Date: 2/4/2006


DIFFERENCE BETWEEN IDEOLOGY AND RELIGION? ///// Very briefly: ///// IDEO (IDEOLOGY) is to attack. Those who attacked AKHAND BHARAT to take out Pakistan had Ideology PINNED in their brains.///// IDEO is to be on the OFFENSIVE. Those who are fighting to oust Bharat from Kashmir have Ideo. Those who have NO clue to Ideo have been on the DEFENSIVE since 1936 when the word "Pakistan" was heard for the first time. ///// IDEO is absent on our side (as usual!) when the enemy is invited to talks in New Delhi and given a cup of tea by the defeated. We can see Mujahideen from Kashmir shaking hands with cabinet ministers. Some cabinet ministers in Hindustan even today, despite PARTITION, will feel honoured if a Mujahid seduced his daughter like Feroze KHAN'S seduction of Indira Nehru. ///// Those with IDEO do not give a word to the Infidel. Those who have NO Ideo listen to Muslims and Catholics to shape their psyche and mentality. In a leading nationalist Hindu weekly, Abdul Kalam, a Muslim, and George Fernandes, a Catholic, were given more space than any Hindu writer. ///// IDEO is to accept the surrender, abduction and conversion. None in Hindusthan has challenged that bogus and immoral Partition or repudiated it to date. ///// IDEO is to CONVERT. The Hindus are following the direction of Bapu Gandhi and Guru Nanak who said, “Brother, remain a Musalmaan. Only be a better Musalmaan.” ////// The Musalmaan left confused as to how to become a better Musalmaan. His Koran tells him five times a day what to do to a Kafir like Gandhi. Eventually they smashed Gandhi's Akhand Bharat and occupied the Guru's Janmasthan. Those with IDEO do not care in the least as to how one thing destroyed United India and the other makes the Sikhs GRIEVE day and night. ///// IDEO is to HUMILIATE the Weak and the Infidels. Those who occupy Sri Nankana Sahib require the Sikhs to apply for visas to visit their holy place. Sri Ram Temple still remains a ruin to HURT the Hindus on our own TERRITORY. ////// Those who have IDEO demand the Infidels pay for their Hajj travel. Those who have NO CLUE, pay the price meekly. They have NO breath left to challenge, "What the Hell are YOU doing here after Partition, Mr. Mohammed?" ///// IDEO means conquer and ADVANCE. Remember the conquest of Lahore and then their advance on Srinagar. ////// IDEO means insult the weak. See the caricature of Hindu gods and goddesses by Muslims and see the MANLY editors in Denmark, France and Germany, publishing those cartoons, showing their grasp of IDEO. ////// IDEO is to reduce the self esteem of the enemy. Without Ideo we Hindus boost theirs sky high while reducing ourselves in image and esteem. ////// The one who understood IDEO in Hindu world was GURU GOBIND SINGH JI who declared, “One Hindu who takes "amrit" to become a Khalsa will prevail upon a hundred thousand Turks, Afghans, Arabs, Iranians, Mohammedans, or whoever stands up against him.” Lacking sense of IDEO the esteemed editor of the Weekly did not mention the Guru even once in the entire Weekly under question. Nor did we find the name NATHU RAM GODSE and NANA APTE, the true Defenders of Hindu "DHARTI" (TERRITORY) and IDEOLOGY. ///// SIGNS OF IDEO: ///// When 29 HINDU States refuse to work under one "Hindu bashing" constitution of the a dark bygone smashed era when the Hindu was emerging after a thousand years of “JEE HAZOOR” and “JENAB A’LI SHAAN, SIR” to every Briton and Musalmaan. ////// (Each one of these 29 States can at least aspire to the self governing status of the twenty five states in the European Union if not to the fully sovereign status of East Bengal.) //////ISLAM HAS IDEOLOGH WHO PLANTED A MUSLIM, AN ABDUL KALAM, ON TOP OF PARTITIONED INDIA, AND ITALY, TOO, HAS IDEOLOGY THAT HAS PLANTED THEIR CATHOLIC "WHITE ELEPHANT" SONIA KHAN FIRMLY ON TOP OF HINDUSTAN. THEIR FIFTH COLUMNS ARE INCREASING THEIR CLOUT BY THE HOUR TO TAKE ON THE MEEK, GENTLE, DIVIDED, CONFUSED, INTIMIDATED AND CHAOTIC WORLD OF THE HINDUS (AND SIKHS). The last SIX DECADES ought to have given us some grasp of IDEO to write up a new Constitution that is either for AKHAND BHARAT or for PARTITIONED INDIA. ///// Instt of Hindu Ideology///// Feb 3, 2006.///// 000000000