Date: 3/17/2006


HERE IS AN ADVICE FROM A MISGUIDED AND ILL INFORMED PATRIOT. "STOP SLOGANEERING," HE ADVISES HIS FELLOW HINDUS.///// ===================== ///// SUBJECT: Slogan Mongers, Please Shut-up!///// In a message dated 17/03/2006 07:48:20 GMT Standard Time, XXX writes from Canada:///// Let hope our active moderator will filter posts likely to encourage or support separatist ideas. Our motherland has yet to fully recover from the last partition on more now will be too much to absorb now. ///// =================///// COMMENT: ///// In a democracy one does not say, SHUT UP! (See subject line). Slogans need to be looked at and discussed IN PUBLIC. ///// There are a few questions that need to be answered. ///// Why is our sacred and divine BHARAT MAATA under the foot of one SONIA KHAN FROM ITALY and the other ABDUL KALAM who refuses to embrace Hindu religion of the land but likes to keep his ARABIC name?///// Why did we all hail BANDIT NEHRU as liberator of India after he signed the UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER of five provinces to savage Mohammed and his SHARIA LAW. ///// Why did we helplessly watch, like "eunuchs", the brutal ISLAMIC Partition of Punjab, Kashmir and Bengal? ///// Why is there NO Hindu seen on top, given that the land is HINDU? The TRISHUL OF SHAKTI on top is Sonia, ABDUL and their "yes madam" Manmohan Singh.///// Why is India still secular despite PARTITION on ISLAMIC TERMS? After surrender of Lahore, Delhi HAD TO COME IN "HINDU RASHTRA"? ///// Why do our RULERS go for FOREIGN (ENEMY) spouses? NEHRU to Edwina Mountbatten, INDIRA TO FEROZE KHAN, Rajiv to ITALIAN born female and Rahul to COLOMBIAN drug scene? What is the demoralising and devastating EFFECT on the native HINDU males and FEMALES? ///// Why could East Punjab not rival South Korea, even Singapore in prosperity, given the so-called freedoms of the last SIX DECADES? ///// Slogans will arise from such a political cesspit that is our BROKEN Bharat without a single decent committed Hindu on top and without a single HINDU HOLOCAUST MUSEUM. ///// Slogans arise when not one Hindu household is seen living happily in Srinagar and the Hindus are not safe even in Varanasi from the bombs and bullets of our eternal ENEMIES who are now RAMPANT across the length and breadth of Bharat. ////// The MP's and MLA's and our Hindu LEADERS are expected to clean up the stables quickly before the slogans and slogan mongers die and vanish. ///// =======///// 000000000