Date: 3/24/2006


WE ASK THE SIKHS, our warriors, TO SALUTE THAT ONE COMMUNITY ////// They say the brave recognise the brave. So let us pick up the courage to pick out the bravest in South Asia. ////// Here is a community that is not even native but an import from completely alien Arabia. It increased and expanded by fair and foul means and is now a force to reckon with. ////// For this honour i would pick out the MUSLIMS. They are CENTURIES ahead of the rest. ////// We have seen them in action in COMPARATIVE terms since early 1930's. At that time India was a BRITISH colony and all the native communities were equal under ONE British Law. ////// Let us stand them in a line. On the left the British who soon left the scene and vanished out of sight ////// Next to them we stand the HINDUS, the largest community, frighteningly large in numbers.////// Being in vast quantity they could be super power on earth but in reality they tremble out of TERROR in East Bengal, South Kashmir, Ayodhya, even in Varanasi. ////// Next to them we put the Muslims and finally in Lane No. 4 the Sikhs. /////// The referee was God Almighty and He blew the whistle. ////// In that sprint the Muslims outpaced the lot and were right ahead. The Hindus degenerated into a stempede and lost the direction while the Sikhs sought the shortest route between Lahore and Amritsar. Many who took to longer or devious routes never made it alive.////// According to neutral observers the Hindus were left far behind and the Sikhs came trailing, the last./////// Muslims, our neighbours and FELLOW CITIZENS, who stood at the same line in 1940, have ONE THIRD of India under their flag now. /////// Let us neither feel jealous nor begrudge their achievement, but see the factors of their resounding success./////// First and foremost is their blind faith in the infallibility of Koran. Though it is full of illogic and inconsistencies, they regard it as the Word of God./////// Blind Faith combined with Conviction gives a UNITY where one hundred standing together can overwhelm one hundred thousand who are standing scattered across the landscape. Imagine watching the lion charging at a vast herd of cattle.////// Had Islam been NATIVE to India, then from the very beginniing it would have been DIVIDED into a thousand sects and castes. But being Arabic they were just Muslims and all united, facing the Rest that is like a million grains of sand./////// There is great strength in NUMBERS and if one's historical background is conquests and victories, then their unity transforms itself into the equivalent of a nuclear bomb. /////// A thousand VICTORIES for the Muslims since they first appeared in India in 712 AD, means a thousand DEFEATS for the Hindus at the same time. /////// Each victory makes one taller by five feet and each defeat reduces an individual by five metres. So one can "SEE" with mental eyes how tall a Muslim stands in Lahore and Kashmir and how short and dwarfish the Hindu stands in comparison in Delhi and West Bengal. /////// Ironically and SADLY, the community that took the divine gift of "Amrit", and is allowed to carry a kirpan day and night, has to be content with a much reduced State of SECULAR Punjab (one fifth of the original) with its capital on Union Territory. /////// Those who are aliens to India rule the State of ISLAMIC Punjab from LAHORE. We ought to comprehend the difference and the IMPLICATIONS for the future.//////// This brief synopsis is submitted for consideration by Sikh INTELLIGENTSIA and our so-called leaders many of whom see absolutely nothing wrong in having the "Mother of Nation" (Rashtramaata) from Italy, and the Supreme Commander of armed forces who is a Muslim. /////// When their dull preachers and teachers chant "all are the same," they brainwash their own children into believing that goat and tiger are the same and a "community of victories and conquests" and a community of "defeats and retreats" are the same. /////// May be, some of the esteemed readers, too, will say, "So what? Aren't they the same as us when seen through our secular glasses?" //////// What is ANYBODY going to do about this historic development if projected into the future 100 years? //////// Where will the FRONTIERS be? We will not be here on earth but we should reckon that our grandchildren will be. /////// We hope THEY do not mean to us what the devastated generation of 1947 meant to THEIR grandparents in the previous decade. //////// So, let us salute the community that suddenly shot up like a meteor from our midst in 1947 to fly their FLAG and impose their LAW over Multan, Lahore, Sri Nankana Sahib, Gujranwala, Rawalpindi and KHYBER./////// Indeed, they DEMOLISHED "The Rest" when India was violently partitioned between The Best and The Rest./////// 000000000