Date: 2/9/2006


Letter to the Editor, The Pioneer, Feb 9, 2006 //// Unearth all beneficiaries INCLUDING THE BOFORS CHOR RAJIV KHAN, "S.O.BITCH"///// Sir—Corruption has now become a norm in Indian politics. What led to the spread of corruption must be probed. The general impression is that pre-Independence, leaders like Jawaharlal Nehru were above board. Is this a presumption or fact? On November 9, 2005, well-known columnist Rajinder Puri wrote in a reputed daily how Nehru maintained an account in Bank of China, but did not disclose it to the Indian tax authorities despite the fact that the credit entries were made regularly in his account. When Mr Puri asked the then Finance Minister Morarji Desai, the explanation was: “It was not in the national interest to do so.” This shows that despite professing Gandhian ideals, Morarji Desai took shelter in the “national interest” alibi to save his skin. This, in brief, is the story of the leadership that claimed to have achieved Independence for the country. The amount credited to Nehru’s account in Bank of China should have been paltry because the source of income was shown as “royalty” from publications; but in India the reading habit of people was still at a formative stage. However, the amounts credited to his account in Bank of China were big money. It should be noted that Communist countries had a policy of funnelling foreign money with a view to helping friendly leaders and institutions. And they developed publication of books into an art of providing financial assistance. There used to be several ways and means of providing funds by Communist countries and even for an investigator with many years of experience, it is difficult, if not impossible, to trace the sources of these funds. In the interest of national security and political stability, it is imperative on the authority to set up an expert committee to investigate the influence of foreign money on Indian politics and social order. Such an unbiased inquiry will help untangle many vexing issues that confront India today. This should not be construed as a campaign against any political party, organisation or personality. //// Rai Singh ///// New Delhi ///// 0000000