolution to this effect was passed on Jan 6 in the meeting of executive committee of the Dal Khalsa chaired by party president Satnam Singh Paonta Sahib at newly set up party camp office in Chandigarh.//// After the meeting, the leaders of the party addressed the press conference where they described the action of the Uttaranchal government as ‘barbaric’ and urged the Sikh parties to put aside their political differences and make common cause on the issue. //// The Kashipur administration was taken to task for not allowing Sikhs to take out the religious procession on the eve of Guru Gobind Singh birth anniversary. “This is an insult to the community and infringement of our religious rights”, said Satnam Singh.//// Taking stock of their activities in the just concluded year, they expressed pride and satisfaction in organizing two significant events that includes raising the Sikh flag for self-rule on 26 January and Genocide Remembrance March on June 5. They further said that on both these events the reaction of the state was a grim reminder to the Sikh nation that they are under occupation and do not enjoy the right to hold independent thought, belief and aspirations. Taking a swipe at the claims of the Indian state being a “true democracy”, they said we spent almost half of the year behind bars for exercising our democratic rights in a peaceful manner. They regretted that the right to express our civil liberties was subject to whims and interpretation of handful of officers and leaders of the majority community. //// Driving their point home, they pointed out that the hoarding welcoming one and all to the capital (Amritsar) of the Sikh Rashtra, put out by them near Amritsar railway station was simply removed because the contents of the hoarding were unpalatable to Laxmi Kanta Chawla and others of her ilk. Elaborating further, they said the contents of the hoarding bore no ill-will against any community or religion and yet it was ripped down without any legal justification. Why had Laxmi Kanta Chawla not complained against Parveen Togadia and K S Sudhershan at their call for Hindu Rashtra, they questioned? //// Spelling out their agenda for ensuing year, they said that as this was an election year our main focus would be to strengthen the organization and widen our reach amongst the masses. “Raising the level of awareness amongst the masses will be our priority and for that we had already started a series of meeting at village level”, said party vice-president Jaspal Singh Dhillon. //// They informed the media that the Sikh Diaspora for the first time was going to lodge its protest worldwide on Jan 17 against the death penalty of Prof Devinderpal Singh Bhullar and languishing of Sikh prisoners in various jails since long. In view of worldwide protest programme, the Dal Khalsa leaders declared that their organization would hold protest marches in Ludhiana and Hoshiarpur on the same day. //// Paying tributes to Bhai Kehar Singh, who was hanged on this day (6, Jan 1989) 17 years back, they said that another highly provocative act was going to be committed by the state against a Sikh causing a great deal of anger and anguish. “At the time of Kehar Singh’s “murder”, the Sikh nation had cried out to all for justice but their cries went unheard. We once again, we repeat before the international community to play its role and prevent the Indian state for going into the murder of Prof Bhullar, said H S Dhami, former president of the organization. //// Others who were present during the press conference were Kanwar Pal Singh, Dr Manjinder Singh, Sarbjeet Singh Ghuman, Shinder Pal Singh Nawanshahr (all executive members). //// ....................000000000