Date: 3/19/2006


Green, Not Red///// Author: Anamika Prasad ///// Publication: The Times of India///// Date: March 11, 2006 ///// This has reference to the letter by CPI (ML) general secretary Kanu Sanyal (March 6). If Comrade Sanyal believes that "the patriotic forces who came out in large num­bers to protest George Bush's visit" were demonstrating against the nu­clear deal and "American imperial­ism", he is deluding himself. The mobs that gathered on the streets that day, at least in Mumbai, were Muslims who had been mobilised by their religious leaders to protest a plethora of issues from the US bombing of Iraq and Afghanistan to the anti-Prophet cartoons in a Dan­ish newspaper. In Mumbai they spun out of control and vandalised public property, smashed windows and smiled and waved for the televi­sion cameras. The predominant colour that day was green, not red, whatever the communists might like to believe. ///// 000000000