Date: 3/1/2006


PRESIDENT GEORGE BUSH WILL NOT SEE A "HINDU" IN THE HUMAN ZOO CALLED "HINDUSTAN" (INDIA). ///// What the visiting President will see. ///// George W Bush, the President of the United States is visiting India today, March 1, 2006. //// What will he see and learn on the spot? ///// The most important tourist attraction in publicity posters and TV advertisements is the Taj Mahal built by the MUSLIM Emperor Shah Jehan who used HINDU slave labour. He will not see a Mandir or the Golden Temple in Amritsar. ///// The Hindu “ants” were drowned in their millions by the huge ISLAMIC TSUNAMI across multicultural, multi-faith India in August 1947 that covered the earth from Karachi in the South to Gilgit in the North. ///// When the flood waters receded a full one third of India’s surface area emerged as an intellectual, economic, moral, cultural and spiritual DESERT, where schools were replaced by madrassas and Islamic seminaries and institutions, in order to brainwash and indoctrinate the humans to turn them into dreaded killer “beasts” fed on the ideological poison of “Hindu Hate”. ///// Those surviving in the Rest of India are still so shaken, feeling insecure due to the threat of another Islamic TSUNAMI building up across Kashmir and Bengal, that the native “midgets” have conceded the TOP executive posts to NON HINDUS. ///// On landing in India, that was previously called “Akhand Bharat“ (the United States of India), Mr. Bush will see that the President of PARTITIONED India is a MOHAMMEDAN, the “Mother” of (the terrified gutless) Nation is a CATHOLIC from Italy and a neutral non controversial “nishkam sewak” Sikh (puppet) is the nominal Prime Minister, taking constitutional instructions at every step from the MOHAMMEDAN, and ideological guidance from the CATHOLIC. ///// The US President’s Protocol may well advise the Indian government to vacate Kashmir fast in the manner of vacating LAHORE in 1947 before the ISLAMIC nuclear strike wipes out Delhi and Ayodhya in the manner of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945. ///// The visiting President will be seeking to speak to a HINDU but intimidated by the angry stare of Abdul and dirty look of Sonia, NONE will be forthcoming.///// He will enquire, "Is there any HINDU stalwart who rejects that lethal blow of bogus PARTITION inflicted on Secular India in order to cripple and demoralise the sub continent on crude Mohammedan terms?" ///// In world’s largest political vacuum, that is India, NONE will be forthcoming. ////// -State of "Partitioned Indian Secular State", 2006. ////// 000000000