Date: 3/25/2006


Bhagat Singh's Martyrdom in SIKH perspective. ////// The sad fact is that slaves only change masters. Freedom is not won by "fake" elections and "Dynastic" democracies but by REVOLUTION where PEOPLE, not PARTIES, take over the country and re-write everything from Constitution down to common law. ///// Such a revolution occured in Iran, France and Russia. It has NEVER occured in the entire history of India or Punjab. ////// The slaves are precious and valuable for the masters for producing wealth. The masters are like the Queen Bee for whom thousands of other bees toil day and night and die in poverty and misery while the Queen gets fatter and wealthier. ////// By nature man is finite, timid and insecure and masters are aggressive and selfish, and, in India, for ever. The Muslims were for ever, the British were for ever and now Congress is for ever. Let us FIND OUT what made the previous masters quit. None of them went willingly or out of love of secularism, democracy and the common citizen. ///// So to expect that the current masters will become good and caring overnight is as much a myth as that of a vegetarian tiger. ///// The cause of today's slavery is the manner of gaining that bogus Independence in 1947. Instead of stepping on a rock, the Sikh Panth stepped on a glacier. ////// To start with we do not see even one baboo ("desi bhai or behen") who speaks the truth about that day in 1947 that should have opened the eyes of all. But one cannot put anything into a locked box. Centuries of slavery locked the nation's brains. The whole lot are morons. It is disappointing but little can be done because to overthrow the present iron cast rule of Congress (Italy & Islam) is to invite insecurity, uncertainty and danger. Humans, by nature, are timid, and let us face it, we all are humans.///// Furthermore, we know that today's freedom fighters are as bogus and treacherous as Nehru, Gandhi, Desai, Patel and Baldev of yestersay were. ////// The first question for those who mention Bhagat Singh is, "Where was he hanged?" The answer is not Delhi, Mumbai or Chennai. IT WAS LAHORE. (Similarly, Jallianwala Bagh had to be in Amritsar, NOT in Dhaka, Karachi, then in India, or Lucknow.) ///// By his blood Lahore became a sacred city but we never regarded it sacred although Guru Arjun Dev ji was also martyred there, making the city doubly sacred. ///// Compare it to KARBALA where Hasan and Husain were killed in Iraq. The place of Karbala in Muslim psyche is quite different from the place of Lahore in the Sikh psyche. So is the town of Mecca in Muslim psyche quite UNLIKE that of Sri Nankana Sahib for us. ///// Lahore went and the ignorant, passive and lifeless vast mass of humans in South Asia, BORN SLAVES, ETERNAL SLAVES, never mentioned Lahore again. ///// It was like the one sheep snatched away by a wolf from the vast flock of sheep. The other sheep momentarily astir, shook and shuddered, then moved away a little. They went on eating grass, programmed by their biological internal clock. Did they miss the one that was in the wolf's stomach? Forgeting has become an INSTINCT. ///// Do WE miss Lahore? Do we have a Day disignated to mourn its death? ///// Do we have a Memorial, anywhere in EAST Punjab or on UNION Territory, to recall the bustling city of Lahore, once the seat of Maharaja Ranjit Singh? Is this our connection, or soul link, with Lahore where not only Bhagat Singh but Guru Arjun Dev ji, too, was savagely martyred, not by hanging at once, but by prolonged torture over days and nights? ///// Sri Nankana Sahib, too, simply vanished from our TERRITORY, then enterdd our prayers, and we started applying for visas to go there.///// People of India in 1947 were a SLEEPING MASS, a "MOUND OF MUD". Their fate was like the handful of dirt that passed from the British down to Nehru. That was "Independence" of India. ///// That was "Independence" for all of us even after ONE THIRD of India had vanished from the map. None bothered to call the broken bit that emerged, "PI", for Partitioned India. ///// Similarly the people of Punjab were, and are, a sleeping mass. The name of ONE FIFTH of that province is again Punjab. ////// We really need to be hit even harder on heads by the STICK of PATRIOTISM, PRIDE and KNOWLEDGE. Where is that stick? We only see bullets and police batons to enforce the Law of Islam, the Law of Britain and the Law of Dynasty. ////// For "Sultan" and "King", read "President" (Dynasty's stooge Abdul Kalam at present) who is as far removed and distant from the Sikhs (and Hindus) as Emperor Aurangzeb and the King in London were.////// Only an inert sleeping MASS, minus self esteem, guts and dignity, can tolerate a MOHAMMEDAN President after unconditionally surrendering Lahore to them. Only morons or idiots could tolerate a worthless ITALIAN import in the top job of President of a political party (Congress) that does not remind us of Lahore but claims to have got us independence. ////// When the MASS is sleeping idiots, then a few enlightered souls, who fail to IGNITE THE MASS, step forward to remove the rulers. ////// They are hanged to death like Bhagat Singh. The reservoir of patriotism, that is, India, is filled with WATER. Throw a burning match like Bhagat Singh and it goes out immediately. On the other hand the reservoir of patriotism that is ISLAM, is filled with PETROL. They threw one match in 1947 and we saw the BLAZE that was visible from London and New York. It CONSUMED one third of India and two thirds of Punjab in one second. In that one second, night 14/15 August 1947, "Akhand Bharat" became Broken Bharat. Real Power Ratio in South Asia altered radically, with the FORCE of Islam on one side and the VACUUM of Secularism on the other. We are still floating, and struggling for a foothold, in the VOID. ////// Such a HEAVY historic hammer blow with lethal implications did not hit our brains at all! That hammer might as well have struck a mound of mud or an anthill.