Date: 3/12/2006


IN THE POLITICALLY ROTTEN (BEING DRIVEN BY ONE RULING DYNASTY SINCE 1947) AND GENETICALLY INFERIOR (SLAVISH) SOCIAL AND POLITICAL CLIMATE IN PARTITIONED INDIA, THERE IS A VOLUNTARY EMBARGO ON PASSING INFORMATION AROUND IF THAT SEEMS DETRIMENTAL TO THE INTEREST OF THE RULERS, HOWEVER CORRUPT AND TREACHEROUS. ////// A SIKH GENTLEMAN TOOK THE FOLLOWING REPORT FROM A HINDU DISCUSSION LIST AND THEN SENT IT TO SEVERAL SIKH DISCUSSION LISTS TO MAKE THE SIKHS AWARE OF THE NATURE OF DECOMPOSING GUTLESS BATTERED & SHATTERED AND (TERRITORIALLY) SHRINKING WORLD OF THE HINDUS.////// IRONICALLY, WHILE MOST HINDU LISTS TOOK IT ON BOARD, MOST “ARMED” (KIRPAN CARRYING) SIKHS DID NOT DARE TO POST IT ON THEIR LISTS OUT OF FEAR. ///// GOD HELP THE “REST OF PERISHING HINDUSTAN” IF EVEN HER SIKHS ARE BEHAVING LIKE COWARDS NOW, AND SHRINK FROM SPREADING INFORMATION THAT WOULD NOT BE APPROVED OF BY THE LIKES OF SONIA KHAN AND ABDUL KALAMM, ONE AN ITALIAN AND THE OTHER A PAKISTANI BY DEFINITION. ///// THE SIKH GENTLEMAN WHO SENT IT TO THE SIKH DISCUSSION LISTS, ONLY TO BE MET WITH COWARDLY REFUSAL, HAS SENT HIS POSTING TO US, TO BE PUT ON THIS SITE. ///// HERE IT IS:///// =====================///// The following item is IRRELEVANT to the Sikhs. It pertains mainly to the HINDUS. But just a moment! ////// We are, and were, a tiny minority in a land where the Hindus are close to 85% of population. ///// We were a tiny minority in West Punjab and are barely above the 50% mark in EAST Punjab.///// So when HINDU leaders signed the unconditional surrender of five provinces in 1947 the Sikhs had to FLEE for life. ///// That is at least ONE reason why the following becomes relevant to the Sikhs. ///// Till EAST Punjab acquires rthe sovereignty of EAST Bengal, we need to watch the HINDUS' performance in Hindustan, or better said, in PARTITIONED INDIAN SECULAR STATE. ///// In case of next war in South Asia East Bengal will remain UNSCATHED. It is a separate country with her Man at the UNO. She has nothing to do with the disputes between Pakistan and India. Some of these will be solved only through another WAR or nuclear strike. ///// East Bengal will remain safe and away while our East Punjab can well be PULVERISED or reduced to ruins and rubble like IRAQ and Afghanistan today. ///// In case of India suffering another defeat in the manner of 1947 (given that her "Rashtramaata" is an ITALIAN and her supreme commander is a MUSLIM), there will be huge loss of SIKH life and property. Such a scenario is not mere fantansy. South Asia is still extremely unstable and there is an ALARMING power vacuum that will suck in EXTERNAL and INTERNAL aggression. ///// So we need to sit up and read very carefull the followng "wail and cry" by a HINDU gentleman who is clearly pointing to the DEATH of Hindus and Hindustan in the near future. ///// It is, therefore, most RELEVANT for us to see whether we are sinking deeper and deeper in the Indian QUAGMIRE or standing firmly on the Indian solid rock. ///// The massacre of Hindu pilgrims in VARANASI on Tuesday, March 7, 2006, is the immediate reason for this gloomy forecast for INDIA, the Land of Hindus.///// What follows can be for the INFORMATION, or mere ENTERTAINMENT of the Sikihs, but it is surely a deadly serious Death Warrant for the HINDUS. So please read on: ///// MASSACRE IN VARANASI ///// Bombs Rock a City Holy to Hindus on Tuesday March 7, 2006, Killing at Least 15 and injuring at least 101. ////// Someone said, “Attacks on houses of worship in a country where Hindus and Muslims have lived in harmony (sic) for centuries are a particularly potent catalyst for conflict. ///// (NO SIR, in “deep frozen” Hindu world, what retaliation followed the surrender of five provinces on one day in 1947? What retaliation took place when the EMEMY captured KARACHI, DHAKA and even North KASHMIR? ///// Not even our sword bearing brave Sikhs have designated a Day of Mourning after the “death” of Lahore, Gujranwala, Multan and Nankana Sahib. They, too, have fully exposed their INFERIOR genetic mental make-up after evacuating West PUNJAB in utmost panic, terror and