Date: 1/10/2006


The Bharatiya Constitution is fraud on Hindus//// The Indian Constitution is fraud intended to eradicate Vedic culture. This is because of the fact that this is the last partially survived culture that grants right to property & freedom of faith to every body. In contrast, booty belongs to Christians & Allah. In Vedic culture freedom of thoughts, democracy and property belongs to individuals, the society. Again, worship of any God except ALLAH is crime and non-Islamic persons are persecuted as per the dogmas of Islam. For communists religion is opium as per the dogmas of Socialism of Carl Marx. Not accepting Jesus one's king is crime as per Bible, Luke 19:27. All the religious dogmas and the Governments of the World need slaves and spoils. According to Islam any culture, which opposes servility and cultural right of usurpation, must be eradicated. Islam can do it. That is because the dogmas of Islam stipulate the murder of every non-muslim by Muslims. Nay! Murder, plunder, and rape of women are the surest way to secure title of Ghazi and berth in heaven. The tailor made Indian Constitution grants unfettered fundamental right to Muslims and Christians to convert to their fold and even slay the persons of the alien faiths. Even the constitution of Bharat gives money and many other kinds’ kind of facilities to Muslims and Christians for the destruction of Vedic culture, culture, Sanskrit and other Bharatiya languages and Hindu people.//// With the present form of Bharatiya constitution, you Hindus your culture, religion, language cannot survive.//// Appeasement of Muslims in Bharat //// Indian constitution favors Muslims and other minorities which, promotes separatism on the name of secularism//// Bharatiya constitution is used by so called secular parties to appease Muslims and other minorities.//// Below are three facts which shows, the brute appeasement of Muslims at the cost of Hindus by the constitutions and secular Bharatiya governments. //// No Minority status, quota for AMU; b) $ 10,000 as basic travel quota for Haj; c) SC OKs quota quashing for Muslims //////// Here are three interesting news items. //// a) No Minority status, quota for AMU //// b) $ 10,000 as basic travel quota for Haj//// c) SC OKs quota quashing for Muslims in AP //// //// Pioneer News Service/ Allahabad//// In a major setback to the UPA Government's efforts to push its minority agenda, a division bench of the Allahabad High Court on Thursday upheld its last year's judgment terming as "unconstitutional" the granting of minority status to Aligarh Muslim University and 50 per cent reservation for Muslims. The division bench refused to grant permission to file an appeal in the Supreme Court against its judgment. The order was passed by a bench comprising Chief Justice AN Ray and Justice Ashok Bhushan on petitions filed by the Union Government and AMU challenging the October 4, 2005 verdict of Justice Arun Tandon. The court further ruled that to provide 50 per cent reservation in admissions to post-graduate medical courses in AMU is also unconstitutional. The bench, therefore, has also struck down the amendment to this effect made by AMU for reservation for Muslim students.//// The bench struck down Section l and Section 5 (2) (c) of the Aligarh Muslim University Amendment Act, 1981, by which the status of a minority institution was accorded to AMU. The court said it "is ultra virus to the Constitution". It observed that the Supreme Court in the Ajeez Basha case in 1968 had already taken the view that AMU was not a minority institution and enactment of a law by Parliament could not overrule the judgment.//// The division bench refused to grant permission to AMU to file a special leave petition against the judgment before the Supreme Court, saying they "do not find any reason for the same". It ruled that admissions for the session of 2006-2007 "will be free to all." The judges maintained, "Admission in AMU for 2006-'07 session are about to commence and in our opinion aspirants seeking admission to post-graduate courses for the coming sessions should be on free basis as it was being done earlier." The court, however, modified Justice Arun Tandon's judgment and held that those students who have already taken admission in post-graduate courses under the quota system will not be disturbed. Both the judges’ dictated separate orders in the open court, but both were in full agreement over the operative parts/conclusion of the judgment.//// Justice Tandon had ruled in October 2005 that the notification issued by Union Human Resource Development Ministry permitting AMU to reserve seats for Muslims in post-graduate medical courses and the 50 per cent quota approved by the AMU Academic Council in post-graduate medical courses were "illegal". After the court had refused to stay Justice Tandon's judgment, the Union Government had moved the division bench, challenging the single judge order. In New Delhi, undeterred by the Allahabad High Court's stinging rebuke, Union Human Resource Development Minister Arjun Singh said Thursday's judgment has not come as a "setback" to the UPA Government.//// "No decision can be a setback. It's the court's right and it has given its decision. We will decide what should be done," Mr. Singh told newspersons. "Let's examine the judgment and then decide what is to be done," he added. //// b) It's against Islam, says Arcot Prince NT Bureau //// News Today: Chennai, Dec 1: //// Prince of Arcot Nawab Mohammed Abdul Ali has questioned as to why Haj pilgrims should utilise government subsidy in the light of the announcement to allow Haj pilgrims to carry with them $ 10,000 as basic travel quota. //// In a statement here yesterday, the Prince said Haj pilgrimage is one of the obligatory duties to a Muslim and not a luxury trip or picnic. Nawab said that taking subsidy and performing Haj were not correct and appropriate as per the tenets of Islam and questioned why should a Haj pilgrim avail himself of subsidy, when the Centre allows them to carry $ 10,000 which would help them travel, eat and stay in comfort and also shop for family and friends. //// The Prince said if $ 10,000 is calculated into one lakh Haj pilgrims, proceeding through Haj committee from India, it will come to 1,000 million dollars. 