Date: 3/12/2006


This is the final warning to all Hindus , Hindu leaders and guardians of Hinduism that prepare for the security, safty and to defeat and crush the Muslim terrorists and all those who directly or indirectly assist these terrorists.///.// According to records of Indian government pre and post independence it is crystal clear that British Raj as well as Nehru - Gandhi Congress party of India always cheated Hindus, betrayed Hindus again and again and yet again. The Nehru- Gandhi dynasty has always took side of Muslims and they failed to prevent massacre of Hindus/ Sikhs and as a result over two million Hindus Sikhs were massacred in 1947 during partition. Our womenwere kdnapped, raped, gang rapped and killed by Muslims.///// In Esat Bengal- Bangladesh Three Million Hindu killed and it was genocide but heartless shameless Nehru- Gandhi Congress party kept quite and world kept quite because it was Hindus blood . These Swamis, DHARMA CHARYAS NEVER SAID A WORD ON THESE ISSUES BEFORE INDEPENDENCE OR AFTER INDEPENDENCE now they are coming out but not more than words. They are double talkers like secularists and communists but I remind them that they were the first to quit western and eastern part of India just before independence in 1947.///// We need gurus like Guru Vishwamitra, Guru Krishna ,Samarath Guru Ramdas Guru of Shivajee who have well being of Sanatan Dharma/ Hinduism at heart not influenced by wordly decorations or useless awards from here there or foreign institutes.///// Iwarn all Hindus to be careful from Sonia and her slves, secularists, communists and double takers and prepare for sacrifice to save themselves and Bharatmata .The Muslims donot believe in Bharat mata so time has come to send them to Pakistan/ Bangladesh . We must SEVERE ALL diplomatic relations with these countries and collect all illegal Muslims totalling more than twenty millions and kick them out to Pakistan/ Bangaladesh. The time ahead for Hindus is bad unless we pledge to crush these Muslim terrorists.///// Vajpayee did a blunder by establishing bus, train journeys between India- pakistan- Bangladesh and by which these Muslims are coming and majority of them not going back.This is bad for Hindus. The supreme court in 2004 Dec. sent a notice to Indian government to collect and trace the illegal Muslims and remove their names from electoral register but nothing has been done. Who is to organise, plan, and put a fight to crush the Islamic terrorists? ///// Do not expect from Indian govrernment they are for Muslims. Hindus must form a militant Organisation to give a bloody nose to Islam.///// Donot expect from Hindu DHARMACHARYAS TO THIS WORK. They are more concerned about life after death. ////// There is government of India but no patriotic government in India. I call the Hindu yong blood to save Hindu- Bharat.///// vande bharat mataram///// 000000000