Date: 1/14/2006


In a message dated 14/01/2006 11:13:27 GMT Standard Time, xxxxxxxxxxx advises his fellow Sikhs://// "Before we discuss the formation of a Sikh Khalistan, we get our house in order. //// Eliminate castism.//// Eliminate female infanticide//// Realise that non-Sikhs will also reside in a so called Khalistan." //// ==============//// Sir,//// Your point is valid. But don't forget that at this time the Sikhs as such are NOT free and our EAST Punjab is NO patch to the sovereignty that EAST Bengal enjoys or the concessions that are lavished on South Kashmsir. //// Poor Sikh peasant is paying the others for his own poverty. He and his State cannot sell his crop to Nepal or Sri Lanka even if offered five times the price that Delhi enforces upon him while taking away a hefty per centage. The people of Punjab now cannot dream of industrialisation, free banking and heavy industries. They are under the draconian Ideology of Centre which is //// KEEP THEM IMPOVERISHED//// KEEP THEM IGNORANT//// KEEP THEM INTIMIDATED.//// KEEP THEM SUBSERVIENT//// KEEP THEM IN THE PADDOCK OF MAHATMA GANDHI AND LET THEM NOT BE INSPIRED OR TOUCHED BY SPIRIT OF GURU GOBIND SINGH JI.//// REMIND THEM OF VICTORIES OF GANDHI, NEHRU, INDIRA AND BOFORS CHOR RAJIV BUT NOT OF CAPTURE OF MULTAN AND SACKING OF KHYBER BY KHALSA ARMIES. //// TELL THEM TO ADORE SONIA AND ITALY, AND SAY, "FOREIGN WHITE IS SUPERIOR TO OUR OWN NATIVE BROWN." //// ENCOURAGE THE DIVIDE BETWEEN JATT, KHATRI, MONA AND PATIT BUT DO NOT LET THEM INTRODUCE ANY SOCIAL AND EDUCATIONAL REFORM. //// SMILE AT SGPC SERVING FREE MEALS TO TENS OF THOUSANDS BUT FROWN ANGRILY AT THEM IF THEY THINK OF "ONE COMPUTER PER GURDWARA ON EARTH, EVEN CLASSROOM IN EVERY SCHOOL IN EAST PUNJAB." //// KEEP THEM PERPETURALLY UNDER THE IRON RULE OF ONE DYNASTY AND ONE PARTY. PRAISE GANDHI BUT SHUN GOBIND. //// KEEP CHANDIGARH A DISPUTED CAPITAL BETWEEN HARYANA AND EAST PUNJAB TO DEGRADE THE SIKH CHIEF MINISTER. //// The people are kept at extremely LOW LEVEL of awareness and development by masters. People have NO means of improvement except in the direction in which the masters wish. //// Thus the British appreciated our martial qualities and opened the doors of recruitment. They made the Bengalis and Tamils good baboos for offices and so on. They "crushed and smashed" the rest of nation to such an extent that nobody noticed the disappearance of FIVE provinces from India's map overnight. NO organisation in BROKEN BHARAT has passed a Resolution to date, rejecting those unconditional surrenders of vast territories in West and East. //// Congress is a powerful stifling, suffocating DYNASTY. We see Nehru, Indira, Rajiv and now (behind the wings) the Italian version of TIPU SULTAN that is ruling India and determining the quality of its social fabric and citizens. //// With regard the sheep paddock called Hindustan, the rulers are doing what the rulers are supposed to be doing if they do not wish to lose power, wealth and top key posts. //// 1. NO SOCIAL REFORM//// 2. NO EDUCATION. Mention computer literacy, and there is total resentment among the rulers. //// So, after the people FIGHT FOR and get independence, there comes a bitter power struggle initially among the people like the mutual blood letting in France after death of their Emperor and in Russia after the assassination of their Czar. //// Then control and law and order descend. Then reforms come. Then as a NEW NATION we begin to watch the rest of the world and begin to see which country is going ahead or falling back. Our SOVEREIGN government can take corrective measures to keep pace or move ahead. //// East Punjab can attain the level of wealth of Portugal and even Italy in 25 years but as a part of decomposing and disintegrating Hindustan (already MINUS five provinces since 1947 and about to get terrible punishment for playing fire in Kashmir) we shall resemble the wilderness of Sudan and Somalia where the only culture is agriculture and draught. //// The new country joins the UNO and the people can shape their own destiny. They