Date: 1/26/2006


CONSTITUTION of the Iron-clad Decomposing Republic of ABDUL KALAM. ///// Unless a country’s leaders are gifted with vision and utmost motivation and a sense of patriotism, it can acquire an entirely new and decent identity only after a VIOLENT overthrow of its entrenched colonial administration and government. ////// If the political transition is peaceful or superficial, like the one from Congress to BJP, and vice versa, then that does not touch the “deep frozen” social and political set up as in India. The change is just a few persons at the top who follow the same “Vidhan” and pursue the same core policies, that in our case are, “Muslim appeasement”, “Partition is history”, and “No Hindu Holocaust Museum that could remind our coming generations of all the Hindus massacred, abducted, raped and forcibly evicted from their homes through centuries by our one and the only one persistent, vicious and savage enemy.” ///// Through all the changes in society, the CONSTITUTION remains the same. Players and actors come and go but the stage remains the same for all sorts of plays- comedy and tragedy. ///// In our “Broken” (NOT “Akhand”) Bharat, our stage is the same old Civil Law and the Penal Code that was imposed by the British after 1857, the same mentality of trusting the rulers, calling them “Sarkar Mai Baap”, the same habit of deep loyalty that was towards the Mohammedan emperors, the British viceroy and then the Hindu hating despicable Imperialist agent, “Chacha” Nehru who couldn’t wait to sign the Unconditional Surrender of Lahore and Chittagong (and a lot more). ///// The biggest curse of this Constitution upon the IGNORANT Hindus is its invisible but lethal HIGH TREASON since it does not mention the ACT OF PARTITOIN OF INDIA, 1947. ///// Nehru was as much an alien as the British and kept the same legal and penal system and also the same titles, protocol and ruling establishment that existed under the British masters. ///// For real political and social sunshine the old termite eaten tree of custom and outlook must be uprooted and removed. ///// The Muslim rulers from Arabia, Turkey, Iran and Afghanistan since 712 AD, the Christian rulers from France, Portugal and Britain since 18th century, and the “Hindu bashing” Congress rulers since 1947 have all been like the big trees in a forest that cast their very dark shadow on the Hindus. For the Hindus the sunshine would be a new Constitution that dares to look at the VIOLENT Muslim “conquest” of Lahore, Karachi, Quetta, Peshawar and Dhaka. ///// For the Hindus the sunshine will be the new Constitution that notices the ISLAMIC TSUNAMI that covered the whole of Western India from Karachi to Gilgit, and Eastern India from Chittagong to Sylhet in the green intellectual "MUD & MOSS" of Koran, i.e., the two ISLAMIC constitutions. ///// Despite Partition, we kept the same Congress ON TOP. For the Hindus the sunshine will be the new Constitution that mentions our own native spirituality and morality. ///// All-India Congress Party was like a house that stood on three pillars upon the quagmire called HINDUSTAN where Sri Ram Temple is still in ruin. The three pillars are ITALY, ISLAM and the pseudo-secular self negating unscrupulous HINDU who has not dared to look back at PARTITION. ////// The Muslims kicked the Congress in the teeth and “spat” in the face of Jawaharlal Nehru to go separate. They established PAKISTAN to create a SEPARATE homeland for the Indian Muslims. ////// The extent of nation's ignorance is reflected in Ambedkar’s Constitution that makes our demoralised HINDUS eat Iftar with the ENEMY. In reality this vicious enemy can become a friend only when Lahore and East Bengal, and North Kashmir, too, are squarely back in Bharat. But Ambedkar did not have such grasp of reality and his master Jawaharlal Nehru was a downright traitor. ////// The Truth is that only a Constitution of “jackals and rats” could adopt the disgusting map outline of truncated India that emerged like a legless frog from the green mud and moss of Islamic Tsunami. ////// The new Constitution of an honourable and decent India had to show us the same map as before that stretched from Khyber to Chittagong with not an inch conceded to the Mohammedan bullies and conquerors. ////// The new Constitution had to tell us that all those territories surrendered in panic, terror and haste in 1947 are eternally part of Hindusthan but only became alien under duress. An abducted daughter does not belong to the rapist’s family. She is made, and forced, to become his property