Date: 2/2/2006


In a message dated 28/01/2006 12:07:15 GMT Standard Time, "IGNORANT & MEEK "GANDHIAN" Hindu writes:///// All that is said is right. These are problems, -- its in other places of the world too. We got to solve them too --right? What do u think is the way in which its supposed to be solved? Sticking onto the past, and grieving abt it is certianly a backward step. I can't do anything abt that happened a minute before. All that i can do is take things positively, and stop doing the same mistakes again and again. ////// --XXXXXXXX ==============////// This is common argument that equals the sentence, "Partition is history now and it is no use talking about it." It shows national cowardice and collapse since we know that it is no use remembering the past. We CANNOT undo it. We CANNOT do anything about it.////// It is the language of the wretched father in East Bengal whose daughter was abducted by Muslim rascals. Everyone said to him, You poor weak man, it is no use recalling the past. You will only vanish in tears.////// My dear, Sri Ram and Sri Krishna are also "history" now. It seems for our nation only Mohammed is alive and will remain so, breahing fire on us infidels through his Koran and Believers. ////// Knowing past may not be so useful for the British whose empire is gone but it is VITAL for the defeated, battered, bashed and decimated Hindus who have no standing even in Saudi Arabia. ///// If we do not HARP UPON our past, even more debilitating complacency will set in and the process of Hindus' "evaporating" in the REST OF INDIA too will accelerate. ////// How can we know this if we do not recall that as soon as the ENEMY raised his flag over LAHORE, he invaded Kashmir. He did not rest on his past glory.///// Because MK Gandhi did NOT know his past nor cared to remind his IGNORANT nation of it, he was not prepared for the Disaster of 1947. ////// And because he did not know past, THE FOOL went on to embrace the MUSALMAAN even when Lahore was burning and every Hindu in Rawalpindi was being treated like the ones in NOAKHALI. ////// Not knowing our past the IGNORANT (as well as timid) Hindu ministers embrace the enemy who has his foot firmly on Sri Ram Temple in Ayodhay and threatens us if we raised the temple above ground level.///// The Sikhs who forgot their HOLOCAUST of 1947 soon got one more in 1984. Since they still don't talk about their extermination in Lahore, considering it worthless past, they ought to be prepared to lose AMRITSAR, too. ////// Therefore, especially in our own case, recalling past is even more important than dreaming of the future when Lahore, Karachi, Dhaka and North Kashmir are BACK in Bharat. No aspiration, NO achievement. If the Hindu remains passive the Musalmaan-Beimaan-Shaitaan-Haiwaan will fly his flag over Kashmir and Kerala, too. ///// To us, having surrendered ONE THIRD of India to Mohammed's devils, it is vital to recall that we had warriors like Shivaji and Guru Gobind Singh ji. We have NONE right now except Abdul Kalam and Sonia Khan. And who knows about tomorrow? We will have them in the future only if we had them in the past. ///// If Partition is "history" as some COWARDS among us say, Delhi will go the way of Lahore. If Kerala is too distant from Delhi right now, then so was Karachi and Chittagong at one time. ////// The ISLAMIC fire is now spreading across the globe. The Americans remembered their PEARL HARBOUR attack of December 1941 and struck very hard in Afghanistan in 2001. Since we have NO awareness of the past. we lost North Kashmir too. ///// Our leaders need to keep the PAST alive at least till we RECOVER our lost Akhand Bharat. ////// ......000000000