Date: 3/10/2006


Muslims keep going on rampage against controversial cartoon ID=IEU20060217093512&Page=U&Ti ///// HYDERABAD: The controversial cartoon in a Danish newspaper had its echo in the Old City of Hyderabad with thousands of Muslims going on rampage after the prayers in Mecca Masjid in the afternoon.///// Over a dozen persons were injured even as unruly mobs indulged in stone pelting and looting of shops in at least six police station limits of the Old City. As the day passed, protests spread to other parts of the city and the tension heightened with BJP activists taking out rallies condemning the violence and demanding action against the guilty. ///// The All India Majlis Ittehadul Muslimeen (AIMIM) called a meeting inside Mecca Masjid this afternoon to protest the Danish cartoons. MIM MP Asaduddin Owaisi, MLAs Akbaruddin Owaisi and others participated in the meeting. //// After the prayers, a strong mob of about 10,000 came out of the mosque even as hundreds of police personnel including Rapid Action Force commandoes stood guard. ///// Taking the police by surprise, the agitators split into small groups and moved in different directions pelting stones at shops, RTC buses and vehicles. By the time the police reacted, it was a bit late and the mobs looted some shops and set ablaze a couple of vehicles. ///// They also burnt Denmark national flag raising slogans. Some of the miscreants even used acid bulbs indicating that the attacks were pre- planned. ///// For over two hours, the agitators played hide and seek with the police in the by-lanes and the RAF personnel resorted to lathicharge at several places to disperse mob indulging in stone pelting. Over a dozen persons suffered injuries and five of them were admitted to the Osmania Hospital even as police arrested Charminar MIM corporator Mohd Ghouse. //// Asaduddin Owaisi, who was inside the mosque even as the mobs were going rampage, came out at about 2.30 pm and entered into an argument with the police for arresting Ghouse. He and other MIM leaders later left the place. ///// By evening, police cleared the Charminar area but incidents of arson were reported from other areas like Dabeerpura, Chatrinaka and Mehdipatnam. In the evening, Asaduddin Owaisi organised a similar rally from a mosque at Mehdipatnam leading to tension. The agitators hurled stones at RTC buses and also attacked a reporter of a Telugu television channel. Later, Asaduddin Owaisi announced that the agitation was called off.///// Meanwhile, enraged over the arson and looting, BJP activists took out a rally from Charminar amid tight police security. By evening, a few thousand police personnel virtually took over the old city and other sensitive areas. P.S. It seems like Indian Muslims are more fanatic than Muslims in USA, Canada or England. Or may be Indian Government is more foolish that it can't control them. ///// Violence over cartoons? Please ...///// By Hartley Steward ///// ////// Following is a paragraph from a Canadian newspaper report on the relentless Muslim riots over the controversial cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed, published in a Danish newspaper and subsequently republished in several European papers. ////// "Afghan police yesterday shot four protesters to death in southern Zabul province, raising the number of those killed in cartoon-related violence in the country to 11, after a mob numbering between 300 and 400 people had attempted to storm a U.S. military base in Qalat, the provincial capital." ///// "Cartoon-related violence?" If ever a phrase captured the absurdity of the situation, this one does. You can see the faces of the rioters on your television screen and in your newspapers, contorted with rage, gape-jawed and overtaken by fury. You can see the firebombs held aloft, the homemade clubs raised in wild and deadly anger. ///// Cartoon-related violence, indeed. ////// This is doing no good for Islam. This is a public relations nightmare for those who genuinely worship in and care for the Muslim religion. Sensitivities aside -- and mostly they are put aside here in North America -- these riots, ostensibly on behalf of Mohammed, just make the people involved look silly and scary. ///// One can only hope that American claims that Iran and Syria are agents provocateurs, whipping up feelings among Muslim youths, are true. One hopes that the riots would have run their course -- a brief and minor embarrassment for Islam -- were it not for rogue-state financing and support. ////// One hopes for that so you don't have to consider the possibility that Islam itself has been hijacked by those hell-bent on violence. ////// Canada's newly-minted Foreign Affairs Minister, Peter MacKay, in his initial foray into the murky world of international give-and-take, said on behalf of Canadians that the killings, torching and random jihad declarations around the world showed "the need for a better understanding of Islam and of Muslim communities." ////// He added that rights must be exercised responsibly. ///// It was a response so sensitive that it struck me almost as an apology for what MacKay apparently views as heavy-handed, freedom-abusing Western newspapers and their Muslim-bashing cartoonists. ///// While MacKay was quick to condemn the violence and defend freedom of expression, I think he played mightily, disproportionately and inappropriately into the hands of the rioters. ///// You cannot reasonably apologize to or for people who are roaming the streets overturning cars, setting buildings ablaze and killing and maiming innocent bystanders because of the publication of a dozen cartoons. Not on my behalf, you can't. ///// I'm not some lout who doesn't understand that knee-jerk reactions across the culture divide