Date: 2/3/2006


HINDUS AND THE SIKHS IN BRITAIN AND THE BRITISH NATIONAL PARTY. //// I support the BNP in my individual capacity because we are individuals with our own heads, recollections, beliefs and experiences. ///// Our individualism means that religion is a man's own affair and cannot be imposed on anyone else. This has the disadvantage that we cannot unite against common threat. The result of such lack of unity in secular societies is FIVE fragments of ONE Punjab today and THREE fragments of ONE India in which the "Father of Pakistan" (Mohammed Ali Jinnah) and I were both born. ///// The conclusion that can be drawn is that if the Muslims in this country are given the same kind of say as in India in 1947, the word "UNITED" from United Kingdom will disappear like the word "AKHAND" from Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru’s Akhand Bharat. ** ///// Should such a prospect not worry or terrify the Sikhs and the Hindus who were suddenly and most brutally displaced from their homes and holy places in their land of origin in that year?///// What worries the non Muslims is the callous collective endeavour of Muslims to bring more and more land and people under Islamic control. It begins with the demand for Sharia Law for the Muslims alone, and then for it to be imposed on all the citizens. ///// During the British rule over India the demand for Sharia Law was confined to the Indian Muslims until 1947. Then suddenly one third of India went under an Islamic Constitution. Overnight all the non Muslims became second rate (inferior) citizens. Those who survived the general massacres were converted, expelled or killed. Thousands of helpless and defenceless females, some very young, were forcibly abducted and raped, even gang raped.///// The Muslims slaughtered nearly two million fellow Indians and forced some 15 million out of their homes in the year of Partition. Unlike the Palestinian refugees the world did not come to know of any Sikh or Hindu refugee! The “politically correct” ruling establishment of India put the blanket of denial on all to keep their people ignorant. We lost our homes, farms, businesses, lands, institutions and even places of worship. ///// Islam’s bullying and intimidating tactics terrified the Hindus to the extent that they do not commemorate Partition at all. The once warrior Sikhs who had defeated the brave Afghans to capture Khyber Pass, now meekly apply for visas to visit the birthplace of their first Guru at Nankana Sahib. ///// India’s political collapse is seen through the post of her President and Supreme Commander, currently a Muslim who appoints the Prime Minister and receives foreign diplomats. The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, too, looks similarly weak, presiding over the Council of Muslim elders in his desperate attempt to “buy peace” from their followers. ///// Muslims are insensitive to the feelings of others. They are all quite happy to see that no non Muslim is allowed to enter the city of Mecca. They do not realise that by their own yardstick no Muslim ought to be allowed to enter the town of Nankana Sahib where Guru Nanak Dev, the founder of Sikh faith, was born, and there ought to be NO Muslim living in Ayodhya and Mathura where the Hindu gods Rama and Krishna respectively were born. How would THAT go with the intolerant Muslims?///// Also while they all support the Palestinians’ right to get their lands and homes back in Israel, I have yet to hear of even one Muslim supporting the Sikhs’ right to recover the homes that their grandfathers built in Lahore, Multan, Gujranwala, Sialkot and Rawalpindi. ///// Our Muslim fellow citizens did total ethnic cleansing in West Punjab what the Soviet Union did in East Prussia, now Kaliningrad, with the stark difference that while the Germans might have moved there by force, the Sikhs and the Hindus had lived on their territory since the beginning of time, that is, long before even Mohammed was born. ///// The collective Islamic force and the increasing Muslim political clout in real democracies intimidate the governments, AND PEOPLE, of the non Muslim states across the world, United Kingdom and India included. ///// India or “Partitioned Indian Secular State” if you like, is so terrified of Muslim assassin's dagger that they have deleted the word PARTITION from the Constitution. Thus, instead of commemorating the humiliating unconditional surrender of one third of India to the indigenous Muslims and the massacre of two million innocent Hindus and Sikhs in 1947, they call it “Independence”. There is no parallel of such national collapse anywhere else on earth. ///// India has bought her peace with the Muslims once again just as Mr. Blair is seeking his right now. ///// The non Muslim minorities arrived here for a life of peace. Those from the sub continent came as a direct or indirect result of India’s break up when the States of Bengal, Kashmir and Punjab were partitioned in bloodshed. We are rightly worried that the Muslims will eventually partition Great Britain, too, in bloodshed. ///// In that case we shall suffer the fate of the Greeks in Northern Cyprus, the Christians in Armenia and the Hindus and Sikhs in Pakistan. Dissidents like the film director Theo Van Gogh in Holland and Journalists like Daniel Pearl in Karachi, as