'This is not all required, if a Muslim is really interested to perform the obligatory duty, Haj', he said. //// Let not the Muslim community sacrifice values, principles and rules of Islam for petty financial benefits, he said. ===//// c) SC OKs quota quashing for Muslims//// Press Trust of India//// Posted online: Wednesday, January 04, 2006 at 1258 hours IST Updated: Thursday, January 05, 2006 at 0330 hours IST//// Indian Express //// New Delhi, January 4: The Supreme Court on Wednesday brought into force the Andhra Pradesh High Court judgment quashing the five per cent quota for the Muslims in the government jobs and educational institutions. //// However, a bench headed by Chief Justice Y K Sabharwal gave relief to those, who have already availed the benefit of the controversial ordinance directing that the status quo be maintained relating to the appointments made in the public services and admissions granted in the educational institutions. //// Admitting the bunch of appeals against the High Court judgment, the bench referred the matter for consideration before a constitution bench. //// The purpose of handing it over to the constitution bench is because there are several constitutional aspects involved. The move also proves to be a solace for the Congress government, which had promised five percent reservations. //// Very clearly, TDP will take up the issue, since the govt had won votes on this issue but has failed to deliver. //// -----//// Article 30 violates Universal Declaration of Human rights? //// //// By: Moorthy Muthuswamy, PhD December 23, 2005//// India inherited its democratic system from the departing British in 1947 who ruled it for several hundred years. It is far from clear that India had a mature and able class of indigenous people who could formulate a robust and consistent constitution. It now appears that Article 30 of Indian Constitution not only violates the secular character of India, but also promotes religious discrimination of majority and may be in violation of Universal Declaration of Human Rights - Adopted and proclaimed by United Nations General Assembly resolution 217 A (III) of 10 December 1948. //// Majority Hindus are a disadvantaged community//// Article 30 of Indian constitution has certain provisions whereby minorities are exempt (are allowed to discriminate on the basis of religion, unlike majority) from certain requirements in running their own institutions ////( By and large, Hindus are not considered minority (even in areas where they are a numerical minority such as Jammu and Kashmir) but Christians and Muslims definitely are. For instance, according to Article 30, minority community may reserve up to 50 percent of the seats for the members of its own community in an educational institution established and administered by it even if the institution is getting aid from the State. //// Christian and Muslim-controlled educational institutions in India, encouraged by Article 30 of Indian constitution, are found to discriminate heavily in favor of their religious compatriots in employment and in student admissions (Religious apartheid in India and American policy response). //// But Christians and Muslims are not disadvantaged community in India. Indian Christian community has among the highest literacy rates (53% Hindu literacy rate vs. 81% Christian literacy rate; literacy also implies wealth) and Indian Muslims already have a 25% permanent reservation of land, wealth and opportunities called Pakistan/Bangladesh – almost emptied of Hindus due to massive ethnic cleansing and religious discrimination (and driven away to India). Christian community was favored by British colonizers until sixty years ago. //// Therefore, unlike America where blacks, discriminated for centuries, who are now given employment preferences in the form of affirmative action, there is little justification for minority reservations in India.//// Indeed, Islamic Partitioning of India in 1947 has already made Hindus the disadvantaged community in India and these minority reservations for proselytizing religions such as Christianity or Islam create conditions of majority Hindu religious genocide – by making the majority poor by unfairly excluding them from employment and education. //// This situation has already been created in Kerala where minorities have taken advantage of Article 30 to exclude majority Hindus from education and employment and driven them to poverty. This was pointed by Prof. Issac ( The jihadi movement in Kashmir is strengthened by reservations in favor of Muslims ( //// Universal Declaration of Human Rights//// Article 23 of the Universal Declaration: “Everyone has the right to work, to free choice of employment to just and favorable conditions of work and to protection against unemployment”. The already disadvantaged majority Hindus being unfairly denied the right to work in religious minority-controlled institutions in India because of their religious affiliation should also be considered in violation of the above Declaration. //// Article 26 of the Universal Declaration: “Everyone has the right to education…Technical and professional education shall be made generally available and higher education shall be made equally accessible to all on the basis of merit”. Religious minority-controlled institutions in India give preferential admission to students of their faith that again is sanctioned by Article 30 of Indian constitution. This again unfairly denies already disadvantaged majority Hindu students access to education on the basis of merit. //// The recent assertion by Indian HRD minister Arjun Singh defining Article 30 of Indian constitution as “protecting minorities” is inappropriate. An appropriate interpretation of Article 30 is one of giving unfair preferences to Indian minorities but also of promoting majority apartheid and discrimination. Such an Indian state can arguably, seen as an uncivilized one (through its violation of Universal Declaration of Human Rights), despite calling itself as a “secular democracy”. A detailed analysis shows that through constitutional based religious discrimination of majority, the Indian state may be embarking on a collective suicide of itself and its majority population – unless Article 30 is amended to make it free of religious discrimination. //// Muslims are dependent to a great extent on quotas, reservation, various kinds of hand outs from the Hindus and secular Bharatiya governments in stead of acquiring knowledge and skills on equal basis with all Bharatiya people without depending on quotas and reservations. Their whole knowledge is mainly confined to convert Non-Muslims into Islam and create Jihads for obtaining their objectives all over the world.//// -------------------- 000000000