hurry, leaving their homes, businesses, holy places and daughters behind. ///// Our warrior Sikhs have never looked back on their own lost territory, never recited openly and in public Guru Gobind Singh ji’s enlightening composition “ZAFAR NAMA”, which describes the ingrained attributes of our perennial enemy, the schizophrenic Muslim monster, who produces killers, assassins and bombers, and thrives on Hindu flesh. //// Instead, our SIKHS recite Guru Granth Sahib day and night that is little different from the lullaby of inducing trance and the Gandhian cry of appeasement & “tyaag” that brainwashes them to go out and embrace the ENEMY, calling him “brother”. ///// The Sikhs, who ought to have been a deterrent for our enemies, have neither defended the unarmed non violent perishing Hindu “sheep” who, while surrounded by Islamic “wolves”, REFUSE to carry the “kirpan” or pistol (HOW MANY ARMED GUARDS WERE POSTED AT THE VARANASI TEMPLE?), refuse to get rid of Abdul Kalam, and refuse to shout “QUIT INDIA!” in the vicinity of EUROPEAN born Sonia Khan, and refuse to shake off their siege mentality in order to inspire the dying Hindu nation and shrinking Hindusthan in any way. The SIKHS, too, vanished from the earth when Lahore and North Kashmir vanished from the map of India. ///// What ferocious HINDU COUNTER ATTACK did the Mohammedan “beasts” expect, or face, when they slaughtered TWO MILLION innocent Hindus who were robbed of the joy of seeing the “glow of freedom” in 1947?). What leader, what Constitution, what UNO and what Super Power stood by them in their hour of death? ///// Only last July (2005), MUSLIM gunmen stormed the heavily fortified and defended Hindu temple compound in Ayodhya, also in Uttar Pradesh? ///// (Not one mosque was wiped out from the surface of earth across the whole of PARTITIONED India when Hindu ethnic cleansing took place in SOUTH Kashmir in 1989. The ENEMY felt mighty emboldened and struck again and again and again. ///// There were COUNTLESS TEMPLES, including the Janmasthan at Sri NANKANA SAHIB, that were either razed to ground, openly desecrated, looted & plundered, or went under the PROVOCATIVE Flag of Mohamed in 1947. Our Hindu “jackal” world did not lift a finger to DEFEND even one of them. ///// Recognising us as “sheep and chickens”, the ENEMY was emboldened to invade and capture North Kashmir, too. ///// Can we NOT see how the United States launched the ferocious COUNTER ATTACK (still ongoing) against the World of “bloodthirsty beasts” after Al Qaida’s attack on her soil on September 11, 2001? America did not lose even one State to Mohammed nor had a million citizens murdered. India, on the other hand, lost FIVE PROVINCES and two million murdered in 1947 alone. ///// PARTITIONED India has not sent even one soldier to Afghanistan or Iraq to FIGHT alongside the Allies although INDIANS (both Hindu and Sikh) have arrived in the US and the UK in their millions for “good” life. ////// The Allies in War on Terrorism are looking at ONE BILLION Hindus in BROKEN BHARAT, living under an uninspiring MUSLIM President who has never been to Pakistan to commend his own so-called Secularism to those who were INDIAN like him till 1947, and his fellow Muslims, although he allegedly “eats vegetarian, reads Gita, loves Sanskrit, admires Hinduism, and swears by Gandhian non violence (NB: The “Baboon” is the Supreme Commander of India’s Armed Forces, who neither stood by the fleeing Hindus of Kashmir nor ever recovered an inch of Indian territory under his command!). ///// What has India done to UPROOT the enemy from her soil? When the country SHRANK by one third in territory, our HINDU guts, courage and manhood, too, shrank in the same proportion.) ///// Our Land is blessed with any number of holy souls, granths and gurus and genuine mahatmas, yet at the same time CURSED with the EVIL that kills human beings because they are HINDUS. ////// The whole world sees us Hindus as the perennial victims of Sword of Islam and recipients of Wrath of Allah since 712 AD when one MU’D BIN QASIM saw the power VACUUM in Hindustan and boldly invaded Sindh AND GOT AWAY