Date: 2/2/2006


NEWS HAS COME (2 FEB 06) THAT AN INDIAN LIVING IN THE USA (AN NRI) HAS DONATED A COLLEGE TO INDIA ///// Please imagine the AGONY that the Congress RULING & FOOLING establishment is going through right now at this educational step by a NRI who BYPASSED that "haraami sarkar" by a wide margin. ///// The core policies or IDEOLOGY of this Sarkar are the TRISHUL with three bullets for Hindu heart: ///// 1. Keep them IGNORANT.//// 2. Keep them IMPOVERISHED///// 3. Keep them INTIMIDATED.//// ///// I would add two more:///// The fourth: KEEP THEM ON THE RUN. Let them sink abroad and just tolerate the few who "make it" away from Motherland. Out of these most will again support any FOUNDATION or INSTITUTION with word GANDHI in it. But here we have ONE true Bharati, true and BRAVE son of Bharat who has defied the devil and opened a College that is NOT named after BANDIT Nehru or the BOFORS CHOR or his MOTHER of "Indira is India" NOTORIETY.///// The fifth: If a MUSALMAAN occupies your territory or a Hindu's daughter, then these belong to him in eternity. ///// Hence it is unheard of today in Hindu and SIKH circles, "No Partition without Referendum!" ////// Or even "After surrendering one third of India unconditionally to them, we will not have even ONE Mohammedan among us in our Much Reduced Partitioned & Punctured India."///// 000000000