Date: 3/20/2006


In a message dated 20/03/2006 14:51:37 GMT Standard Time, xxxxxxxxxxx.com writes:///// The violent and united reactions of the Muslim community is not a strength but a weakness. That tendency has allowed the entire Ummah to be manipulated at the will of small minorities in the Western countries. The fact that the Hindu community is not provoked to empty demonstrations of anger is a great strength. Throwing anything at a visitor is a sign of barbarism. Better to greet her with friendship, discuss problems, and see what improvements can be made. ///// B. Menon ///// >Publication of some cartoon triggered a united response from the Muslims >world like not seen before in recent times. Needless to say, the Indian >Muslims proved beyond a shadow of doubt where their loyalties lay. The >Indian Muslims also showed that out of all the Muslims of the world, including >the most "Wahabie" of Mecca's "Wahabie", they (the Indian Muslims) were >most offended by the cartoons. One need not go into details about the massive >protests at Bushs arrival and now the "killing of the Danish PM's visit >(Cartoon row kills Danish PMs visit) > > ///// > > Meanwhile, the avowedly secular Hindus of India maintain "Aum Shantih" >when their holiest sites are desecrated and where the faithful are butchered >while praying. >///// > > > And now Khaleda Zia of Bangladesh is in New Delhi, where she will probably >receive a royal welcome from Sonia inspired "GoI", not one Hindu will turn>up to protest the treatment of Hindu is Bangladesh or about the illegal>intrusion of Bangladeshis into India! >////// > > > This woman (separatist "BITCH") shoud have rotten eggs thrown at her face in India. >////// > > > Something just does not add up here.///// 000000000