until liberated by her brothers, parents or the police. The new Constitution of PARTITONED INDIA forsook that right to claim back our territories. ////// Nehru prevented a public discussion on Constitution. What kind of a document did he produce through his stooge Ambedkar who could not see that the Musalmaan in Delhi is the same as the Musalman in Dhaka and Lahore is as much INDIAN as Amritsar but only a temporary “Maal-e-Ghaneemat”, i.e., article of LOOT, waiting to be recovered. As a man would not let go of his daughter so a country would not let go of its TERRITORY. ////// Our new Constitution ought to have been quick to identify the abductor, the conqueror, the killer and the destroyer of Akhand Bharat and the MASS MURDERER of Hindus through CENTURIES. ////// In clear words, the present Constitution is not only useless and worthless like the Italian born White Elephant imported by BOFORS CHOR but also treacherous and dangerously misleading since it does not have the following “TRISHUL” (three Articles) in it- ////// 1. All destroyed temples will be restored to their original glory at State expense; ////// 2. The Muslims will remain ALIENS until Partition is dissolved and Dhaka and Calcutta are back in one province; and ///// 3. Secularism to be valid in Amritsar must be ENFORCED in Lahore. ///// Is it not preposterous for the nation to see that this Constitution puts the Muslims ABOVE our territory? What can one make of this demolished and destroyed patriotism? There is just one explanation- ///// Gandhi acknowledged the superiority of Koran as scriptures over Vedas and Granth and put the “Believers” above the infidels. ///// He knew that the British come from a vastly superior background and will leave sooner or later but the Muslims were stuck here to stay. Their own lands, UNLIKE BRITAIN, were wilderness and desolate deserts. They will never leave a land where the natives are most willing to serve and oblige and even go down upon knees to eat Iftar and celebrate Eid with them. ///// So it was a strategy to please them at all costs. Hence his doctrine Ahimsa Parmo Dharma AT ALL COSTS. ///// Gandhi raised the theory of individual sacrifice “tyaag” to national level and did the “tyaag” of FIVE PROVINCES without fasting even for one day in protest. ///// He had developed the theory that the more a man surrenders the higher he climbs in spirituality. ///// After surrendering FIVE provinces a satisfied Gandhi gave the clarion call, “Let the Hindu first embrace the Musalmaan and then go out to ENNOBLE THE WORLD.” ///// Gandhi had no idea that he had to sweep his own yard first before taking the broom to Europe or Japan to ennoble them. He had NO idea that he was to ennoble the Hindu in AYODHYA and KASHMIR first before ennobling his Musalmaan and Christian “brothers” (“bhai”). ////// Nehru’s Constitution planted this “chip” in the Hindu’s brain like the chips planted on animals in the jungle or whales in deep waters, to track their movements. Now the Constitution could track the erring Hindu who would shout, “NO Partition without referendum, argument, challenge or fight.” ///// It would track down an erring Hindu who moves towards Ayodhya. It would make the Hindu nation FREEZE in INACTION if our Tamil family come under fire in Sri Lanka, our Indian farmers are killed in Fiji, our Indian businesses are plundered and burnt down in Uganda, if our daughters are abducted and raped in East Bengal, if all the Hindus are forced to flee Srinagar in terror and if Nepal is becoming chaotic and communist. ////// This Constitution is BLIND even to the Hindus now fleeing Sri Lanka. ////// So, what kind of a Constitution did the blindfolded Hindu world celebrate and praise today (January 26, 2006)? ///// Those who KNOW, can only have contempt for the subservient, ignorant and intimidated HINDU. ////// For the Hindus the sunshine will be a new Constitution that not only feels their pain and insult in Uganda, Fiji, Kashmir and East Bengal, but also acknowledges their right to return to those cities, towns and villages from where they were forcibly ejected and made refugees. It is not only HAMAS and the PALESTINIANS who have the right to go back to their homes. What about the Hindus? We do not know of any Hindu who sold his property voluntarily or happily in Multan to move to Panipat. ///// We will respect the Constitution that mentions the words "HINDU" and "PARTITION". Nehru’s treacherous Hindu bashing document of bogus secularism is only for “spit and abuse”. The nation ought to REJECT it at once. ////// 000000000