Date: 2/10/2006


APPEAL TO THE SIKHS IN THE UNITED KINGDOM ///// Please support the British National Party (BNP) for a good reason. ///// Members of BNP have always looked at the Sikhs with special interest due to more than one reason. They have been in touch with the Sikh community and politics not only in this country but also in India. This is due to our historic loyalty to Crown since the time of sacking of Delhi under the decadent Muslim emperor, Bahadur Shah Zaffar, in 1857. ///// An alarming power vacuum followed in India that led to her mutilation in 1947. Partition meant the loss of two thirds of lands, assets and wealth owned by the Sikhs in the Punjab. ///// Finding the new Hindu rulers hostile and suspicious of them, many Sikhs left for foreign shores. Our community suffered another unwarranted deadly attack in June 1984 when tens of thousands of finest Sikh young men were killed by security forces. ////// There is, therefore, an urgent need for the Sikhs to seek new dependable allies on earth. It cannot be the same decomposing diminishing India, still under a MUSLIM Supreme Commander (President), and in the tight ideological grip of All-India Congress Party, led by its Italian born President Sonia Gandhi. ///// British National Party, a patriotic political party led by a young and courageous leader Nick Griffin with qualities not seen in the other contemporary leaders in Great Britain, makes it our natural ally. ///// The media dishonestly harp back on its old image to scare the free thinkers. The Party now has-a-new leader and a new manifesto with much wider appeal. There’s a good team in place to enlarge its base. The website “Freedom” ( leaflets, election material, merchandise, CDs, DVDs, membership, administration, treasury, the British National Lottery, successful meetings, the monthly literature run, all these things and many others, show its inherent strength and its rapid growth as a mainstream national party contending for seats at Westminster Parliament. ///// The Sikhs are a brave and straightforward people and by instinct love to follow leaders and parties that are courageous and straightforward but not the devious unscrupulous ones like the Labour Party here and the treacherous “Gandhis” and corrupt Nehru Dynasty back home. ///// BNP has the word “defence” written on top of their agenda. In contrast we ought to recall how our own Lahore and Lyallpur were “defended” by the entire might of All-India Congress Party and their conviction in Secularism. ///// It must be due to IGNORANCE that many Sikhs still follow Labour here and Congress there. For survival, dignity, safety and prosperity we ought to follow our own mature instinct. A small community like ours without reliable friends and strong allies is not only lost but also wrecked as in 1947 and 1984. ///// On reading the BNP manifesto a couple of things come out clearly: ///// (1) “Britain for the British”. We do wish we had the counterpart of BNP before our own homeland was partitioned in 1947 and then further fragmented. We had put our faith in the “Sadhu from Gujarat” (MK Gandhi) and then FLED in all directions like the gypsies in the 11th century AD. The whole world saw the FINEST community in India practically annihilated within weeks. ///// (2) The BNP are also keen to put an end to the Pakistanis “grooming” the White girls for sex and drugs. Haven’t we got a similar problem? Targeting Sikh girls by the Muslims started in this country a decade ago. The despicable custom has spread to Canada and the USA. Mullahs are said to be teaching young Muslims in mosques, “Bring one non-Muslim female into Islam, you will get your seat reserved in heaven.” Neither the police nor the authorities have done anything to stop this. We need strong allies to eradicate this evil from our society. One cannot think of a better ally than the BNP. ///// There is hostile propaganda against BNP by vested interests in this country. We need to reject intimidation and read the BNP Manifesto with our own eyes and then make up our minds. ///// The biggest bogey thrown at the BNP is Immigration. Yes, they are for controlled entry into this country. Is that wrong? Don’t we know the price India, especially our own Punjab, paid due to all sorts of people and “Believers” coming in unchecked and unhindered? ///// Our COLLECTIVE foolishness simply produced widows, orphans and refugees. The real sons and daughters of soil were forced to flee Lahore, Multan and Rawalpindi, yielding ground to the savages who now fly their alien flag and pray in an unintelligible foreign language. ///// BNP’s stand on selective and controlled immigration