Date: 1/18/2006


THE MISSING PREAMBLE TO THE INDIAN CONSTITUTION //// In a week’s time my Occupied Motherland (Hindusthan) under subjugation of “Hindu bashing” Nehru Dynasty (Axis of Italy, Islam and subservient Hindu “coolie”) will celebrate India's worst ever defeat, the "Unconditional Surrender of Millennium", calling it “Republic Day”. ///// The nation will be made to shower lavish praises on the “Vidhan” (Constitution) that was imposed on a very ignorant and disunited people on January 26, 1950. ///// Pandit Nehru especially chose a Buddhist Dalit to write it up since the Dalit could be relied upon to "pay his own back" for the degrading treatment by the Hindu upper classes. ///// Jawaharlal Nehru, the autocrat, hated the very idea of entrusting the historic task to a Hindu patriot. He desperately wanted a Constitution that would "bash" and demoralise the Hindus in every subtle and not-so-subtle way but boost Pseudo-secularism in order to confuse and demoralise the Hindus. ///// He wanted a Constitution that would not mention PARTITION but turn a blind eye to his NEPOTISM, treason and corruption. He wanted a de-linked, unattached, uncommitted and neutral “bhangi” document of impressive terminology and constitutional jargon that would not mention Partition and be beyond comprehension of common man and would not bar any top executive and constitutional post going to foreigners and the Muslims, our bitter, ruthless and unrelenting ideological enemies. ///// The Constitution that emerged under close gaze of Jawaharlal did not state a few obvious things and also did not bother at all to see the Constitution of Partitioned Germany to act as guideline for Partitioned India. It was a deliberate omission in order to kill the patriots' stand on "Akhand Bharat" for ever. Though the Palestinian Arabs were great friends of Nehru his Constitution does not reflect in the least the same love of territory as demonstrated by the Palestinians. ///// For Nehru Palestinians’ patriotism was something praiseworthy but his own High Treason was to be concealed totally. The “blighter” condemned the Partition of Palestine and never established diplomatic relations with the State of Israel but never mentioned the Partition of Punjab and Bengal although the Hindu/Sikh refugees from these States were at least TEN times the number of Palestinian refugees. ///// Nehru, the secret agent of Islam and enemy of Hindus, did not wish to recover the lost territories. Instead he wanted the indigenous Muslims to keep even North Kashmir and get more territory from the Hindus later. ///// Nehru's ultimate goal, which his descendants are relentlessly pursuing, is TWO flags flying over Delhi, one green and one white. ///// Nehru shunned the company of Hindu leaders but stuck to his MUSLIM bosom friend Maulana Abul Kalam. His intense dislike of Hindus and Sikhs, and hatred of native Hindu/Sikh women, however competent, was evident from Day One. ///// On Republic Day, January 26, the King of Saudi Arabia, head of fundamentalist Wahabi sect of Islam, will appropriately be taking the salute at the Republic Day parade. There will be smiles and goodwill for the nation that surrendered one third of its territory to Mohammed unconditionally in 1947. Senior government officials and the entire cabinet and parliament in New Delhi will heave a sigh of relief that the Constitution did not say a bad word for those who occupy Lahore and North Kashmir. ///// The King will be happy to note that the Constitution of India allows a Muslim to be a Governor, an Ambassador, a Cabinet Minister and even the Supreme Commander. It elevates a Muslim to be treated as a VVIP in Partitioned India (PI). Since he has never seen a Hindu in Riyadh in the post of ambassador, the King will be “at home” in Hindusthan as he is in his Arabia. ///// Since the Muslim occupation of Lahore, Karachi and Dhaka was (and is) like the NAZI occupation of Paris, Warsaw and Athens, clearly the Muslims had to be described ENEMIES by this Constitution. But sadly the members of the Constituent Assembly, who wrote up the Constitution, were embracing the Muslims, openly calling them Bhai Bhai, eating "Iftar" with them, and congratulating them on dominating Bollywood studios and seducing and wedding Hindu maidens without any resistence. ///// These so-called "Bhais" (brothers) were, at the same time, carrying out world’s worst ethnic cleansing of Hindus in Pakistan when our “eunuchs” were writing the Constitution that does not mention “Ethnic Cleansing”. ///// Our constitutional experts did not hear the loud cries and shrieks of abducted females, wails of grieving widows and hungry orphans who were pouring into India in their millions from across the new borders. ///// It was the victory of Islam and so, this year the Custodian of Islam’s two most holy sites, the King of Saudi Arabia, will be the VVIP at the grand ceremonial parade in New Delhi. ///// Ironically, Hindu and Sikh “Jawans” who had to defend Lahore and Karachi with utmost tenacity, and recover North Kashmir with utmost courage and commitment, will be giving the Salute. ////// They remind us of the Maratha and Rajput regiments in the service of the Moguls going about fighting their own people. They remind us of the same regiments employed to attack Golden Temple in Amritsar in June 1984 instead of recovering North Kashmir in order to earn the respect of the Sikhs of East Punjab who live along the traditional route of repeated invasions from the North West and are thus a hardy stock and an asset for the HINDU nation and its great defence potential. ///// The Constitution does not reflect on this. It does not inspire our armed forces to win outright victories. It does not inspire the nation to erect memorials