Date: 3/17/2006


In a message dated 17/03/2006 12:31:36 GMT Standard Time, XXXXXXX writes:///// I agree with you Murli. “demonization of all Muslims (sic 1) in India (sic 2)” is wrong. ///// ================///// To start with it is NOT "India" at all. After all Muslims united and ganged up to launch a ferocious attack, she lost one third of her territory. Bandit Nehru feared his own arrest and EXECUTION by patriots like Shri Nathu Ram Godse and RETAINED the name INDIA in order to wipe out the memory of that surrender. ////// Secondly to tell which Muslim is good and a "bloody bastard" at this time or that time, at this place or that place, is IMPOSSIBLE.///// Mohammed Ali Jinnah was a VERY GOOD MUSLIM when he was President of All India Congress Party but the moment he shouted "PAKISTAN ZINDABAD. DEATH TO HINDUS AND SECULARISM," he became a lot more WORSE than a "bloody bastard". Hence the moment he declared DISLOYALTY to secular India and total loyalty to PAKISTan, we the FOOLED and DECEIVED Hindus swore to regard ALL MUSLIMS bad. Since we were timid or cowards or IGNORANT enough, we lost Kashmir, too, later due to this trust. Today we trust ABDUL KALAM and saw gunfire in Varanasi, too, not only ongoing slaughter of Hindus in Kashmir. ///// You need NOT agree with us but agree with Abdul and Sonia, but for the love of Secularism and your own perishing HINDU nation you should DISAGREE with Murli totally, and inspire the rest of the semi conscious Hindu society, too, to stand up to confront the mounting menace of ISLAM in (what is left of) India. There is a good German and a bad German called NAZI. ///// The good Germans worked hard and built up their country. The NAZIS went out of their way to conquer Europe, destroy countries and kill 6 million Jews.///// What a luxury that the Hindus DENY their own holocaust and get away, while to deny the European holocaust will get you YEARS OF IMPRISONMENT with hard labour.///// There is a good Indian and a MUSALMAAN. ///// To start with, the "devil" from Arabia who came with Fire, Sword and Koran, was regarded a Musalmaan and taken to be a human being. ///// But when he invaded Sindh without cause and provocation, we called him BEIMAN and when he looted, plundered and destroyed our temples we called him MUSALMAN BEIMAN SHAITAN. But he did not rest there. ///// When he abducted young Hindu girls to rape them we called him MUSALMAN BEIMAN SHAITAN HAIWAAN. ///// Finally when he launched his UNPROVOKED savage attack on our land of peace in 1947 he was simply called a "bastard" by some and "son of a bitch" by the others. ///// It is up to EACH AND EVERY Hindu now to describe the MUSLIM as he chooses and pleases. ///// The good Indian built up his country while the MOHAMMEDAN "bastard" set fire to it all. ///// When he got a chance Lahore was ABLAZE and the SWORD OF ISLAM cut off one third of Bharat in one second. Hundreds of thousands of Indian females were abducted and forcibly raped. Temples were set on fire or razed to ground. ////// In West Punjab and NOAKHALI district of East Bengal it was like wolves jumping over the fence and disembowelling the sheep grazing peacefully in the paddock.///// Neither the sheep have any grudge against the wolves nor the HINDUS have any grudge against the MOHAMMEDANS. The cycle of predator and victim will go on perennially. ////// Where on earth do we, or can we, see a NAZI enrolled in the army of any country? ////// The Indian "coolies" when they embraced ISLAM like orphans, they transformed inside with the poisonous IDEOLOGY of Mohammed. ////// That KAFIR KILLING IDEOLOGY is enshrined in the MANUAL OF TERRORISM called The KORAN. ///// Unless the Book is amended or re-written and unless India becomes AKHAND BHARAT, each and every Mohammedan remains a TERRORIST and a HINDU KILLER "beast" in PARTITIONED and REDUCED India. //// The one who has blind belief in "God's word" called Koran, will hate the HINDUS from his guts and will do all DECEPTION to finish off the Hindus eventually. The Indian MUSLIMS declared WAR on us in 1947 and inflicted a crushing defeat on the Hindus. The Hindus were slaughtered left, right and centre and vacated ONE THIRD OF INDIA to concede a SEPARATE homeland to the ENEMY.//// Today the Hindu NATION is so demoralised that we have offered the most sensitive top post of the SUPREME COMMANDER (and President) to a "MUSALMAN BEIMAN SHAITAN HAIWAN" who is Deception Personafied, forgetting that the Muslims broke India into smithereens, massacred Hindus by the million and abducted and raped countless Hindu girls.///// Tell this to the whole world and INVITE RIDICULE.///// The Muslims attacked America and are getting it back tenfold. Al Qaida is scattered and ON THE RUN. They could not capture even one inch of American territory. ///// Here we are in India. The Muslims ATTACKED India and captured one third of our TERRITORY and still the Hindus are going out of their way to kiss them on both cheeks. ///// Soon the word "HINDU" will AGAIN come to mean, "Slave" and even more detestable.///// Who wants to join the camp where the sheep appoint a MUSLIM to guard them, their daughters, temples and TERRITORY and downgrade their own warriors like Shivaji, Guru Gobind Singh, Maharana Pratap and General Hari Singh Nalwa who hoisted our FLAG over Khyber?///// Hence NOT a single Muslim in the armed forces of PARTITIONED India. ////// This will just be the beginning of EVIL taking root in the SOFT SOIL of Hindustan. Please imagine the consequences. That is what brain is for. ///// Deleting the word "Partition" from Vidhan of unquestioning "morons and coolies" does not mean that India is still AKHAND. ////// For the Muslims the easy capture of Lahore was PHASE I. ////// The War will end with the capture of DELHI when the Islamic Republic of Bharat will be RE BORN. The last time the damn thing was exterminated from Delhis was in 1857. Hindus could move about safely in the open and their daughters could move around safely in public due to the British presence.///// Our long overdue public declaration, "LAHORE CHALO" needs to be cried and shouted into the ears of each and every Muslim across Bharat like Netaji's call of "DILLI CHALO!" when Indian National Army was fighting for our liberation. Today we seem to be so DEMORALISED and gutless that instead of shouting "EITHER PAKISTAN OR DAMN MUSLIMS!" we hear pleas to enrol Mohammedans in our armed forces. Are we serious about our TERRITORY and Akhand Bharat? Was Gandhi just a WINDBAG who took his Akhand Bharat with him to the next world? Let us SMASH all his statues if the Muslims are to be enrolled in our army. He proved to be such a FRAUD and DECEPTION and a CURSE on Bharat just like his "Muslim children". ///// 000000000