Date: 1/10/2006


DESTROY THE EVIL DEADLY LAVA SPEWING VOLCANO//// Our Resolution for the New Year - Realize, learn and implement the only way to destroy Terrorism//// - Attack the Hajj, pulverize Mecca ///// We are not Sun Tzu, or Machiavelli, but we know that to defeat an enemy, we need to know the mind of that enemy. The enemy we face today is Islamic terrorism. The mind of this enemy is born and bred in an environment built around hate and destruction. Muslims are even prepared to destroy all life on earth if their objective of converting the world to Islam is frustrated. We better have an intimate understanding of the Muslim Mind, if we are to survive as an intelligent species on this planet. Otherwise folks, we are done in for! ///// "Those whom God wishes to destroy, he makes insane" We should do precisely this, with the decapitation attack on the Hajj that would send to the Houris of the Muslim hell, the maximum possible number of the Hajjites.//// Photo Credits: Sufiso Hajj //// _____________________ //// Islam is an enemy that will stop at nothing, even if it means the destruction of all life forms on this planet. So Islam needs to be destroyed preemptively. To destroy Islam, we need three ingredients in our outlook //// 1) Hate the enemy more than he hates you.//// 2) Act upon this hatred using any and all means possible whatever the cost, as long as it preserves you. Deception and ruthlessness being the masterpieces of this mindset.//// 3) Go in search for your enemy and find him, before he finds you. Never stop till the last of the enemy falls dead. //// Having said this, an opportunity exists for those who want to give the enemy a bloody nose and escalate the conflict with Islam to a point where it is mandatory for the warring parties namely the civilized world led by the US against the forces of darkness represented by Islam to a finishing finale. And to finish the fight, we need to finish the dangerous and evil ideology of Islam that is as yet still nuclear incompetent! //// An opportunity exits right now the Hajj. With the Muslims having established Islam's murderous agenda for fourteen hundred years and having made an Opening Statement to us on 9/11, it is for the daring and visionary amongst us to revive our Cowboy spirit that took the Wild West frontier right up to the Pacific by today taking the initiative in to our hands. //// We can foresee Pan-western vigilante groups who could team up with the marines and technocrats of various countries and bring about a devastating explosion at Makkah during the Hajj. This is bound to happen someday, when we get fed up with follow-up attacks against us, that would make 9/11, 3/11 and 7/7 look like kid stuff. Vigilante groups are being formed and are striving to get the wherewithal necessary to kill the maximum number of Muslim at a mega-gathering to create an impact like never before. An impact such that the administrations of the Muslim nations, with the bloodlust crazed Muslim populations and those among the Muslims who have effectively actionized their basic terrorist mentality in our age, will all together get up and running in a mass suicide attack on the rest of the world. //// This "mass suicide attack" by the Muslim Ummah is not an idiom here, but a description of reality that would follow a decapitation attack on Muslims at the Hajj. After this is done, Muslims all across the world will go berserk, and that is desired for the rest of the world to get its act together and destroy Islam. As is said "Those whom God wishes to destroy, he makes insane" We should do precisely this, with the decapitation attack on the Hajj that would send to the Houris of the Muslim hell, the maximum possible number of the Hajjites and make the entire Muslim Ummah insane!///// This would be the first nail in the coffin of that mad dog called Islam. As it is, all Muslims want to either kill or convert all non-Muslims. A Muslim is either an active or a latent terrorist. Their Instruction Manual of Terrorism - the blasted Quran, makes all of them that without a single exception in the one billion and a half of the practising Muslims. So we say provoke the Muslims to bring their basic murderous urges to the fore, and do this before they have the capacity to match their will of terrorizing the world to accept Islam or death. //// We need to neutralize them by giving them the death that they keep chanting at the drop of a hat! We need to give death to all the billion and a half Muslims, except those who are ready to give up this murderous creed, by submitting themselves to an exercise where they would undergo brain mapping, brainwashing and re-education as non-Muslims. Here we preserve the body, but recast the mind in a non-Islamic mould and reduce the loss of human life - if that is at all possible. For the rest of the Murderous Muslim Ummah, we can and should give them the stillness of eternal sleep. Amen.//// Story Credits: http://www.waronjihad.org/ //// ..................000000000