Date: 1/20/2006


THE FLAG OF THE REPUBLIC//// What kind of a “thing” is our Bharatvarsha, the land of Vedas and Sanskrit, the cradle of civilisation, the abode of our gods and goddesses, the Land of HINDUS, who where there long before the Mohammedan INVADERS and European PREDATORS arrived.//// It is the land where our inspiring, enlightening, ennobling, Avataras, Gurus, Rishis and Mahatmas (genuine ones not the conceding, surrendering despicable political “micky mouse” version of 20th century when on one day one third of India vanished before their very eyes).were born. ///// It is the land of our holy Scriptures and Gurus where Shivaji and Rani of Jhansi fought battles to put the Hindu-killing, mandir-destroying Islamic tyrants in the cage. It is the land where martyrs Bhagat Singh and Udham Singh kissed the gallows and it is the sacred land of the Sikhs where Ten Gurus preached the message of universal love and service, and where the last Guru, Gobind Singh ji, created “militarised” Hindus to enable them to oust the foreign enemy who had degraded our race, making us helpless, defenceless and fearful. //// So what does this land of ancient glory look like today? Given 85 per cent of its inhabitants are HINDU, why does the word “HINDU” not appear in its Constitution? By now, SIX DECADES on, we should know. ///// What about the country’s FLAG that is hoisted, flown, kissed and saluted everywhere every day? //// Unknown to the people of this country, this was the flag of a political party, one of many in the country in 1885 when All India Congress Party was founded. Then no Musalman was so separatist Beiman, Shaitan Haiwan as most of them had become by 1947, i.e., SIX DECADES later.//// THE NATIONAL FLAG OF INDIA is in tricolour ( TIRANGA) of deep saffron (Kesari) at the top, white in the middle and dark green at the bottom in equal proportions.//// Why THREE colours and why in equal proportions? Let us ASK. //// Since the Muslims have always been separatist “beasts & bastards” at heart they were not keen to sit with Hindu leaders like Nehru and Gandhi out of contempt for Kafirs. This got our Hindu leaders very worried.///// Therefore, to APPEASE the “bullies” the founders of All India Congress Party made the Green section exactly the same proportion in size as the SAFFRON of the Hindus and the White of the British. So, the Hindus were slashed into one third of the whole like the Muslims. Today’s “India” is similarly one fragment of the three of that time. Even worse, it is tightly (suffocatingly) wedged between the other two.//// After PARTITION the flag of Pakistan immediately reflected the reality on ground by covering the entire surface in GREEN with a thin vertical strip for the non Muslims. There is no trace of Saffron at all on it. //// If our Nehru and Gandhi, too, had the same PRIDE in themselves and their own NATIVE religion instead of their gigantic INFERIORITY COMPLEX, would they NOT have covered the entire surface of Bharat’s flag in SAFFRON with a thin vertical white strip on the side for all the “Rest”? ///// Our fate being so cruel, we Hindus have not seen our worth even on the flag, in the Constitution and on the earth.//// The whole raison d’etre of the Hindus and Sikhs seems to have DEGENERATED due to centuries of slavery into “serving and pleasing” the FOREIGNERS. The visible proof of this is the Muslim Supreme Commander, commanding our armed forces, and the Italian Catholic Rashtramata.//// As a result what we have today is our “MONGREL TRICOLOUR” flag for our “ISLAMIC” Republic of Bharat. //// Nothing about our India seems decent, honourable and Hindu- neither the Constitution, nor the flag, nor even the Rashtrapati and the Rashtramata. ///// While we have read about the Surrender of Millennium (Partition), let us see how the new flag of India was inflicted on us. //// Jawaharlal Nehru declared Congress Party to be synonymous with INDIA. //// Anyone against his Congress Party was automatically seen to be against the other. This OBSCENE joke was carried forward by his daughter Indira a step too far. Her vast subservient “coolie” propaganda establishment, including so many despicable rotten editors and reporters and broadcasters, declared “Indira is India” and swayed millions to vote for her.///// Nehru did not appoint a new Commission to look into the design of the new flag of the country nor did he initiate any debate on the matter. He simply said, “KEEP THE CONGRESS FLAG. Do we need a new flag?” Not one voice dissented? /////// At last a timid fellow squeaked, “Your Exalted Excellency Jenab Nehru Sahib, I beg for permission to speak.”//// “Go on,” replied Nehru in his imperial manner and tone, whereupon the humble Hindu asked, “Sir, forgive this worthless humble servant of yours for daring to ask, “Shall we also keep the “charkha” (spinning wheel) on it? It may swing the votes to Bapu Gandhi. May we at least think of Trishul, even “OM” on it?” //// “NO WAY,” snapped Nehru, losing his composure. “I wish to keep the Hindus light years away from political power.” ///// Then a second later he relented, “Replace the charkha by something remotely Buddhist.”///// Then they chose the three “Ashoka Lions” that pleased Nehru. //// Now, SIX DECADES later, when the terror of Nehru and the shadow of Indira has waned a little, BJP or any other nationalist Party could take steps to find out the national consensus over a suitable national flag.///// Such a commission would consider the role of Muslims and Christians at PARTITION that showed them as traitors and “beasts” of the worst kind.///// The new flag must also consider that the Hindus are not only NATIVE to the land but also (still) a majority and their wishes and political status have long been ignored and crushed. Every political party, including Hindu Maha Sabha, and not just the Congress, should have had the chance to put forth their ideas, design or flag. ///// Let us now think without fear of Nehru and his Congress and the terror of Islam, and design a new flag for our Bharat whose Muslims have snatched their own homeland from India. //// Could it be flown with PRIDE at the next Republic Day Parade, and also in front of the Rashtrapati Bhawan in New Delhi? //// How about flying it in front of the Indian high commissions in London Islamabad and Dhaka and in front of the Indian embassies in Washington and Moscow? ///// The country needs a clean break with our perpetual masters, i.e., the “Hindu bashing haraami & corrupt aulaad” of Chacha NEHRU, and raise our Bharat tall as “HINDU RASHTRA” if Mohammed must fly his flag over our Lahore.//// 000000000