also the good among us like Margaret Hassan in Iraq will be assassinated everywhere by the Islamic fundamentalists. Others like Salman Rushdie and Taslima Nasreen will flee for life for criticising Islam. ///// With nearly 50 countries already under the Law of Koran & Islam, where are we going to flee next? There are very few safe havens left on earth for us given that the “sun never sets on Mohammed’s empire.” ///// The British public fear the rise of Islam since they know the fate of Sikhs in Lahore, of the Hindus all over South Asia, especially in Ayodhya, South Kashmir and East Bengal, of the Christians in Karachi and Rawalpindi, of the Buddhists in Bamyan, Afghanistan, and even of the Muslim women in Saudi Arabia. ///// The British people took note of Muslims’ insensitivity towards the other “ASIANS” living in this country. The Hizb-u-Tehrir’s leafleting to encourage Muslim youth to seduce Sikh girls and their displaying a confused rootless Sikh female on stage at their mass public rally in Trafalgar Square, London, a few years ago made headlines and especially hurt the feelings of the Sikhs who lay great stress & value on defending their honour, ///// We are also aware of the pattern of Islamic life here, mixing some good with a lot of bad like seducing girls for sex, increasing drugs and crime, the violent attack on public transport system in London and the suicide bombers like Richard Reid. ///// This country has had the immigrants from South Asia since the mid 1950’s. In the last half a century the public has seen the performance of various religious minorities. It is only the Muslims who have gone separate in many ways including their clashing political ideology and global backers. The pattern that we see now is worrying to those who truly love to see law and order, peace and prosperity prevail here. ///// We can see that among all the currently “politically correct” but in reality most dishonest, and eventually most treacherous political parties in this country only the British National Party (BNP) have stood fast as the guardians of old values and traditions that made this country great. ///// BNP are seen by many as the solid rock standing firm in the raging turbulent political waters. They are standing up to the unscrupulous politicians who are competing with each other to appease Islam despite its known record on violence as seen in New York, Madrid and London recently. They understand Islam's insatiable appetite for more land, conversion, seduction and mass murder. They wish to see a lot more Sikhs and Hindus come up to them to speak of the giant Islamic "TSUNAMI" wave that devastated the whole of western and eastern India in 1947 and made tens of millions flee their homes.///// Recalling the murderous role played by Islamic fundamentalists in Punjab, my land of origin and birth, I fear for England, too, where Islam is said to be the fastest growing religion. It must mean that the Secular and tolerant nature of this country and its traditional way of life are disappearing equally fast. ///// That is why I have no hesitation in appealing to the non Muslims, especially the Sikhs and the Hindus, to close ranks behind BNP to ensure our own safety and dignity, especially of our daughters. ///// Let the British stand firm against the rising tide of Islam. After all we came here only because of Britain’s prosperity, tolerance and her established Church. Why did we not go to Pakistan or Bangladesh, or even Libya and Iran, for a better life? ///// It was Labour Government in 1947 that appeased Islam in India at OUR COST. We saw the result. Now the Labour Government is appeasing Islam here, too, and we are seeing the results. Simply recall July 7 last, and notice the increased police presence in our streets and cities. Does the future look reassuring? ///// Personally I wish we had the counterpart of BNP in our United Punjab in 1947. Instead, our rulers were the Labour Government in London and our great leader at home was the semi naked "sadhu" called MK Gandhi, the apostle of "Tyaag" (Renunciation) and "Ahimsa" (non violence), the embodiment of appeasement and unconditional surrenders.///// MK Gandhi, the appeaser, created such an alarming POLITICAL VACUUM that the resulting catastrophe was gigantic. It produced the fundamentalist Islamic State of Pakistan in one day. ///// Pakistan in turn produced the “madrassas” who in turn produced the gun toting, opium chewing, women whipping, infidel hating, kafir killing Taliban, who in turn invited Al Qaida who went out to destroy the World Trade Centre Towers in New York, the train in Madrid, and the tubes and a bus in London. We are in a state of heightened alert, anticipating their next attack. ///// BNP has seen the political vacuum here, too. What are we to do? Sit back and watch Partition once again and see the word "United" disappear from the name of this country, too? ///// The Sikhs and the Hindus, forced out by ISLAM from our own country (recall the massacre of Rawalpindi, the burning of Lahore and the total extermination of minorities in North Kashmir), ought to be strong supporters of BNP. Wouldn’t that make sense for our own survival? ///// =================================///// ** Akhand means UNITED.///// xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ///// 000000000