Date: 3/7/2006


CONTRIBUTED. //// In a message dated 07/03/2006 07:28:21 GMT Standard Time, XXXXXXXXXXXXX writes:///// Amritsar Sahib, Punjab (KP) - Two separate legal notices were served by the GURSIKH organization and its mukh-sevadar Bhai Ratinder Singh to individuals who placed an advertisement and an article attempting to defame the character of both the organization and its mukh- sevadar. At the same time, GURSIKH has charged that the Gurmat Pustak Bhandar owners have distributed a forged publication with objectionable material under the name of "Sura" and the Akhand Kirtani Jatha to further malign these Panthic sevadaars.//// ==================//// INVISIBLE HIGHER POWERS who agreed to surrender LAHORE, partition Punjab and then further FRAGMENT it into bits, and then put the chief minister on Union Territory, are still very active in the overall POWER VACUUM called PARTITIONED India at present under a MUSLIM Supreme Commander and an ITALIAN born "Rashtramata".. ///// Nothing has changed and nothing WILL change in the Ideology of real MASTERS of the Destiny of Sikhs, trapped in the decomposing watery Hindu world in South Asia. //// There is NO eyebrow raised over the SOVEREIGNTY of East Bengal, it is neither noticed nor mentioned by anyone, but the moment EAST Punjab dreams of SIMILAR freedoms from Delhi or similar Centre subsidies as lavished on SOUTH Kashmir, all guns are brought out, ready to fire.///// As a part of the same invisible and incomprehensible IDEOLOGY the Sikh factions will be forced to LOOK and STARE at each other, overlooking the dangers from all sides. Grasshoppers cannot see the elephants who will trample upon them. Don't be amused. We were truly and duly trampled upon in 1947 and 1984. In the treacherous quagmire of Hindustan nothing has changed except the prime ministers like actors on stage but all under the shadow cast by NEHRU DYNASTY. Anyone stepping out of ideological framework is eliminated, keeping the central core of power and ideology in tact. A revolution in the manner of France, Russia and Iran is out of question where religious, political and ideological loyalties are at LOGGERHEADS with one another. The French and the Iranians ROSE AS ONE MAN to wipe out the CONSTITUTIONS but in India will the HINDUS and MUSLIMS unite to dump the Constitution. Hence the Sikhs will remain friendless and on the loose AND LOSING limb.//// Guru Nanak Dev Ji is described as the Bridge begtween the Oppressor Mogul and the Persecuted miserable Hindu. ///// In the briefing that US President George W Bush received before his arrival in BHARAT, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh was described to him as as- ///// "THE BRIDGE BETWEEN THE RIVER OF HOT LAVA (ISLAM) AND THE RIVER OF COLD WATER (HINDUS)."///// I find this definition unsurpassed.//// Like TSUNAMI the hot Islamic lava covered the whole of West Punjab, North Kashmir and East Bengal in 1947.///// INVISIBLE HIGHER POWERS then enforced Secularism after its BETRAYAL, SURRENDER and DEATH in Lahore and Dhaka. The MAJORITY communithy of India, misled by MK Gandhi became a laugh and a joke. It still is, clinging to the feet of Sonia and KALAM. ///// Do we see a HINDU "Bapu" or grandfather, wielding executive POWER on top of Hindustan, reassuring the NATIVES who are being brainwashed, intimidated, bashed and killed? ///// Ironically, the Hindu has yet to show up in Ayodhya and re-appear in North Kashmir, and acquire some status in EAST Bengal. ///// There is an alarming Power VACUUM in South Asia, sucking in Burma, Sri Lanka, Nepal, even India. ///// After running away from its defence in Lahore, the JACKALS of our era spoke to the Sikhs, posing as champions of secularism, "Lick it. It is sweet,"///// A weak voice among the billion murmured, "Your Secularism is stinking MUCK if it is not enforceable in LAHORE." That voice was quickly silenced to appease the Muslims and please the Pope. ///// Sikhs were battered and scattered in 1947 and for the crime of NOT nominating a Day of Holocaust or a Day of Surrender of Lahore, another blow landed on our heads in 1984, creating yet more orphans and widows. ///// "We want you to KEEP BUSY with your widows and orphans," spoke the INVISIBLE HIGHER POWER. ///// Compliant Sikhs became NISHKAM SEWAKS, elected "Sikh killer" Congress back to power, accepted a dirty DYNASTY as perpetual warlords of Bharat and could not discover that the HINDU nation, that was supposed to defend LAHORE and KARACHI and also raise their Temple in Ayodhya, has completely gone UNDER the sway of Italy and Pope via Sonia Khan, aka Gandhi.. ///// In the context of POWER VACUUM and maddening DISUNITY of 29 States of India, the two warring Sikh factions are like two little quarelling mice who need a “hand from above” to turn their heads towards the approaching CAT. ///// Recognise thee that although all mankind is ONE, there are ruthless ENEMIES who have smashed the Unity Of Punjab & Panth, dividing the Sikhs into factions, and who will keep on giving us widows and orphans. ///// RECOGNISE, TOO, THAT THE HINDUS WHO ONCE LOOKED UP TO THE SIKHS FOR THE SAFETY OF THEIR DAUGHTERS AND TEMPLES, ARE TODAY LOOKING UP TO ABDUL KALAM AND SONIA KHAN TO PROTECT THEM.//// 000000000