Date: 2/16/2006


BNP AND THE SIKHS IN BRITAIN ////// I am a Sikh and hail from pre-partition Punjab. I am proud of our distinguished history of non aggression, fighting qualities, loyalty to the land of birth or domicile, honesty and hard work and generosity. ////// Here are a few examples of how the Sikhs served in the British Indian Army in both World Wars. British officers who commanded Sikh troops, including Sir (then Lieutenant) Winston Churchill, paid glowing tributes to Sikh valour and loyalty. ////// 1. Over 138,000 Sikh soldiers fought in Belgium and France during World War I. More than a quarter of these soldiers became casualties. In the first battle of Ypres at Flanders in 1914 a platoon of Sikhs died fighting to the last man who shot himself with his last cartridge rather that surrender. ////// 2. After the bloody battle of Neuve Chapelle in 1915 the Sikh regiments had lost 80% of their men. ////// 3. With only voluntary recruitment into the army, young Sikh men helped to swell the Indian army from 189,000 at the start of the war to over 2.5 million at the end of the war. ////// ( ////// My first awareness of the “beast” called Islam came in my childhood. I shared this awareness with the Labour Government of the time under Clement Attlee who betrayed us, the principle of secularism and our tolerant way of life. I also shared this awareness with the tens of millions of other “victims” of Islam, ////// ISLAM STRUCK SUDDENLY and VIOLENTLY in 1947 and blighted the lives of millions of citizens of India for ever. The LABOUR Party in power then conceded the new ISLAMIC State of Pakistan without referendum or laying down any condition. It was history’s worst ever unconditional surrender, considering the vast areas of the sub continent surrendered to sectarian, separatist, violent bloodthirsty Islam. /////// Muslims were the “home grown terrorists” in India, who smashed secular institutions, degraded all non Muslims and in the most obscene and insensitive manner put the holiest Sikh shrine at Nankana Sahib under their own Islamic flag. What they got away with, is tantamount to flying Star of David over Mecca and Cross over Medina. /////// Until 1947 the Punjab was the most prosperous state in India with banks, flourishing businesses, shopping malls, busy factories, cotton mills, well run schools, colleges and university. All they have now is “madrassas” to train terrorists. Girls and women fear abduction and rape and either stay at home or go about heavily veiled. ////// The urge to bring more of the earth under Sharia Law is compelling in every Muslim heart, almost to the extent of being addicted and brainwashed. In the earlier centuries Islamic hordes could set out from Arabia, Iran and Afghanistan, wielding swords killing, raping and looting, converting by force, imposing Jezia tax on non Muslims, while now their weapon in Western societies is devastating surprise attacks and rapid increase in numbers. ////// Massive illegal immigration at unprecedented rate, multiple marriages, marrying girls in their teens, producing large number of children, mixed marriages being one way traffic to the gain of Islam, beheadings and assassinations for criticising Islam, opposing or, stepping out of, Islam and seducing naïve girls for reproduction, all these result in the Muslim population increasing at an alarming rate. People who do not wish to see London go the way of Lahore ought to sit up to take notice. /////// The Muslims chosen for interviews on Radio and TV on Islamic (terror) issues are normally the ones who are western educated, articulate and of moderate views who swear loyalty to Secularism and Crown. ////// They seem convincingly genuine. They advance arguments to accept such acts of brutal savagery as somehow justified and portray the bombings, explosions and killings not as criminal acts but as acts of grievance, not caring to think that if everyone exploded bombs out of grievance the world will become an inferno in no time. All law and order will break down. We shall find ourselves in the reign of Taliban. ////// We are so moved by these “good” Muslims advancing reasons and arguments that we fail to ask, “Then where are the suicide bombers?” ///// Of course, they don’t know but promise to fully cooperate with the police and other security agencies. ////// 1947 is the cornerstone in the lives of tens of millions of Indians like me who were drowned in ISLAMIC TSUNAMI when India was cut and chopped to meet the Muslim demands for their separate homeland after the British left India. ////// On that pretext they took away one third of the sub continent overnight in order to establish Pakistan, leaving the Rest Of India crippled and paralysed under the burden of the remaining Muslims. ////// Terrified Hindus were so stunned by the sudden onslaught that they could not muster guts to demand the total expulsion of Muslims to their new homeland. ////// While good Muslims “vanished” in no time, Muslim masses were caught by the uncontrollable frenzied hysteria to kill the infidels, burn their homes and businesses, grab and loot what they could carry, and abduct and rape the helpless females, often beside the corpses of their murdered male family members. ////// Millions fled in extreme panic, choking the road network across West Punjab for weeks. Muslim mobs found a golden opportunity to do what comes naturally to Muslims when they see their prey cowering. They started “hunting” girls. Thousands were forcibly abducted and raped. Many committed suicide seeing no way out. Some jumped into deep wells to save their honour. ///// Having put an end to King’s Law (India was still a British colony) they at once imposed the Sharia Law on all, including the NON MUSLIMS who loathe Islam and Mohammed. ////// Non Muslims were given NO voice- neither over the partition of India nor over the partition of Punjab, nor even time to pack up and move out in safety. ////// Many Muslims put their own cause above the land of birth and domicile and even above their own wives and children. There was the well publicised case of a pregnant woman who was put on flight from Dublin to Tel Aviv with a bomb in her suitcase. The UK born suicide bomber Mr Khan left his wife and young children behind. ////// There was another case of a married man with seven children who seduced a 19 year old Lithuanian girl in Liverpool. He owns more than one house to sleep with more than one woman. Given the Labour government’s “appeasement” policy such cases are not detected and pursued vigorously. The case came into public notice only because the Muslim, a member of Al Qaida, was arrested by the police and the girl’s father holds a senior post at the sensitive nuclear plant in Lithuania. He is facing dismissal. ////// The bloodshed in the Year of Partition of India (1947) demonstrated to the whole world the true meaning and nature of Islam. ////// Simply put, Islam to me was INTOLERANCE of Secular Law and INTOLERANCE of the Non Muslims, wanton SLAUGHTER of approximately two million innocent citizens of India, widespread LOOT and ARSON, and the uncontrollable MAYHEM and MURDERS. In that ISLAMIC pool of blood my father lost his life. He was butchered in Multan on 5th March 1947 while trying to save the lives of hundreds of school children demonstrating against the illogical and obscene fragmentation of India. ////// As a direct result of that unprovoked and violent massive attack on India the terrified government there decided to forget it all- the lost territory, the massacred, the abducted and the raped, the property burnt down or looted, and the vast lands that disappeared from the map of India overnight. ////// As a direct result of that stunning ISLAMIC blow the Government of India decided to delete the word PARTITION from its vocabulary and constitution, calling it INDEPENDENCE. ////// To further appease the Mohammedans, the highest post of President has been conceded by India to Abdul Kalam, a MUSLIM. ////// May the UNITED Kingdom not suffer the same fate at the hands of her own HOME GROWN Muslim fanatics, extremists, terrorists and suicide bombers and then stand inviting as the gentle “Cow of Appeasement” in front of the highly charged and motivated Islamic “Bull” like our PARTITIONED India. ////// The Sikhs in the UK can clearly recall the role of Islamic extremism back home and fear that a repetition here due to the power vacuum caused by the appeasing posture of Labour Government will inevitably invite Islamic aggression with devastating results. //////000000000