Date: 3/3/2006


In a message dated 03/03/2006 15:45:36 GMT Standard Time, hXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX writes: It is accepted world wide that India under the most dynamic leadership of the most able honest and dedicated Prime Minister Dr. Mnmohan Singh, who is trying to bring the country out of the rut for the last about two decades in different capacities, is moving forward with a geat speed. ================== Sir,//// It seems beyond the comprehension of the COMMON MAN in PARTITIONED INDIA (and PARTITIONED Punjab) that Sardar Manmohan Singh is functioning under the SAME treacherous CONSTITUTION which enabled the Government of India to launch a ferocious attack on Golden Temple in 1984.//// We should rejoice or sleep peacefully only when the CONSTITUTION is changed.//// The present Document of Betrayal and Treason is like the stage in a "monkey theatre" where in one act the Sikhs are seen running for life and in another the Hindus are seen fleeing South Kashmir and in yet another act a good Sikh is seen in the chair of PM that by democratic process rightly belonged to ITALIAN BORN Sonia. //// Our simple people forget the day when vast crowds were crying, "Soniaji, accept the democratic mandate and the election result, and become our Prime Minister." ///// People forget that Sonia was stunned at their insistence to become PM, terrified at the prospect of her assassination by a patriot, PETRIFIED to see their servility and their love of slavery, and refused to accept the public verdict to sit in the Prime Minister's chair.//// The nomination of an unknown Manmohan Singh by her was a shock to some and amazement to the others.///// Singh is a good man and a Sikh, too, so he will get nine votes instead of two while Sonia will get NINETY and any Hindu "lalloo panjoo" like Laloo Parshad will get the remaining one vote. Due to ingrained INFERIORITY COMPLEX the Hindus do not give votes for top posts to fellow Hindus. ///// Can't we see with our eyes how many Hindu MPs "touch Sonia's feet" and swear their PERSONAL loyalty to her. ///// Sonia refused to accept the post of PM, fearing the fate of previous Gandhis starting with Gandhi No. 1 (30 January 48), Gandhi No. 2 (Halloween, 1984) and Gandhi No. 3 (21 May 1991). ///// The good Sikh (Manmohan Singh) is the temporary bridge between Hindus and Muslims like Guru Nanak over five hundred years ago. But how long did that bridge remain in tact? Today there is the Flag of Mohammed flying over his birth place Sri Nankana Sahib. ///// Those whose "holy" Book inspires and encourages them to ATTACK and CONQUER, were destined to capture Nankana Sahib, and those whose holy book is a message of universal love and peace, if not a sleeping pill, were destined to surrender it as per Laws of Akal Purkh. ///// That is why East Bengal after its capture by "eunuchs in uniform" went straight back to the "Lions of this Earth" (Muslims) in 1972. ///// North Kashmir is still with the "Lions of Earth", watched by the "Mice of Earth" from a safe distance this side of cease fire line. ///// Similarly if we care to see the contemporary postings on the web sites of the "Lions" on Earth, they are quite different from the web sites of the "mice" on earth. The former talk of the same flag over Delhi that flies over Lahore while the latter talk of "Independence" of India instead of PARTITION (of Punjab and India).///// S. Manmohan Singh has not repeated the words "Akhand Bharat" before his President or Lok Sabha, fearing the wrath of "Memsahib" from Italy.///// Our good Sikh HIDES more from public view than what he reveals. ///// The CONSTITUTION does enable the Sikh to come up once in a while like the fish that surfaces once a while to draw air but then goes deep under water again to live. ///// In the same way the Constitution of PARTITIONED India does allow a Sikh to become the President or Prime Minister when it wants him to act as a smoke screen for something terrible about to take place, but it also enables the same Dirty Dynasty to hold the KEY TO POWER in perpetuity. Who is more powerful in Broken Bharat today? Mr Singh or Mrs KHAN, aka GANDHI?