Date: 1/10/2006


News item, January 7, 2005: //// Saudi offer to fix Delhi mosque ///// Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah has offered to pay to repair India's largest mosque, Delhi's historic Jama Masjid (Grand Mosque). ///// King Abdullah is due to visit India this month and will be the chief guest at the country's Republic Day celebrations. //// http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/south_asia/4581056.stm //// =========== //// CUSTODIAN OF ISLAM’S HOLY SITES, CRUSADER FOR WAHABI FUNDAMENTALIST ISLAM, PERCEIVED AS “LION OF ARABIA” & COMMANDER OF GLOBAL ISLAM, TO VISIT HINDUSTAN ON JANUARY 26, 2006. //// The choice of this particular VVIP, most loathsome and undesirable on many counts, to come to the sacred Hindu soil (Bharat), blessed by Vedas, Gita and Granth, and great avataras, mahatmas, rishis, sages and gurus, on the occasion of next Republic Day (January 26, 2006) is alarming. //// At present the SUPREME COMMANDER of India’s Armed Forces is Abdul Kalam, a MOHAMMEDAN in spite of PARTITION of India. Every Jawan and officer in the Indian Army, Navy and Air Force must SWEAR LOYALTY to him and take the Oath to obey his command day and night, on land, sea and in air. //// So why are our armed forces BEING MADE TO salute another Muslim sovereign on the anniversary of the day when Pandit Nehru’s Constitution was imposed on our defeated, bleeding, betrayed nation that had just evacuated Lahore, Multan and Rawalpindi in great bloodshed? Only two and a half years earlier (August 1947) India had unconditionally surrendered one third of her secular territory to “rabid mad dog” terrorist and murderous ISLAM, the creed of violence, along with tens of millions of doomed Hindus and Sikhs. //// What INSPIRATION, what JOY, and what SPIRIT, can our military on parade, giving a general salute to TWO MOHAMMEDANS on one platform, gain from this obscene farce of rolling out red carpet and giving state welcome with ceremonial fanfare to the MUSALMAN (“beiman, haiwan, shaitan & shatroo” since Partition) arriving from the Land of Kafir Killer Mohammad? //// Why could our ancient land of Spirituality, Divinity and Wisdom not invite the Head of State of Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar, Nepal, even Japan, with whom we have deep religious and cultural affinity? Why is the Hindu made to look AWAY from his own global family, but embrace an Arab, a Pakistani, or an Italian? //// Why is “Brown” not beautiful, and why is Hindu not “handsome, decent or manly” on his own territory? //// Jawaharlal Nehru started the tradition of giving a contemptuous snub to the NATIVES by adoring Edwina, Indira fell headlong for a Sunni Musalman of Allahabad, FEROZE KHAN, Rajiv, the beggar and “nigger”, put his head on the foot of an Italian female while his son Rahul has imported a brat from the drug infested Catholic Colombia, making her “Bahu of Bharat” while his mother is the “Queen of Lok Sabha”. India has not had a “Defender of her Dignity” for countless decades, if not for centuries. //// Are all the Heads of State to the East to be shunned and avoided because they are Buddhist or Hindu? Is the Saudi monarch to be embraced because he is a MOHAMMEDAN? ///// Are we to forget for ever that it was the Mohammedans who savagely mutilated India, tore away her territories, leaving her in three fragments overnight? What is India’s Constitution worth if it does not mention this or point in the right way? ///// Are we so SICK IN MIND as not to see that Arabia is a land where the Hindus are treated like dirt? Can we build even a tiny temple in his Kingdom? ///// There are two embassies in Broken Bharat that are an EYE SORE to every patriot: one is the embassy of Vatican and the other of Saudi Arabia. One exports Bibles and missionaries and receives the Pope in all pomp and glory during his State visits, casting a dark shadow on our native religions. The other exports Koran, sends millions of dollars for new mosques, and exports ideological “fires of Jehad” to sustain the suicide bombers and conversions. Both are madly and desperately after Hindu blood, souls, wealth and TERRITORY. One, in particular, is also after Hindu maidens and rapid reproduction. ///// After PARTITION, India’s Constitution ought to have declared, “We will be a MUSLIM FREE country.” ///// Islam has destroyed us physically and morally in the past thousand years. So, where does Saudi Arabia fit into the politics of our Hindusthan? ///// Leave aside the betrayed “orphaned, fatherless” Hindus, we can even see the plight of Christians in that land of wilderness where a woman cannot drive alone even to visit her mum living a mile away. ///// The