Date: 1/18/2006


> HINDUS! WHERE WILL YOU GO NOW?//// > > Pakistan is gone; Bangladesh is gone; Kashmir is going; Eight Districts of West Bengal are now Mohammedan-majority areas as is Malappuram in the South.//// > > Hindus are being driven out of everywhere://// > > From Fiji, Uganda, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Kashmir and now Assam and so on. WHERE WILL YOU FLEE? > > TAKE A STAND AND FIGHT!//// > > THERE IS NO OTHER WAY//// > > Get rid of the secular leaders! Choose capable Hindu leaders! No Hindu politics is possible unless there is Hindu-Awakening. And that Hindu-Awakening is not yet in sight. Hindus want something for nothing. That never happens. They have done nothing to create a Hindu intelligentsia, which is the absolute minimum. Today, the bulk of the intelligentsia is with the enemies of the Hindus. So are the media and the academia. The universe of discourse, meaning the terms of the debate, is also set by the others. The so-called Hindu politicians, garbed as neo-secularists at present, are the worst lot even among politicians. They are out to use for their own purpose whatever capital is still left in the Hindu society. They never think of adding to that capital or helping those who are trying to do it. (From Shakti-Sena's Preface) //// _ > > HINDUS! READ CAREFULLY: Your Life and Death are hanging in the balance! * The fact is that India or Bharat is the homeland of 85 crores of Hindus. It is natural therefore that Hindu-Awakening, Hindu-Assertiveness will finally lead to the formation of a Hindu Rashtra, a State where Hindus and Hindu values predominate! Can one stop the hurricane just by shutting one's eyes? That is impossible. The same way, no one, but no one, can now stop Hindu-Awakening in India and the formation of a Hindu Rashtra! > //// > > > A great deal of time has been allowed to go to waste! Today, the Hindu society needs to fight on three fronts at the same time. > > 1. Remind the heedless Hindu of his glorious past; 2. Consolidate all Hindus; 3. Awaken them. //// > > We need to bring back among us all those who had left or were forced to leave our ancestral faith; we need to take measures so that those Hindus who happen to live in foreign lands remain in close touch with the culture and religion of our homeland. The ultimate victory of the eternal Vedic Dharma lies in the final and natural conclusion of human civilization, in the Sanatana Dharma. Veer Savarkar had said: "Hinduize politics and militarize Hindus!" We hadn't paid much attention to his good advice. But as soon as Gandhi said: "We need Hindu-Muslim unity at any cost", we all ran after this falsehood and lost half of our land. But the surprising thing is that as soon as we mention unity of the Hindus, we are told that Hindu unity has been made impossible by the politicians. Thus, it appears that Hindu unity is impossible but Hindu-Muslim unity is quite feasible! What kind of rubbish is this? There is no doubt that the creation of Pakistan was facilitated by those Hindus who > had alienated themselves from Hindu values; it is the sense of not belonging to the Hindu fold that made the Sikhs demand a separate State. And Indira, a Mohammedan woman hiding behind a Hindu sari, attacked the Hari Mandir Sahib on a Gurpurab Day when the temple premises were full of old men, women and children, killing thousands and above all creating a rift between the Hindus and the Sikhs. Even today Rajiv Roberto's Sikh-killer goons are unpunished and at large. No doubt, Indira had to pay dearly for it, exactly like the wily old Gandhi had to. The shameless political parties never cease their anti-Hindu conspiracies. Nearly half a million Kashmiri Hindus have been driven out of their hearths and homes but these politicians have nothing to say! Hindus are being persecuted all over the world, from Uganda, to Fiji, to Malaysia, to Sri Lanka, to Pakistan, to Bangladesh. To mislead the world, the news media both in India and abroad, call the persecuted Hindus, 'Indians'. > Hindus are being killed in Sri Lanka but we are told that the victims are 'Tamils'; Hindus are being thrown out of Chittagong Hill Tracts and we are told that these people are 'Chakmas'. Hindus who are forced to flee from Bangladesh are called 'refugees'. Infiltrating Mohammedans from Bangladesh are called 'aliens'. Those Hindus who could not escape from Bangladesh are called 'mulaun', 'kafir'. Jyoti Basu and Rajiv Gandhi have been importing Bangladeshi Mohammedans for vote reasons and no one hears the cry of 'foul' from the BJP morons. It takes only 20% of India's Hindus to change the scenario. In 1991, just after the Ram Rath Yatra, the Hindus of Uttar Pradesh, won the State on their own, in the face of full Mohammedan opposition. Doesn't anyone notice that? A Hindu girl is kidnapped by the Mohammedans and what does the Hindu do? He writes a complaint to the president of India. If cows are killed by the Mohammedans in Hindu residential areas, the Hindu appeals to the local > police which has already been filled with Mohammedan infiltrators by Jyoti Basu or Rajiv Gandhi's governments. The Hindu could easily have redress under his own terms by taking action on his own. He misses the point that strength has its own code of conduct. But those sad days are going to be over soon and for ever. Why do the Hindus take so much insult from the Mohammedan minority who should all be in Pakistan, in accordance with Jinnah's two nation theory and transfer of population proposal. What are they doing here? Very few Hindus know (thanks to the GoI's suppression of census news) that the current population of Mohammedans inside India has grown from the meager 4.5 crores in 