do not contribute to efforts to bring peace and understanding to the world. I understand that a devout Muslim might sincerely and genuinely be outraged over cartoons that make light of his religion. ///// But I also understand that freedom of expression -- and the free press that results from it -- are fundamental to democracy. There are no free countries in the world without free newspapers. ///// If newspapers, indeed, if all of us in free countries, do not exercise the right to free expression, we will erode our democracies. The riots and threats of dire consequence to newspaper editors and cartoonists involved in the publication of the offending cartoons, are simply blackmail attempts to make us abandon that principle. //// We can't, of course, and we won't. //// That a religious canon cannot trump a democratic principle is so fundamental to Western freedoms that we neither have to debate it nor, indeed, think about it. The rioters can riot but no editor anywhere in the free world will do anything but stand firm in the face of such violent protests. ///// Our politicians? Not so much.//// ----------- ///// Burning Properties by Muslims//// Many westerners have been taken hostage and beheaded by groups claiming to fight jihad. As a response to that did people in any western country ever go out burning the embassies of the country from where the hostage-takers came?///// We all assumed that not all Muslims are like that and it is not right to blame a country because of a few wild persons. I often read this newspaper and I don’t recall seeing a letter protesting the demolition by the Taliban of the Bamiyan statues. And nor did I see any mass protest by Buddhists burning embassies of Muslim nations. Muslims should know that there have been numerous cases of Temples and Churches being torched by Muslims for no other reason that they were Hindus or Christian houses of worship. Muslim should read Arabic newspapers, or even better, check how Muslim countries treats its Hindu and Christian minorities. ////// The offending caricatures, which included depictions of the Muslim prophet as a knife-wielding bedouin and wearing a time bomb-shaped turban, have sparked widespread protests across the Muslim world.//// People who criticized these cartoons should also speak out forcefully against all forms of hate speech, including cartoons and articles throughout parts of the Arab world, which frequently espouse anti-Semitic and anti-Christian, anti-Hindus views,". ///// "But there also comes responsibilities with that, and it's important that there be tolerance and respect for people from all communities and of all religious faiths," the spokesman said. ///// "Those who disagree with the views that were expressed certainly have the right to condemn them, but they should be peaceful," he said. "There should be a constructive and peaceful dialogue that emphasizes respect for all religious faiths." ///// Non-Muslim people blamed the Syrian government for fires set to the embassies of Denmark and Norway, saying such events cannot take place in Damascus without "government knowledge and support." ///// Washington, neck-deep in its efforts to rebuild and stabilize Iraq and Afghanistan, has struggled to find a middle ground between the democratic traditions of freedom of speech and tolerance for diverse religious beliefs. It is very unfortunate the present uprising by the Muslim Community around the World due to the mistake made by the Danish Editor. ///// In this context I feel it will be nice if it could be brought to world’s notice a recent incident of a similar nature to the world audience who watch you , as this will bring the 2 billion Muslim people around the world to understand the rest of the 4 billion non - Muslim people better. ///// Recently the most celebrated painting artist Mr. M.F Hussain , a Muslim who also is an awardee of the highest art academy of India drew paintings depicting most of the Gods and Goddesses of the Hindu Religion in sexual acts with each other. ///// 1.3 billion Hindus worldwide consisting of all the religions existing in the world have accepted this and have only requested Mr. Hussain to stop the sale of these pictures .This act is from the most popular Muslim artist in the world who was trying to maximize his profits by depicting Gods and Goddesses of Hindu Religion in such a humiliating manner. ////// Please let the 2 billion Muslim world know to respect the rest 4 billion people in the world, which includes the Danish Editor (who like Mr. Hussain has made a mistake). ///// This comparison of the two will go a long way in making these local Muslim people in world about the violent nature of their behaviour.///// Non Muslim religions do not go about creating a squad of suicide-bombers, nor issue edicts to murder so-and-so, etc. ///// People should go into the issue of whether Islam has contempt for other cultures. A recent study in the UK has shown that more than 40% of the Muslims there want to be governed by the Sharia and not by the laws that exist in the countries that they have migrated to. ///// In an article in The Hindustan Times, Vir Sanghvi wrote: "My feeling is that if liberal Muslims continue to react as pathetically as they have over the last few months and if liberal Hindus do not make it clear that genuine secularism means that we fight all kinds of fanaticism - both Hindu and Muslim - a new generation of BJP leaders will ride this backlash to return to power. By ignoring the Hindu sentiment, Big Media is making a big mistake."/////// The ones to be blamed are not so much the Muslims, but the secularists and the political dispensations that the media is so fond of attaching the label 'secular' to. ///// ===========================///// 000000000