intolerance of Saudi Arabia is clear from the following news published in “The Daily Telegraph,” London, January 9, 2006 (p. 10) ///// (Quote) Aircrew ordered not to wear crucifixes on flights to Saudi. ///// Air crew on the only British airline that flies to Saudi Arabia have been told not to wear crucifixes or St Christopher medals on flights there so as not to offend the country’s Muslims. ///// Stewardesses of BMI have also been told to cover themselves in the long Abaya robes that Saudi women have to wear in public before they disembark in the capital Riyadh. In some instances they are also advised to wear a headscarf. ///// The Airline insists that the rules are “part of its “obligation” to respect the customs of Saudi Arabia, a strictly conservative Muslim Kingdom. However, one unnamed BMI employee told a Sunday newspaper, “It’s outrageous that we must respect their beliefs but they are not prepared to respect ours. BMI are asking too much of their staff on this one. My gran gave me a crucifix shortly before she died and I wear it at all times. It’s got massive sentimental value and I don’t see why I have to remove it.” (Unquote) ///// An esteemed member has listed some examples of harassment of Hindus by the Saudis in Saudi Arabia. ///// 1. The luggage of the Hindus is subjected to thorough search. Any pictures of the deities are forcibly removed and destroyed.//// 2. The Hindus are not allowed to celebrate their religious festivals.//// 3. Hindu women are compelled to wear the burqua / naquab against their will.//// 4. Hindus are given such punishments as would be considered inhuman even by the norm of the “Hindu bashing” secularists if given in India.//// 5. It is suspected that the Saudis financially support Islamic terrorism in Thailand, Indonesia, the Philippines, across Europe, the U.S. and India. //// 6. It is also suspected that the terrorist training centres in Pakistan and their “Madrassas” are financed by the Saudis. In return the Pakistani “coolies” have renamed their city LYALLPUR (Famous for its sports goods) as Faisalabad after a Saudi king.//// 7. Christians in the U.S.A. and Europe are the main consumers of the Saudi oil for which they pay a very heavy price of U.S.D. $ 61/- approx. for 200 liters. It means that at the end of the day the Christians are paying for the Islamic terrorism which is mainly directed against them.//// 8. Osama bin Laden is a Saudi, so also were most of the suicide bombers of 9/11. //// Another patriotic “watch dog” has stated, “The chief guest at the Republic Day celebration is going to be the Saudi King, ie the king of a country where Hindus are terribly discriminated against. //// “It is about time we Hindus united to create a mighty powerful global clout to demand 100 per cent parity (i.e. equality with the Muslims) in Saudi Arabia just as the treacherous Muslims are guaranteed under Pandit Nehru’s Constitution since, and despite, Partition. //// “Hindus should most certainly make this demand vocally at the United Nations. //// “If the Saudi king is going to build mosques in India, finance education (brainwashing and conditioning) in India, then he must also show the majority community of India the basic common courtesy, i.e. respect for our NATIVE religions and beliefs. //// ”Since it is a foregone conclusion that the Saudi king WILL NOT agree to this, it is a great national SHAME that India should invite him, the denier of the freedoms, to be the chief guest at a function that honours freedom. //// “Hindus should boycott the occasion if we want to be taken seriously across the world, and this is one hell of an opportunity to let pass.” //// =============//// Another patriot wrote: //// HINDUSTHAN IS NOW A CHRISLAMIC COUNTRY. //// India’s “Italian National Chrislamic Party” (formerly Indian National Congress) is now a declared Christian-Islamic Party with some “mother seller dhimmi” Hindus working as collaborators and slaves. Even BJP is upon its knees, “eating dust”, to woo Muslim and Christian votes. Where shall we look for a new Shivaji, Netaji or Maharana Pratap, even Guru Gobind Singh? //// Which country on earth would have invited the world's worst Islamic terror-supporting Head of State as the chief guest on its premier State function except the low down scum, that is, the Chrislamic India? ///// And tomorrow if the determined warriors of Osama Bin Laden get their hands on his neck and their guns blazing in Riyadh and fulfil their dream of assassinating the entire Royal family there (in the manner of Czar of Russia), then our Congress controlled Hindusthan will look quite a “damn fool” to the rest of the world. //// ) January 10, 2006.//// ........................000000000