Date: 3/18/2006


our first objection is to the word "riots" in the subject line. ///// Riots and Massacre are not interchangeable. We saw RIOTS in 1947 when BOTH Hindus and Muslims fought each other with lethal weapons. In those riots the Hindus were SLAUGHTERED by the million. DEFEATED Hindustan avoids the word "massacre" but calls them riots to avoid building a Hindu Holocaust Museum due to terror of Islam. The Jews have no such GENETIC inbred inferiority and hence they differentiate beteen their massacre in 1940's and the riots with the PLO followers since.///// ============///// So the Records are missing. Are they? So are those pertaining to BOFORS CHOR. ///// Dear Sikhs worldside, not only the records are missing from New Delhi but the HINDUS are also missing from North Kashmir, West Punjab, East Bengal, Ayodhya and even Varanasi. You can see them only with a microscope under the skirt of Sonia Khan and the left foot of Abdul Kalam. ///// Those Hindus who are not gone missing are being MANIPULATED by Khan and Kalam to clobber the Sikhs for a good reason that we could guess..///// Most "nishkam sewak" Kafirs, Pagans and Secular Indians do not realise that on 15 August 1947 the rules of the game changed radically. Since then a Gandhi in high post can only be removed by BULLET, NOT BY BALLOT, and since then records can be found quickly only by eliminating a Gandhi. This is the SATYAM VIJAYATE, the motto of the Partitioned headless and legless Bharat. ///// What a ludicrous suggestion to send the case to Much Reduced & Truncated State of East Punjab as if there is a "government" there.///// Dear brothers and sisters, not only is there NO government in East Punjab but also there is NONE in Kashmir- North and South, nor in Bengal- East and West. ////// Since 1947 we have not heard a stalwart say, "We shall reproduce and recreate a government in LAHORE that could throw its long shadow over UNION TERRITORY of our East Punjab, too. ////// Wasn't that the case prior to 1947 when there was a PROPER Government of Punjab majestically seated in LAHORE and VISIBLE from far and wide? ///// Since then we have only seen "RABBITS" moving the capital of Punjab to Jalandhar, Solan and finally to UNION TERRITORY. ////// The only way out in our extremely helpless situation is to take the case to the World Court that was triumphantly trying SLOBODON MILOSEVIC till last Saturday.////// Unfortunately the judges sitting there are also in the pocket of Uncle Sam and Tony Blair who love Islam in BROKEN Bharat as well as in UNITED Kingdom. ////// The ultimate best thing for the Sikhs of EAST Punjab is to become sovereign like ISRAEL and to be at par with sovereign East BENGAL. ////// Then we could ensure the prompt discovery of papers pertaining to 1984 and also see proper conclusion of the case against BOFORS CHOR that has been pending for THIRTY YEARS in the rotting pro Italian inferior Hindustani courts. /////// Will someone remind the Sikhs that once their flag flew over KHYBER when the Hindu in Hindustan was forced to open his mouth wide to receive the S*IT of the Turk. /////// ! ======================== /////// In a message dated 18/03/2006 17:30:19 GMT Standard Time, xxxxxxxxx writes: Perhaps case should be handed over to Punjab Police so that Jagdish Tytler can be made a RAT or CAT.///// Missing records delay CBI probe into riots of 1984 (PTI)///// 18 March 2006 ///// NEW DELHI Five months after re-opening of a case during the anti-Sikh riots of 1984 by the CBI, the probe is yet to commence as the agency is unable to locate the orginial records, which are reported to be missing. The case pertains to killing of Iqbal Singh Chadda who left his home on November one, 1984 and never returned. On the next day, it was learnt that he was killed by a mob and his body was lying on the road which was subsequently burnt by the mob.///// The Delhi police had registered a case which was closed later saying none of those in the mob could be traced. The CBI re-registered the case on November 17 last year and since then has been moving from one authority to another for the original records pertaining to the case.///// The CBI filed an application recently in the court of Metropolitan Magistrate Deepak Garg seeking transfer of the original records of the case, which was formerly registered in Mongolpuri Police Station on November 15, 1984. However, the probe into the case is yet to start as records of depositions of witnesses, petitions filed by the accused, orders passed by the court, could neither be located in the court records room nor in Mangolpuri police station.///// Though Delhi Police has informed the court that the papers pertaining to the case had been sent to the CBI Director on October 24 and 26 last year, the agency filed an application only last month seeking court's permission for records indicating that the papers had not been received.////// The court has now summoned the Investigating Officer in the case on March 20, the next date of hearing, in an effort to trace the case documents. The CBI was asked to re-investigate 10 cases pertaining to the 1984 Anti-Sikh riots in the wake of recommendations made by the Nanavati panel probing the riots following the assassination of the then prime minister Indira Gandhi.////// The home ministry had referred 10 cases registered by the Delhi Police to the CBI for examination out of which the agency firmed up investigations in two cases. ////// 000000000