Date: 1/26/2006


PISS (PARTITIONED INDIAN SECULAR STATE), THE CONCUBINE OF ISLAM AND SERVANT OF POPE IS JUBILANT ON ARRIVAL OF "MOHAMMED".///// POLICY (NATIONAL "INTEREST") OF PISS: IMPOVERISH THE NATIVES. MAKE THEM ESCAPE TO FOREIGN SHORES FOR LIVELIHOOD. AID CONVERSION TO ISLAM AND CHRISTIANITY. SEE HINDUSTHAN EVAPORATE. BRING ABOUT A NEW ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF HINDUSTHAN.///// There are a large number of Indians working as work force in Saudi Arabia. In fact, the country prefers to have Indians - Hindus and Muslims alike But the country is too intolerant and no Hindu worker in Saudi Arab is allowed to perform private puja in his apartment, or to keep any symbol of Hinduism. ////// Our Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Mr Talmeez Ahmad, said that more than 25,000 Hindu labourers have converted to Islam. It is believed they did so under duress and to escape punishment, as most of them arrived there through unscrupulous travel agents using forged documents. Worse, the agents keep their passports in their custody so that the workers remain under their dictate forever. ///// The Government of India remains under Saudi pressure to the extent that it has never sent a non-Muslim Ambassador to Riyadh. It argues that a Muslim ambassador is appointed for proper Haj facilities for Indian Muslims. As no non-Muslim is allowed to enter Mecca and Medina, it says, it is better to have a Muslim ambassador, who would be able to inspect Haj arrangements himself. In the process, it forgets that most nations send their ambassadors in Riyadh solely on the basis of merit. ////// Even before the Saudi King has reached India, a controversy regarding his financial help to repaint Delhi's Jama Masjid has surfaced. The MEA is in a quandary whether or not to accept the offer. Jama Masjid's Imam Bukhari first stated that the proposal came from the Saudis, but it was promptly refuted by its Ambassador in Delhi, Saleh Mohammed Al-Ghamdi. The Saudi Ambassador said that his Government was only responding to an year-old request for financial help from Bukhari. This is shameless begging that has put the country's self-esteem at stake. Nobody seeks favours from an invited guest. And the King should be politely told not to get involved in the issue during his visit to India. ////// ...........000000000