to our brave heroes including the Liberator of Bangladesh, Gen JS Aurora. These "poor guys" have earned the title of "eunuchs in uniform" for not defending Lahore and Kashmir, not eliminating the Dynasty but accepting bogus “cease fires”. ///// Across Kashmir they are "defending" the stalemate. They are mighty relieved that the word "FIRE" has been taken out of c.f.l. that is now a passive "Gandhian" l.o.c. ////// We believe that the Constitution of Partitioned India rewards the ENEMIES while harming the FRIENDS. We also believe that the true name of the country under this Constitution since 1950 is not Bharat but “Partitioned Indian Secular State”, or P.I.S.S. for short. It has imposed a wrong national anthem. Instead of “Vande Matram”, it chose “Jana Mana Gana” retaining the names of States that have actually vanished from the map. ////// We wished to see the following PREAMBLE to the Constitution of Bharat:- ///// PREAMBLE:///// In early 1947 hectic negotiations took place to keep India united, as she was, after the departure of the British masters. ///// Leaders of “All-INDIA Muslim League” were adamant on surgical operation of India to sever vast areas where Muslims were a majority like gangrene. ///// Leaders of “All India Conress Party” like Jawaharlal NEHRU (“Bandit”) and MK (“Muck”) GANDHI, standing on eroding island, insisted that they represented the Muslims, too, and could speak on their behalf. ///// This was rejected outright with contempt by Muslim leaders like Mohammed Ali Jinnah and Liaqat Ali Khan. They maintained that NO Kafir, Infidel or Hindu could speak for the Muslims any time and anywhere on earth. ///// The entire sub continent “froze” and the nation watched passively. There was no counter attack to teach the traitors a lesson. Our leaders did not throw the gauntlet nor showed any initiative. Yhey “froze”, too. ///// The stalemate was broken by Mohammed Ali Jinnah who wrote up the DOCUMENT OF SURRENDER OF INDIA and took it to the Viceroy, Lord Louis Mountbatten. After gaining approval of the rulers, he presented it to the leaders of All INDIA Congress Party. Holding a gun in the other hand he asked them to sign it. They were horrified to see their trusted friend, ex President of All India Congress Party, turn an enemy overnight. Stunned, they read, ///// “We the leaders of India, hereby surrender all the areas where the Muslims are in a majority. These are the provinces of Sindh, Baluchistan, the Punjab, NWFP (North West Frontier Province) and Bengal. We lay NO term or condition to lay nor demand any price in turn.” ///// There was great consternation and panic in the Hindu Camp. Our “Hindu Mahasabha” FAILED to demand a seat at negotiations if Muslim League were to have a say. ///// Secondly, with Congress Party claiming to represent all, there was no need to invite fundamentalist communal Muslim Leaders to discuss Partition. ///// Thirdly, none mentioned REFERENDUM to consult the people of India. ///// Fourthly, none mentioned that the Indian Army had fought for the entire country during World War 2 and martyrs like Bhagat Singh and Udham Singh and those at Jallianwala Bagh had died as much as for Lahore and Karachi as for Delhi and Amritsar. ///// Fifthly, none offered the counter argument that the Muslims in Partitioned India would be exterminated by angry patriots when they learn the meaning of “patriotism”. ///// Let us continue with the PREAMBLE: “Since India belonged to all her citizens, not just two political parties of the time, referendum was mandatory. ///// To break the stalemate, the Viceroy stepped in and gave the ultimatum to the nationalist leaders, “Accept or we will quit, plunging India in a bloody civil war. The unprepared gentle followers of Mr. Gandhi will be massacred everywhere.” ///// Congress leaders saw their nightmare. They were barristers at law and experts in talks, speeches, discussions and arguments but could not inspire even a thousand people to come out in streets to defend the frontiers. ///// Muslim League, on the other hand, not only brought out thousands of shouting, threatening and menacing demonstrators out on the roads on daily basis but also carried out sudden massacre of Hindus in Noakhali in Bengal to give clout and urgency to their demand for Pakistan, making the Hindus isolated, weak and panic stricken. ///// Congress leaders felt so terrified that they decided to accept the terms, begging for just one concession, that the provinces of Bengal and Punjab be partitioned in order to rescue the areas with Hindu majority from the draconian Sharia Laws of Mohammed’s Koran. These were East Punjab (approximately one third of the province) and West Bengal (nearly one quarter of the whole) that could be saved. An irate Jinnah, leader of Indian Muslims, accepted this hesitatingly, in anger and under protest. ///// In the backdrop of fleeing Hindus from Pakistan, crying widows and wailing orphans, forgetting the abducted and captured Hindu girls and women still in Pakistan, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru rose to address the nation, “I saw the glow of coming power and prosperity of my “Hindu bashing/Sikh killing” dynasty. The word “PARTITOIN” will be deleted from our Constitution. Go and embrace the Musalmaan standing next to you.” ///// On January 26 next, the brainwashed, ignorant and subservient Indians will hail this Constitution once again like every year since 1950. ///// We ask the lucky NRI’S, living in free democracies, and enjoying freedom of expression abroad, “Will YOU be one of them?” ///// Nothing will be most disgusting for us, especially the NRI'S, who have read the missing PREAMBLE. ///// ============================/////JANUARY 16, 2006.//// .........................000000000