Date: 3/1/2006


Earlier today (MARCH 1, 2006) while watching this huge demonstration in Delhi, we noticed a couple of things.//// 1. The protestors were all MUSLIM. A Hindu among them would have felt like a sheep among the wolves. For nearly one thousand years the Hindu-Muslim "relationship" has been that of victim and killer. //// 2. The slogans and placards they were carrying were mainly in URDU, the language of Muslims in South Asia.//// 3. Those who spoke to TV reporters spoke in URDU, not Hindi. //// 4. We also know that Hindu leaders find is nearly impossible to gather even fifty demonstrators in the street even for a cause in their own country while the Muslims can gather TENS OF TOUSANDS in no time in support of an Islamic cause even on the other side of the globe. //// Thus seeing the vast numbers that turned out in Delhi, meant that the Muslims had come out in the open not only to shout against President George Bush but also to assure themselves of their own CLOUT in India despite partition. //// The conclusion was obvious, borne out by the Muslim "arm twisting" in the UK: "You dare hit Islamic interests anywhere on globe, and we shall blow up your transport and trade towers in your countries."//// Thus to have a large number of Muslims means to alter your foreign policy to suit the interests of Islam. //// ----------------------------------//// In a message dated 01/03/2006 19:23:46 GMT Standard Time, xxxxxxxxxx .com writes://// Islamist wrath chokes traffic //// Pioneer//// Priya Kapoor / New Delhi //// 5Fpage&file_name=story3%2Etxt&counter_img=3? headline=Islamist~wrath~chokes~traffic//// Several thousand Islamic fundamentalists accompanied by a sprinkling of Marxist activists held the Capital's traffic to ransom through the afternoon protesting the visit of US President George W Bush. The rally at the historic Ramlila Maidan was called by the Jamat-e-Ulema-e-Hind, an organisation of Muslim clerics and madarsa students, to protest the visit of the 'anti-Islam' Bush for having launched a war against the Taliban in Afghanistan and Saddam Hussein in Iraq.//// The Jamat participants at the rally, who were joined by the Marxist groups especially some teachers from Delhi University and Jamia Milia Islamia, equated President Bush to a dog, the mythological enemy of Prophet Mohammed. The rallyists alleged that President Bush had injured Islamic sentiments by supporting the Danish cartoonists, who had drawn caricatures of the Prophet in poor taste. Former Prime Minister VP Singh and Narmada Bachao Andolan activist Medha Patkar also addressed the rally, along with Jamat leaders like Arshad Madani. The two were protesting the proposed nuclear deal between the two nations, so were the Marxists, who are making a case for Iran and Iraq. //// With the Islamists taking over the street, the arrangements made by the Delhi Police to ensure smooth flow of traffic proved unequal to the job. While Delhi Traffic Police on Wednesday had sealed Delhi Gate, Kamla Market, Jawaharlal Nehru Marg, Bahadurshah Zafar Marg and Asif Ali Road areas on which the rally was proceeding, the effect of cordoning off these places was felt at other places leading to jammed roads and irate commuters. //// The impact was most felt at Nizammudin Bridge, Pragati Maidan and Rajghat where traffic was held up for about half an hour. ///// "There was heavy traffic jam from Rajghat, Bahaduashah Zafar Marg to ISBT at around 10 am. It took me an hour to reach Delhi Secretariat which I usually do in 20 minutes," said RK Mishra, a resident of Pandav Nagar.//// Traffic held up many at South Extension also. "Usually there is no traffic at South Extension, but today there was a huge jam," said Bhagyajeet Bhuyan, who works in a production house. //// Those who were unaware of the rally suffered the most. "I waited around 15 minutes at Ram Lila Ground. I don't know why the traffic was held up," lamented autowallah Jitendera. //// At least 1200 vehicles carted the rallyists, belying the expectations of the traffic police who were prepared for around 800 vehicles. ////000000000