Date: 1/22/2006


A GREAT SCHOLAR, HISTORIAN AND RENOWNED SIKH, KHUSHWANT SINGH, IS ON THE LAST LAP OF HIS LIFE.//// MOST SIKHS WOULD LIKE TO HAVE HIS VIEWSS ON THE FOLLOWING BEFORE HE DEPARTS FROM THIS EARTH.///// ================== ///// In recognition of his great service to the Sikhs through his valuable books, may we at least know the Truth from him on- ///// His comment on surrendering one third of India including West Punjab to Indian Muslims unconditionally in 1947. ///// We cannot forget PARTITION of PUNJAB even if Government of India shoots us all dead. ///// His comment on the surrender of Lahore and Nankana Sahib. ///// His comment on India's declaration, "Muslims can have LAHORE." His comment on India's warning to the Muslims, "But you cannot have Srinagar." ///// His comment on handing BACK East BENGAL in 1972 while denying petty concessions to East PUNJAB since 1947. ///// It will put his memory in proper perspective in our minds. ///// IF HE DOES SO, HE WILL BE AN EXCEPTION AMONG HUNDERDS OF MILLIONS OF HINDU/SIKH "SHEEP" WHO HAVE DIED SINCE THE DAY OF PARTITION IN 1947 WITHOUT KNOWING THE REAL NATURE OF THE "DOGS AND BITCHES" WHO HAVE BEEN RULING AND FOOLING THE PEOPLE OF INDIA SINCE THEN. ////// NOT ONE HAS DIED HONOURABLY IN THAT SLAVE NATION. ////// .......000000000