Date: 1/26/2006


MOHAMMED AND THE KAFIR. ///// THE KING OF SAUDI ARABIA ON HINDU TERRITORY (26/01/2006) :///// "There are a large number of Indians working as work force in Saudi Arabia. In fact, the country prefers to have (the self negating, self denigrating, obedient, subservient, timid and law abiding) INDIANS - Hindus and Muslims alike ///// "But the country is too intolerant and no Hindu worker in Saudi Arab is allowed to perform private puja (act of worship) in his apartment, or to keep any symbol of Hinduism. ///// "Our Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Mr Talmeez Ahmad, said that more than 25,000 Hindu labourers have converted to Islam." ///// Impoverished, ignorant and intimidated AT HOME, the leaderless, fatherless, orphaned Hindus, despite the richness of their soil, beauty of their females, divinity of their Scriptures and the wealth & fame of their intellect, are FLEEING across the globe to fall as an easy prey for conversion. ///// Even the Sikh leaders and organisations have NO CLUE as to how many have converted in Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and even in EAST Punjab, disregarding the sacrifices of their Gurus in order to stick to, and DEFEND, their NATIVE Faith. Today's Sikhs seem worse than the Hindus by becoming "langar serving NISHKAM SEWAKS". ///// Instead of INSPIRING the Hindus to MILITARISE rapidly in these dangerous times, they have DEMILITARISED themselves - literally, intellectually and metaphorically. What kind of future can our (Broken, NOT Akhand) Bharat look forward to? ///// It is believed the Hindus in Saudi Arabia converted to Islam under duress and to escape punishment, as most of them arrived there through unscrupulous travel agents using forged documents. Worse, the agents keep their passports in their custody so that the workers remain under their dictate forever. ///// The Government of India remains under Saudi pressure to the extent that it has never sent a non-Muslim Ambassador to Riyadh. It argues that a Muslim ambassador is appointed for proper Haj facilities for Indian Muslims. As no non-Muslim is allowed to enter Mecca and Medina, it says, it is better to have a Muslim ambassador, who would be able to inspect Haj arrangements himself. In the process, it forgets that most nations send their ambassadors in Riyadh solely on the basis of merit. ////// The Government of India remains under Saudi pressure to the extent that it has never never discussed the plight of Indian workers in that Kingdom. The Pseudo-secular/Congress thugs, goons and goondahs, misruling and plundering the country, remain detached and uncaring exactly as they were towards the Hindus of Sindh, East Bengal (BOGUSdesh), North and South Kashmir, Uganda and Fiji. ////// =======================================///// SHAME on the "Government of Monkeys and Donkeys" and on the "Parliament of Vermin and Weed" in New Delhi that are so subservient to Islam and negligent of their own native people.///// Even after surrendering ONE THIRD of India unconditionally to Mohammed in 1947, and even after returning EAST BENGAL to the ENEMY once again in 1972, the Government of India (our HINDU nation) remains mortally terrified of Islam. ///// The way out is to BOOT OUT the savage and separatist "BEAST" of Islam like the Spaniards and the Greeks in 19th century if we wish to spare our own Hindus the degradation of conversion at home and abroad, our peace loving leaders the humiliation like MK Gandhi, who saw his Akhand Bharat smashed to smithereens, our Saints like Guru Arjun Dav ji the torture and murder, and even BEHEADINGS like Guru Tegh Bahadur ji and finally, yet another unprecedented massacre, rape, plunder, arson, mass exodus and loss of territory as in 1947.///// 000000000