is, therefore, sensible, logical, patriotic and praiseworthy. They have learnt it from the fate of Punjab. Their policies are based on the wisdom that in a democracy any alteration in demographic, ideological or religious equilibrium can have catastrophic effects. For the crime of being ignorant or naive both India and the Punjab lost vast territories in 1947. Need we ignore laws of nature and “faint” on hearing the word “BNP”? ///// We are a brave community and took “amrit” that once turned the “jackals into lions”. As “LIONS” we would not have given up Lahore, Gujranwala and Nankana Sahib so easily and quickly. As “lions” we need to share the vision of the BNP in this country. They have the courage to identify the friend and foe, and the vision to see the political (Islamic) “TSUNAMI” threatening London as it once threatened Lahore. ///// Those adhering to separatist Islamic Beliefs will, sooner or later, prevail upon, and “drown”, the whole (that is, the majority community) after gaining even one per cent majority in numbers. Do we need anyone else to tell us this? ///// We came to the “whole”, the United Kingdom, that was Christian, civilised and tolerant but what if the new demographic change results in an intolerant whole that covered West Punjab, destroying all civilisation, celebration and multiculturism overnight? What then? The Sikhs ought to have been the first to cry out that “those who destroyed secularism in Lahore, our “nest” in Lyallpur, and fly their own separatist flag over Nankana Sahib, have arrived on these shores to do the same.” ///// Since we live here permanently and our children's schools, homes, businesses, jobs and gurdwaras are here, too, this is the territory we are supposed to defend, standing shoulder to shoulder with the BNP. The Labour Government will defend London as they “defended” Lahore in their Indian colony during 1947. ///// The then Labour Government under prime minister Clement Attlee was as keen to appease the Indian Muslims as our present Labour Government is keen to appease the Muslims here. Betraying Secularism and minority interests they adopted the yardstick of religion in order to create Islamic Pakistan. Massacres and mayhem followed. The whole of West Punjab (205,344 sq km) was evacuated post-haste in bloodshed. When fleeing families rejoined east of Wagah (the newly demarcated Indo-Pak border) many thanked God to find their daughters safe with them. ///// Due to the fact that the same Congress Party is in power in India, the horrific details of loss of life, lands, businesses and property, have never been officially recorded for posterity. Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru celebrated his Independence but did not see the fires consuming the city of Lahore nor the “slavery” of Sri Nankana Sahib. How is the Labour Party here any better with regard to permanent Sikh interests? ////// One would have thought it sheer common-sense that a community that was forced through the gates of Hell in 1947 and again in 1984, would take a serious note of the political environment it finds itself in. ///// British National Party respect the Sikhs’ loyalty to crown, our hard work and universal outlook. In their view the Sikhs are among the finest communities at present living in the United Kingdom. ///// Sadly they also note that many Sikhs here are so intimidated by the media and propaganda that they keep avoiding the BNP and go out to vote for the other parties. ///// Like the All-India Congress Party back home, the Labour Party here has a very guilty conscience when it comes to the Sikhs due to betrayal at Partition. ///// It was the LABOUR Government in the United Kingdom under Clement Attlee that surrendered the whole of West Punjab, including our holy city of LAHORE where Guru Arjun Dev Ji was martyred in 1606 AD ( and Sri Nankana Sahib where our First Divine Guru was born in 1539 AD ( ///// The well informed Sikhs, strong in the knowledge of their own history, will seriously consider supporting BNP in this country, more so since BNP supports the Sikhs’ right to self determination. ///// Since our rulers there and here have put us all into “nishkam sewa” (selfless service) mode, we are like a "lost tribe". We, therefore, need to review our political affiliations. ///// Finally, what meaningful influence can we have upon the politics of this country in the climate of global terrorism and violence, if we stay away from the BNP? ///// Please invite the British National Party members to visit gurdwaras in your company and address congregations as members of the other political parties do.///// ------------------ //// February 11, 2006. ===========///// 000000000