do not dance to the tunes of any Indira, Rajiv, Sonia, Priyenka or Abdul Kalam like monkeys nor TOIL like donkeys, contributing to Central Coffers that ensure lavish life style of rulers and gives them money to make nuclear weapons and create artificial tensions as in Kashmir and East Punjab. //// After the Sikhs gain sovereignty their future safety is guaranteed. Now suppose there is WAR between Pakistan and decomposing Partitioned India over KASHMIR. It will make our East Punjab a battle ground and cause great massacres and devastation. Yet, lo and behold, East Bengal is NOT touched by those fires because it is sovereign, separate and Bangla, and its frontiers are guaranteed by UNO and it has NO dispute with India over Kashmir. It also reserves its own freedom of action in case of Indo-Pak war.///// Do we begin to see the advantages of sovereignty? That is why tiny landlocked countries like Austria, Slovakia, Bhutan, Benin, Rwanda, Zambia, Bolivia, Paraguay and even tiny Luxemburg are not willing to merge with the bigger ones around them. ///// Sovereign Khalistan is all the more necessary since we are NOT on the soil of Europe like the Gypsies in Romania whose wellbeing is being ensured by Brussels, but on the QUAGMIRE of Hindustan where cities are SINKING and vast areas are GOING UNDER like Lahore, Srinagar, Sindh and North Kashmir. Capital Delhi is already in FOREIGN hands with Hindu now a "despicable" word as per Constitution, and ON THE RUN. Please ask Sonia Khan and Abdul Kalam about the status of a Hindu. Or go to see it in Ayodhya! //// The Sikhs are being forced to call a goldcoated piece of mud "Secularism" and the entire demolished Hindu "jagat" is quite happy with it. But to any Sikh "Secularism to be acceptable in Amritsar, it has to be rammed down their throats in LAHORE. Is the Sikh supposed to faint at the implication? Then what is the difference? //// We are the same Sikhs who rose like Sardars when the Hindus were happy to be camp followers cleaning up after the horses of Mogul riders.//// If this does not make any sense then we shall lick slavery for ever and also VANISH in the meantime. When our earth is dissolved in waters of bogus secularism then ISLAMIC East Bengal will still be standing like the Rock of Gibraltar. Its MAN will be sitting at UN. We are already ZERO there or represented by some Sonia's "eunuch".///// It is now up to Italian born CATHOLIC Sonia to love Sikhi and up to MUSALMAAN Abdul Kalam (Pakistani by definition) to defend our gurdwaras against erosion and the future Holocausts. ///// New holocausts are looming over horizons for the same reason that caused the previous ones: LACK OF SOVEREIGNTY in our own hands, on our own territory, or as we heard a million times like deaf snakes, "Raaj bina nahin dharam chaley hai." ///// "Go for RAJ and all world is your friend. Remain slaves and everyone is your enemy. A weak child at school is universally bullied and beaten up." ///// Your words, "first we get our house in order" are most misleading. Slaves cannot get their house in order. ///// Our Sri Akal Takht Sahib was in good order until June 1984. Our gurdwaras, museums, libraries, homes, shops, bank accounts, businesses, shools, colleges, institutions, and even farms, fields, lands, factories and tubewells in West Punjab were in good order until 1947." ///// Thank you. //// STAND UP for Khalistan because there is Pakistan! SPEAK UP for Sovereign East PUNJAB because East BENGAL is sovereign!//// BY THE WAY, NONE IS STOPPING HINDU STATES FROM ESCAPING THE SINKING SHIP THAT IS NOT EVEN IN HINDU HANDS. GUJARAT IS BIGGER THAN PORTUGAL AND TAMIL NADU IS BIGGER THAN EAST TIMUR. //// SHAME ON THE HINDU "SCUM" IF THEY ARE NOTHING MORE THAN HEATED DISCUSSIONS AND LONG ARGUMENTS BUT LITTLE ON EARTH, AND IF THEY STILL WISH TO REMAIN SERVANTS AND COOLIES OF DISHONEST DELHI AND KEEP RAISING STATUES OF BOFORS CHOR AND KEEP TOUCHING THE FEET OF RAHUL GANDHI AND HIS WORTHLESS COLOMBIAN IMPORT.//// THE HINDU DOES NOT LOOK DECENT EVEN IN AYODHYA, LEAVE ASIDE SOUTH KASHMIR. .......000000000