Date: 3/17/2006


In a message dated 17/03/2006 05:00:08 GMT Standard Time, XXX .com writes: ///// Here is something to bear in mind. My father retired from the Army and has many elderly friends who were Army officers. Even a highly orthodox Hindu friend (retired officer) -- and a highly pragmatic, worldly wise man -- objected to negative characterizations of all Muslims; having fought in wars against Pakistan (sic) side by side with Muslim officers and sipahis he was very upset about the demonization of all Muslims in India. ///// ============ ///// NO MUSLIM IN INDIAN ARMY TILL THEIR HOMELAND PAKISTAN RETURNS TO SECULAR INDIAN FOLD. ///// Sir,///// When you say, "FOUGHT IN WARS AGAINST PAKISTAN," please pause to reflect, "What is PAKISTAN?"///// Pakistan is the seal of treason and treachery of INDIAN Muslims (against India and Secularism) who you wish to trust again with a gun. ///// They are INDIAN, yes, I repeat, INDIAN, Muslims who turned ENEMIES overnight when the opportunity came. That was the true character of MOHAMMEDANS.////// Earlier, I should remind you, in India under the BRITISH all natives, Hindus, Muslims, Sikhs and Christians fought UNITED as one man against Germany, Italy and Japan. That was due to the IMPERIAL LION ruling us all and ENFORCING one Law. Did your father's generation ever hear of SEDITION AND TREASON against the land of birth by any Muslim officers and soldiers? ///// But as soon as the prospect of HINDUS raising their heads appeared all the INDIAN MUSLIMS rose as one man to CONQUER our COMMON territory in order to fly their Islamic flag and impose their own savage Sharia Law. ///// The proof of ETERNAL treachery of INDIAN Muslims is PAKISTAN. What else is Pakistan? ///// That power VACUUM that produced Pakistan is now EVEN MORE ALARMING. Hence NOT ONE MUSLIM in military uniform can be tolerated serving a country that still has a secular Constitution. ///// Our DEFEATED nation that was forced to surrender five provinces overnight to treacherous Muslims, cannot afford to recruit Muslims in its armed forces.///// Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty, which we are still forgetting, having suffered that defeat. The Hindu is NOT EVEN LIBERATED YET, if we see the state of our defences in Varanasi, Ayodhya, Kashmir and East Bengal. ///// There was NO referendum or challenge or FIGHT then and now, too, the idea of recruiting Muslims in our armed forces and giving them GUNS and BOMBS is being mooted without a thought on REFERENDUM on the dangerous issue. ///// The Hindu politicians are known to sell their daughters (even animal fodder) for the sake of chairs. They are committed to the safety of this wretched PARTITIONED land as much now as they were in 1947.///// Muslims are PERSONA NON GRATA in view of PARTITION. (ACT OF PARTITION OF INDIA, 1947, called them ENEMIES). ///// But a defeated nation that is not prepared to LOOK PAKISTAN IN THE EYE, is again crying "Hindu Muslim bhai bhai", ignoring the slavery of Hindus (INDIANS) in NORTH KASHMIR, EAST BENGAL and WEST PUNJAB. ///// May we know, Who will lift the ISLAMIC flag from Delhi if we encourage it to descend there? Who is keen on REMOVING the flag of Mohammed from Lahore and Karachi? If we lump that defeat day and night, we shall not stand up for our security tomorrow, too. ///// Before another MOHAMMEDAN is kitted and fitted in army uniform, let us ask the Hindus who became VICTIMS of sword of Islam, not only before 1947 BUT SINCE about this issue. ///// The nation of "cowards" has yet to tender an APOLOGY to them. They were all, IN THEIR MILLIONS, betrayed by our own leaders. Could Mohammed Ali Jinnah ENSLAVE them if our own Pandit Nehru and MK Gandhi had stood by them? Reflect on this with courage. ///// They numbered 15 million in West PUNJAB alone. We need not regard our own dead as insects and vermin. They DIED at the hands of our Muslim FELLOW CITIZENS. They perished at the hands of our ENEMIES. ///// 000000000