WITH IT. That POWER VACUUM has not only PERPETUATED itself but alarmingly worsened since. ///// The Arab marauder and murderer feared Hindu a massive retaliation and the total destruction of Mecca at the hands of Hindu warriors, with plenty of martial blood in them, in the weeks that followed. The Arabs could not sleep, FEARING the counter attack, having nightmares of their mosques ablaze and their women abducted and raped across the whole of Arabia. ///// Had that really happened, the Hindus would still be seen living in peace and dignity in Afghanistan, Kashmir, East Bengal, even in Fiji and Uganda. ///// But what is the Truth? After each and every onslaught, the crude, savage and uncouth murderers saw us go silent and freeze in fear. It is nearly SIX DECADES since their last ONSLAUGHT on the body of Hindustan and yet neither they nor we see any Memorial raised to remind our DEFEATED Hindu nation of that unimaginable historic calamity. Within a day we were all stunned, then mesmerised and put to sleep, by BANDIT Jawaharlal Nehru and his Congress Party, to accept the obscene map of mutilated India reduced to one of the three fragments. The nation is still under Italy & Islam, and ASLEEP. ///// Our enemies cannot help but feel that we are again crying, “ATTACK US, INVADE US, KICK US, THRASH US, ABDUCT US, RAPE US, FU** US, DESTROY US, DO OUR ETHNIC CLEANSING” ? ///// That cry of anguish and helplessness from Hindu widows and orphans rang out across the skies of Hindustan in 1192 AD when TURKS came over all the way from Turkey to sack DELHI in the decomposing, weak and disunited Hindustan and filled the city’s drains with the blood of our ancestors. ///// IN 1947 they chopped off huge territories of the land of their own birth in the West and the East. (“Father” of Pakistan, Mu’d Ali Jinn, was born in INDIA, not Pakistan!). Now they are busy, killing the HINDUS and DISEMBOWELLING HINDUSTAN, FROM WITHIN. As sleepy America discovered on September 11, 2001 and tolerant Britain discovered on July 7 last year, they are our own “HOME GROWN” terrorists. They are disruptive and deadly and in the case of Bharat, our future “DEATH WARRANT”. They inflicted death on LAHORE, Delhi is next. //// They know that (Nehru) Dynasty, ruling CONGRESS Party and Supreme Commander ABDUL KALAM are mighty pleased every time a Hindu is killed, abducted, looted, raped or converted. ///// There have been numerous calls upon the Hindus to wake up and do something, anything, to remind us of the preswence of deadly Fifth Column in PARTITIONED INDIA, the last one needs urgent noticed. //// Patriot Pushpa Rajguru, well known investigative journalist and torch bearer of campaign of Hindu dignity and sovereignty has given a call to nominate MARCH 11 this year as the DAY OF MOURNING. ///// We support this call and wish to add that not only this year, but EVERY YEAR from now on, March 11 ought to be designated as a day of Natiional Mourning on account of this dastardly and cowardly attack on Hindu pilgrims at VARFANASI last Tuesday (March 7, 2006). They have set fire to the peripheries of our Motherland, put their foot down on reconstruction of Temple in Ayodhya and now the ultimate, to bring DEATH to Varanasi. What can be worse on our nation’s image abroad and sense of security and safety at home? //// Let us give a call: MARCH 11 MUST BE A GAZETTED HOLIDAY IN BLEEDING (BROKEN) BHARAT FOR NATIONAL MOURNING. ///// Having severed vast territories in the west and east of India, now they are disembowelling our (and their) LAND OF BIRTH from within. //// The HINDUS will be perceived as “yielding goats, conceding cows and perishing Pagans” if they go on tolerating the ethnic cleansing in Pakistan, BOGUSdesh, KASHMIR and now the intimidation in AYODHYA and the bloodshed in Varanasi. The process of our ethnic cleansing in the Rest of India has started. Can’t we see it with our own eyes? ///// How far MORE does the Hindu nation want to be hit, thrashed, smashed and PERISH? ///// Our concessions and surrenders have crossed all limits. The "bastards & bitches" ruling India permit the ENEMY to strike death and terror