///// The good Sikh is doing what is good. He has removed the SUFFOCATING AND STRANGULATING red tape and the Hindu bashing of Dynasty for a while but he cannot remove the MENACE that will blow it all up if the two historical fighting "beasts" cannot be held apart by him. ///// The eye dazzling prosperity of LAHORE in 1947 still remains unsurpassed by any city in BHARAT today. Please do recollect HOW IT WENT UP IN FLAMES later. ///// The alien community that set fire to our homes and country then, is even MORE NUMEROUS and STRONGER in decomposing "Hindu India" today. ///// Please note that India was SECULAR (i.e., home of Hindus and Muslims ALIKE) under British rule prior to Partition and before the unconditional surrender of Lahore, Karachi and East Bengal IN 1947. Can anyone in his right sense call it secular now when one third of it has disappeared from its map? ///// People do not see a good actor on stage and then think that the owner of the theatre must be a good guy. ///// In the demolished HINDU tradition people do not ask, "What the Government did for us?" They are conditioned to rush out to touch the feet of their rulers. We Sikhs ought to be different. ///// To judge the Sikh PM as a MAN, he had to do the following:- ///////// Expedite the investigation into the allegations of BOFORS commissions against Rajiv KHAN. He also had to hold an investigation into the role of that rascal prime minister who instigated the killings of thousands of his innocent Sikh subjects.///// Singh had to compensate the Sikh families who lost members of family in that uncalled for army assault in 1984. ////// He had to compensate the families of Sikh lads killed in fake encounters during 1980's and 1990's. ///// He had to rescue the DEGRADED chief minister of EAST Punjab to either help him shift his capital to Patiala or put Chandigarh squarely in Punjab and move the chief minister of Haryana to Ambala, Karnal or Panipat. ////// He had to install a Short Wave radio transmitter in Amritsar and place it at the disposal of SGPC.///// He had to extend the privileges and funding given to South Kashmir to East Punjab and other states in India. ////// He had to recommend to his Supreme Commander (vegetarian, Gita reading, Sanskrit loving, secular Muslim "Madaari") ABDUL KALAM to recover North Kashmir at once. ////// He had to amend the Constitution to determine the status of INDIAN Muslims after they conquered or captured FIVE provinces to form Pakistan in 1947. ////// He had to declare Sri Amritsar "a visa free sovereign city" like Vatican, and had to ask Pakistan to do the same in the case of Sri Nankana Sahib. ///// He had to encourage the chief minister of EAST Punjab to give a new name to his state after West Punjab is no more in it. May be, one could follow the example of WEST BENGAL in this regard. ////// Hr could be encouraged by the leader of HAMAS in Palestine, who would not recognise Israel until the latter vacate all territories they occupied in 1967. ///// He could do the unthinkable, and send a SIKH to London as India's high commissioner. Since PARTITION of India in 1947, India has not sent a Sikh h.c. to London. The Sikhs have not insisted on it, either. ////// He could have done something to ensure the safe return of Hindu REFUGEES back to their homes in Srinagar. He could also try to find out if there are any SIKH refugees who wish to get back to their own homes in RAWALPINDI, LAHORE and GUJRANWALA. ////// He could walk ahead of the timid and terrified HINDUS towards Ayodhya to construct the grand Sri Ram Temple, not only because Raam appears a hundred times in our Sri Guru Granth Sahib but also since the mosque where Mohammed was born in Mecca is so great and grand. ////// He could approve of the statues of Maharaja Ranjit Singh, General Hari Singh Nalwa and even Gen JS AURORA to be erected in towns and cities across India. He could also ask his father, "Bapu, was there not even one brave Sikh before the surrender of Lahore and Multan who resisted Partition or laid down his life to save Akhand Bharat?" /////// Should he happen to discover one, would he not move heaven and earth (or his Lok Sabha and cabinet) to declare the day of that patriot's martyrdom as a gazetted holiday in India? ////// He could approve the construction of Hindu/SIKH HOLOCAUST MUSEUMS across India. The Jews, barely 20 million on earth have 12 such Holocaust Museums. Why can't the ONE BILLION Hindus/Sikhs have even one? ////// 30 million Sikhs on earth need to raise their POLITICAL awareness and be counted on earth like the 12 million smart Jews and the 4 million brave Lithuanians.////// We don't have to praise any Mr. Singh just because he is a Sikh, but need to ask, find out, discover and DEMAND TO KNOW when he will change the CONSTITUTION that will serve the interests of a defeated, broken, PARTITIONED country. ////// Does he himself know what is written in the ACT OF PARTITION OF INDIA, 1947?////// If not, what an ignorant fellow he must be. We could only call him an emaciated old Gandhi under the surname Singh. ////// Finally, SHAME on the INDIAN Sikh who could not demand VISA FREE pilgrimage to Sikh shrines in Pakistan that until 1849 was SIKH RAJ. ////// What a fall from Sikh Lion to Gandhian Goat. ////// .......000000000