1947 to a whopping 18 crores today. And not all was due to the rapid birth rate of the polygamous people but also due to illegal influx of Mohammedan population form all sides, from Bangladesh as well as from Pakistan. Jyoti Basu and Rajiv Roberto, between themselves have imported at least 2.5 crores of > Pakistani and Bangladeshi Mohammedans for Moslem votes. And no one protests for the simple reason that such data are kept hidden from the Hindus. And the Hindu does not seem interested in knowing either for fear of discovering the unpleasant truth! But then who is going to remedy the situation? No one, but the Hindu himself. Then, why is this bashfulness? So that the day of reckoning can arrive behind our back, without our knowing? Verily, ignorance is weakness and self-inflicted ignorance is suicide! ///// > > And the fault lies also in the so called upholders of Hindutva like migrants from Sindh such as Advani. After some 2 crore Bangladeshi Mohammedans had been introduced in West Bengal, Advani succeeded in buttonholing Begum Zia, the then prime minister of theocratic B'desh. Advani asked the Mohammedan woman, if she was aware that all these infiltrators were nationals of her country, implying in a convoluted way that they should not be here, in this country, and thought that he had done a very smart thing by asking such a smart question. The musalmani readily replied:"Yes, I know they are our citizens. But it is your own government that has offered them voting rights." She was right of course. BJP's migrant Sindhi president made a quick about turn and retreated! However, the time is not very far when the bribe taking culprits will all be punished and forced to cough up all the hush money they have taken from the Jain Brothers, the BCCI and ISI agents, BJP leaders included. There is > already panic in those camps. There was a time when many Hindu leaders were influenced by Gandhian philosophy. There is no reason for that to go on even today. Gandhi was finished by Nathuram; Nehru died of syphilis. There is no one now to start a fast unto death or order aerial bombing by our own planes, as Nehru did in Bihar when the Biharis appropriately replied to Noakhali holocaust. Hindu, Sikh and Buddhist refugees are still coming out of Pakistan and Bangladesh. Time has come to snatch the requisite area of territory from these lands for resettlement of the refugees. We need to take over a free 'Bangabhumi' from Bangladesh. It is amazing that India's Hindu leaders do not seem to be at all affected by the tragedy of partition and the heavy loss of Hindu life and property. Instead of getting rid of the Mohammedans of India, who brought about the holocaust, the Hindu leaders vie with one another to please them. This has to stop. The total number of Palestinians who > were uprooted after the creation of Israel was only 200,000. The demands for their share of the land have created a furor all over the world. The international scene is replete with incidents of terrorism, intifada, car-bombings and what not. Then why, oh why, the claims of a separate 'Bangabhumi' for the more than two crore homeless Hindus driven out of Bangladesh, be not heard? We can easily take over the six Bangladesh districts adjacent to India, namely Khulna, Jessore, Faridpur, Barisal, Patuakhali and Kushthia and resettle them on that land, to be named 'Bangabhumi'. It is true that the free India had a false start. Both Pakistan and B'desh were Mohammedan countries. India was falsely considered to be a Hindu country; in reality it was not. Unbeknown to the people, the leadership of India was Mohammedan. Take Jawahar Lal Nehru for instance; he was NOT the son of Moti Lal but of the Shia' lawyer of Allahabad, named Mobarak Ali. It is his house which used to be called the > Irshad Manzil that became Anand Bhavan later. Similarly, Indira Nehru married the son of Nawab Khan, a Sunni Mohammedan that used to supply wine and liquor to Moti Lal. The son's name was Feroz Khan. It was the apostle of truth who made them change their name to Gandhi by an affidavit just after the nikah of Indira. In fact, Indira had been invited by Saudi Arabia to visit the Kaaba. No non-Moslem is permitted to visit the Kaaba; the wily Indira refused to visit the Kaaba because she did not want the secret of her faith to be publicly known. It was her Islamic compulsion that made Indira attack the Hari Mandir Sahib on a Gurpurab Day, when the temple premises were full of old men, women and children. She did that to weaken the Hindus by alienating the Sikhs from the Hindus. Her two sons were thus bastards. Nehru's private secretary John Mathai has so written in extenso in his books on Nehru. That Indira was a rotten woman is proven by the fact that her first son, Catholic Rajiv > Roberto was sired by Feroz Khan and her second son Sanjiv (aka Sanjay) was sired by Mohammad Yunus. How could our gods put up with such a dirty dynasty in a Dharma-Rajya? Since Hindus were doing nothing, our gods saw to it that the Gandhi family was annihilated. In a country where people don't even hurt a chicken, there were not one, not two, but three assassina-tions and in quick succession. And surprise of surprises, all three were Gandhis. One was shot by a Hindu, the second by two Sikhs and the third was pulverized by a Catholic lady of Tamil extraction. If this is not divine dispensation, then what is it? There is not much time to lose. The matter of organizing the Hindus is staring us in the face. The Hindus of India have to stand up as one man to safeguard our country, our people, our heritage and our faith. There is no other way. > ///// > > > > Visit > > http://www.hinduhumanrights.org > ///// 000000000