but when the Hindus prepare to retaliate, all Hell is let loose on them and executive (SONIA KHAN) and constitutional (ABDUL KALAM) machinery is set into full motion to tie the Hindus’ hands behind our backs and to make us cower in fear in the corner. ///// Even in early 1940's calls were being made by PATRIOTS on the Hindu leaders, and warnings issued to the masses in general, to WAKE UP, STAND UP, DEFEND TERRITORY AND HINDU LIFE but all seems to have gone to wind. ///// Why are the HINDUS, so numerous but SO WEAK? Why are we INCAPABLE of unseating Abdul Kalam, the useless Supreme Commander, and kicking out the FOREIGN impostor from ITALY? One wants us to face Mecca while praying, the other wants us to fall at the feet of her Pope in Rome. ////// We have yet to see or hear a TOP HINDU LEADER who can go back to the root of our PARALYSIS and declare, "Either you dump your MANUAL OF TERRORISM (KORAN) that calls us Infidel, KAFIR and "Dhimmi" or GET OUT." ////// On the day they captured KARACHI, LAHORE AND EAST BENGAL, the "bastards & bitches" threw a challenge to us all, "WE WILL EXTERMINATE YOU HERE, AND RISE TO PUSH YOU INTO DUST IN AYODHYA AND KILL YOU IN VARANASI." ///// --------------------------------------- ///// A patriot wrote: ///// Attack on Hinduism!!! First it was Raghunath Temple in Jammu, then Akshardham in Gandhinagar, then Ayodhya, then Diwali bomb blasts in Delhi and now a bomb blast in the holiest city of Hindus.....that too in a temple. ///// Why can't the rascals let us live alone- we gave them a separate country damn it, you rogues- at least have some shame some conscience. ///// .........There is no power! The atmosphere is so polluted! Roads are full of troughs! Another riot! These bunch of jokers in the Parliament! ///// No more complaints! Are you waiting for some Englishman to come and wipe off your tears?? ///// Be a part of the revolution ; visit ///// (They will not rest till the LAST Hindu is KILLED or CONVERTED. The word “HINDU” is perceived as the most serious provocation in every MOHAMMED’S heart, and up his “a*se”. They will BATTLE IT OUT with us till DEATH. Endless long list of suicide bombers and assassins is on hand to finish us off.) ///// / =========================== ///// Intrepid “Daughter of Bharat”, pushparajguru, wrote: ///// March 8, 2006 ///// As for the Hindus, let them stay calm, grin and bear it and sing more of “Allah Ishwar Tero Naam.” ///// And, of course, let them wait, as they have done more than a million years for the Lord to descend from high heavens and save them from the curse that came in from the hell hole of Saudi Arabia. ///// Meanwhile, the police and the ruling government appeals for calm! What the f*** are they talking about? ///// Can one fathom the reaction if such attacks were carried out on mosques? Can someone tell me if a single bomb attack has ever been launched on a mosque in India? Puhleez, don’t mention Babri for that does not even qualify to be a mosque. ///// I propose that all Hindus should declare this Sunday, March 11th to be a day of mourning across the globe. I am willing to do whatever it takes to hold a prayer meeting in my area. ///// March 10, 2006 ///// Armed men entered Sadhvi Ritambhara's Vatsalya Gram during the early evening of Thursday, March 9th. The attack was foiled due to the alert and timely warning by a guard. One of the guards on duty sustained severe injuries as he was beaten up by the armed men. ////// Sadhvi Ritambhara was not in residence at the time of the attack. The attackers were not apprehended. No other details are available at this time. ////// IS THIS WHAT INDIA IS ALL ABOUT? THE LAW & ORDER SITUATION IS GETTING OUT OF CONTROL. WE HINDUS ARE NOT SAFE IN OUR OWN MOTHERLAND. ///// INDIA IS BEGINNING TO SOUND MORE AND MORE LIKE SOMALIA AND SUDAN. ///// ==========================///// LET THE HINDU NATION ECHO THIS CALL AND STAND UP TO BE (MERELY) SEEN, IF NOT (COUNTED AND) TAKEN NOTE OF. ////// xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ////// (Reproduced for the Sikh Discussion Lists with permission of the author.)///// ============////// 000000000