Date: 1/23/2006


http://www.ndtv.com/topstories/showtopstory.asp?slug=Rahul+steals+spotlight+at+Cong+meet&id=18620&category=National ////// Rahul steals spotlight at Cong meet //////----------------------------------- NDTV Correspondent///// Sunday, January 22, 2006 (Hyderabad): ////// On the second day of the Congress plenary session in Hyderabad, the entire focus was on Rahul Gandhi. ///// The top leadership insists there is no position for the young Gandhi in the party just yet.////// But hundreds of party workers began chanting slogans pleading for Rahul to address them.////// He finally made a brief appearance to announce that he would speak when his turn comes. He is scheduled to address the plenary on Monday.///// Strong message ///// In an apparent disapproval of speeches eulogising her son, Congress President Sonia Gandhi asked delegates to concentrate on issues and not waste time on speaking about personalities. ///// In her opening remarks at the 82nd Plenary of the Congress, Gandhi told delegates to come straight to issues. ///// “I want maximum time devoted to discussing important matters, there is no need to repeat what one individual has said. ////// “Concentrate on important matters at hand and give others also a chance to speak,” said Sonia Gandhi.///// But despite Sonia’s message, several leaders demanded that Rahul be inducted into the CWC.///// “This is not sycophancy. We want the younger generation to come forward. Rajiv Gandhi also started as a general secretary,'' said V Hanumantha Rao, Congress leader.///// Rejuvenating the youth///// It was however, not just the senior leaders who seemed to think that bringing Rahul into the CWC would do the Congress party a world of good.///// First-time MP Priya Dutt also spoke on behalf of the Generation-next in the party.///// “At this juncture it is important to rejuvenate the youth in the Congress. We don't need slogan shouting but action. We need to bring back value-based politics to the youth as they represent the future,” she said. ///// About 12,000 party workers are at the three-day session at Gachibowli Stadium, 20 kilometers outside Hyderabad city. ///// Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is also attending the session and is expected to address party workers on Monday.///// 000000000