Date: 3/19/2006


Sycophancy in an editorial of a supposedly national newspaper. No wonder Vir Sanghvi found the media out of sync with the people. ///// ================= ///// Educating Rahul///// Author: Editorial///// Publication: The Indian Express///// Date: March 11, 2006 ///// Introduction: Let the Amethi MP become educating minister and infuse some energy into a moribund minister ///// Rahul Gandhi's maid­en Budget speech in Parliament on education threw up some interesting ideas, and one big whopper of a suggestion: make the Amethi MP a minister of education, so that he can match his words with action. Yes, we are dead serious about this, and for several reasons. ////// For one, the Ex­press has always argued for the need to infuse youth into the governance of this country. The uniquely Indian belief that one must be in one's dotage to be an effective minister is plain codswallop./////// The 14th Lok Sabha has seen an infusion of GenNext leaders into the political system. It is now high time that the nation benefited from their energy. Which brings us to the next reason why such a step should be seriously contemplated. So far the new crop of young Congress parliamentarians have assumed power through family connections. But exercising power with responsi­bility is a whole new ball game. Those theories learnt at B-school need to be tested against the hard realities of the country. Take Rahul Gandhi. Ever since he emerged as MP, he has been earnestly arguing that his place is with the people, learning their problems. Well, maybe he should considering learning how to solve those prob­lems, and he cannot do this unless he takes a dip in the rough waters of governance. ////// The third reason why we argue for Minister Rahul Gandhi taking the bow is perhaps the most con­vincing. The HRD ministry is in obvious need of a healthy infusion of new thinking and action, all the more so because it is so central to the well-being of the aam admi. Ale final argument we offer is bor­rowed from Rahul Gandhi himself. He observed in his budget speech that the one thing he has learnt is that "people who are closer to a problem understand it best". Well he happens to be much closer - in age and mindset - to India's stu­dent community than the present incumbent. We rest our case.//////000000000