Date: 3/12/2006


BOMB BLAST AT MANDIR IN INDONESIA. WHAT IS OUR "BABOON" ABDUL KALAM WORTH? HE IS THE SUPREME COMMANDER OF INDIA'S ARMED FORCES. HE IS ALSO THE PRESIDENT OF NEHRU DYNASTY'S REPUBLIC. ABDUL IS OFF TO MYANMAR TO HELP MRS. ARIS, (AKS AUNG SAN SUU KYI) BECOME THE RASHTRAMATA OF MYANMAR LIKE OUR OWN WORTHLESS WHITE ELEPHANT FROM ITALY, THE IMPORT OF BOFORS CHOR.///// THE "BABOON" CAN NEITHER DEFEND TEMPLES IN INDIA NOR HINDU LIFE IN SRINAGAR. THE "SON OF A BI*CH" IS GUARANTEED FULL SALARY AND ALSO HEFTY PENSION TILL DEATH. MOHAMMED IS STILL THE PROUD COCK IN HINDUSTAN DESPITE HER BLOODY PARTITION IN 1947. ///// ======================= /////,10117,18414904-23109,00.html ///// Pipe bomb targets Hindu temple///// From: AAP By Rob Taylor in Jakarta//// March 10, 2006 ///// A HOMEMADE bomb has exploded outside a Hindu temple in Poso, just a day after Indonesia's Government extended its security crackdown on religious extremists in the divided province. ///// The pipe bomb lifted the roof of the building and caused the wooden walls to collapse, Poso deputy police chief Major Andreas Wayan said. A guard was wounded. ////// "Whoever did this was trying to create panic and spread terror," he said.///// "There was iron shrapnel everywhere." ///// The blast occurred just a day after top security minister Widodo Adi Sucipto, Defence Minister Juwono Sudarsono and military chief Air Marshall Djoko Suyanto agreed to extend a security operation in Poso by another three months. ///// Poso is largely divided between Christians and Muslims, and bloody clashes between members of the two faiths killed about 1000 people in 2001 and 2002. ///// Advertisement:///// It also has a small number of Hindus. Around 4000 extra police and soldiers were sent to the area last year after a series of attacks targeting Christians, including the beheading of three schoolgirls by masked men armed with machetes. ///// "Our aim is to prevent more terror attacks in the coming three months," Police Brigadier-General Paulus Purwoko said after the decision.///// Security analysts have warned the area is a fertile recruiting ground for terrorist groups like Jemaah Islamiah (JI), blamed for the 2002 Bali bombings and a series of yearly attacks since which have left more than 240 people dead. ///// Brigadier Purwoko said no extra troops or police would be sent to the province in coming months.////// But security would be tightened with new checkpoints to be placed at the entrances to the city, he said. ///// Those checkpoints would close down after any fresh attacks. ///// Brigadier Purwoko said he believed most recent attacks were the work of radical groups linked to JI, which reportedly has a new commander in Indonesia following a wave of recent arrests and the killing by police last year of the group's top bombmaker Azahari Husin. ///// The new chief is said to be Abu Dujana, 37, who learned his skills during three years fighting the Soviet military occupation in Afghanistan.///// Dujana is said to be skilled in the use of small arms and assembling bombs, and trained alongside former JI senior commander Nasir Abas, who has since rolled over to help Indonesian police combat terrorists.///// Police believe Dujana succeeded JI's caretaker chief Abu Rusdan following his arrest and jailing in 2004 for helping hide death-row Bali bomber Mukhlas. ///// 000000000