Date: 2/28/2006


A HUMBLE CITIZEN OF INDIA HAS WRITTEN AN IMPORTANT COMMUNICATION TO THE CHIEF MINISTER OF EAST PUNJAB, PRAYING FOR ACTION TO PUNISH THE CULPRITS SERVING AS POLICE OFFICERS.///// BUT WHAT HE DOES NOT REALISE IS THAT IN A COUNTRY WHERE EVEN THE PRIME MINISTER WAS A BOFORS CHOR, STILL UNTRIED BY ANY COURT OF LAW, AND WHERE THE RULING FAMILY IMPORT THEIR BRIDES FROM ABROAD, FROM ITALY TO COLOMBIA, THE NATIVE IS SIMPLY ZERO. ///// PLEASE READ THE GENTLEMAN'S PLEAS AND THEN A COMMENT BY THE LIST OWNER.///// PLEASE SPARE A THOUGHT FOR THE CHAOTIC AND DECOMPOSING LIFE STYLE OF HINDUS IN HINDUSTAN WHERE THE STRATEGY DICTATES TO ELIMINATE THE SIKHS, CLOBBER AND BASH THE HINDUS FURTHER, AND THEN HAND OVER THE "REST OF INDIA" TO ITALY AND ISLAM IN EQUAL PROPORTION. ///// Futile prayers, pleas and cries. Does anyone see a "government" anywhere in East Punjab and PARTITIONED India?///// Please note that a chief minister CONFINED to Union Territory UNLIKE the real chief minister of Punjab who rules his State from LAHORE, is a helpless pawn in the hands of power play by Dynasty, Islam and Italy on the chaotic and decomposing soil of (Broken) BHARAT.///// The Sikh masses today are as IGNORANT as they were in pre-partition days in 1947. We cannot even discuss OPENLY as to what is about to hit East Punjab, South Kashmir and West Bengal. ///// (Of course any child knows what happened to West Punjab, North Kashmir and East Bengal.)///// And with regard to all the "SIKH" addresses above, if NONE of them has cried "TREASON!" over the unconditional surrender of LAHORE to "home grown terrorists" in 1947, nor cried "FOUL!" over the capital of East Punjab located OUTSIDE the State, then they are nothing as compared to the stalwart MUSLIM minority, still living boldly in PARTITIONED India who call the shots over the Temple in Ayodhya and over when to let the HINDUS return to their deserted homes in Srinagar since 1989.///// ----------------------///// Dear Sir , ///// I was happy to read about statement delivered by you in the Vidhan Sabha yesterday, which has been quoted by the Chandigarh Tribune today . In the statement you have said that “ In case of a custodial Death ,guilty police officers, right from the top to bottom will be dismissed” , the statement came in view of latest incident of Custodial death ,which took place in Batala police District. I as a Human rights Lawyer laud you for taking a stand in view of the ever increasing menace of Custodial Deaths . //// I also would like to bring to your notice that till date your Government has been honouring such police officials with plum postings even after their conviction by the judicial courts . I quote for example ,one police official namely Sh Ravinder Kumar Sharma who when posted as an Sub Inspector at Police Station Chehrta in July 1992 was accused of Custodial Death of one Amrit Lal resident of Ram Bagh Amritsar .Luckily the family withstood the pressures and were able to get the said cop convicted of murder vide judgement dated 4th March 2003 passed by Ld Additional Session Judge Amritsar and was awarded life imprisonment .This police officer filed an appeal in the Honble High Court and was allowed bail pending appeal in Criminal Appeal No 263-DB/2003 ,but in the meantime he had to suffer incarceration for almost a year . ///// Interestingly the said police official was never even suspended during trial and he kept on earning promotions and at present is a Deputy Superintendent of police posted at Bhikhiwind Sub Division falling in police District Tarn Tarn . All these facts came to my knowledge as I am dealing with a latest case of his high handedness and since he has been allowed to wear the uniform even after conviction ,he has become more bold in his law breaking actions. ///// I was quite happy to read about your stand taken in the Vidhan Sabha and would be really appreciative in case you could check the records from the Home Department and you will come across the reality which even as a Chief Minister you may not be knowing. It’s a fact that police officials who are facing criminal charges of grave Human Rights violations are never even suspended , what to talk of being dismissed from the services . ///// The permitting of such police officers to wear the uniform is not in public interest . ////// Hoping for an reply to my letter and action in this regard . ///// Yours Sincerely ///// (NAME AND ADDRESS OMITTED).//// ................000000000