////// Our Intelligentsia need to take this on board and think of ways and means to replace our water in which Lahore remains drowned and dead, by the petrol of patriotism in which it will be resuscitated back to vibrant life to become the capital of Punjab again. ////// "Union" Territory is the poisonous gift by BANDIT JAWAHARLAL NEHRU. The BAS*ARD'S idea was to make it a disputed territory between Haryana and "Punjab" for ever. Have we got to make even a Maharaja's son to comprehend this? ////// An "ignited", inspired and enlightened leadership would have given a call to start commemorating the herois deeds of post-partition martyrs whose death is doubly tragic and more worth commemorating since they were killed by despicable "KAALA DESI" Imperialism, not by White Europeans. ////// We swallowed the words of Nehru who said, "British were foreigners, but the Muslims are indigenous." ////// He got away without a challenge or bullet to his head since the foreign British left quietly and decently, leaving the "INDIGENOUS" Muslims to occupy one thirds of India and two thirds of our Punjab, slaughtering a million of us, too, a million "Bhagat Singhs". ////// The number of those massacred by "indigenous" Muslims of Nehru in one year (1947) far exceeded the number of those killed by foreign British throughout India in a century. ///// The world is well informed on our crocodile tears over Bhagat Singh instead of shedding GENUINE tears over every NATIVE of Indian killed by our own despicable "KAALA DESI" Sarkar under an indigenous Abdul Kalam and a foreign Sonia Khan. /////// The world already knows the preachers, swamis and holy mahatmas from HINDUSTAN who leave filth and dirt at home while going abroad to "ennoble" the world. ////// The Sikhs did not stand up UNITED to defend Lahore nor to protest and cry COLLECTIVELY when the despicable "KAALI MAATA- DESI SARKAR" shot dead the first youth who cried "FREEDOM" after the British had left. ////// By now the toll of new "Bhagat Singhs" runs into hundreds of thousands. We are still a sleeping mass, being punctured and pierced, cut and slit, beaten and tortured, hanged and killed. ////// Very few understand what is happening or where all this, and we, will end. ///// The way out is to INVEST in that illiterate peasantry, tilling the soil who are so ignorant that they still vote for the Party of Partition, Treason and Surrender, the degenerated Party of BOFORS CHOR, CORRUPTION, and the ITALIAN MAFIA. /////// Freedom will come when THAT illiterate ignorant peasant, the Punjabi FARMER, is brought up to the level of awareness and patriotism of the Iralians who shot dead Mussolini, and then reject Mussolini's "daughter" Sonia, sitting on top of our heads and our women's dignity. That is what our sleeping mass needs to be aware of. ////// These Discussion Lists show us only the BHAGAT SINGHS of today, the FEW enlightered ones. In the teaming swarming ignorant slavish mass of humanity in South Asia a few are like a drop in the ocean.////// We Sikhs may look different but we are stilll HINDUS inside. Like the Hindus we are disunited. Like them we are comfortable under Abdul Kalam and Sonia Khan while our "man" rules his State happily from UNION Territory (while THEIR man rules his Punjab from Lahore).///// Like the Hindus we fled Lahore instead of defending that historic and sacred city. Like the Hindus we are divided into mona, patit, Sikh and Khalsa. Like the Hindus we do not recall the DEAD OF 1947. Like the Hindus we enthusiastically commemorate those killed by Moguls and the White Imperialist British but NOT those killed by despicable native "KAALI MAATA" Sarkar. ////// Like the Hindus we seek escape in the chant "all men are equal" in order to "run away" from our enemies. Like the Hindus we have NOT established our own Holocaust Museum. Like the Hindus we regard the DEAD OF 1947 unmentionable. ////// Like the Hindus, who don't mention patriots NATHU RAM GODSE and NANA APTE, we, too, don't mention our Shahid Beant Singh and Shahid Satwant Singh. Like the Hindus we really did not, and still do not, want FREEDOM.////// Hindus DESERVED to be wiped out in East Bengal and exterminated in North Kashmir, and now deserve to be killed even in AYODHYA and VARANASI for forgeting the Battles of Kurukshetra and Sri Lanka . But we Sikhs did not deserve to be killed anywhere since we have "amrit" and "kirpan", the qualities of humility, "nishkam sewa" and valour.////// Like the Hindus we believe we have no enemies on earth. ////// We have an AMBIVALENT, even BOGUS, attitude towards Bhagat Singh. Sheepishly, going along the Will of Masters, we commemorate his martyrdom with a despicable "sarkari" stooge in our midst. There is fear, uncertainty and lack of confidence among the Sikh leaders as to which martyrs to recall and which ones to forget- the ones in brutal Muslim Era, degraded British time or the current dictatorial Congress rule. /////// Thus we recall the martyrdom of Guru Gobind Singh ji's little sons in one era and of Bhagat Singh of another era but no official or public mention of post 1947 martyrs. ////// Like the Hindus we love Gandhi and Nehru's "aulaad" and tolerate their names, statues, institutions and the foundations named after them in EAST Punjab. Sikh millionaires and Hindu billionaires have contributed equally to BOFORS CHOR "Rajiv Gandhi Foundation" without a clue to where all the money has vanished.////// Like the Hindus we sit a mile away from a "patit" or "mona" while embracing a Muslaman and a FOREIGNER. ////// Freedom will not come to the HINDUS. They will have to wait for the next 7 centuries. The YOKE OF NEHRU DYNASTY is too heavy for the Hindu "ants" to lift. ////// Why not DISENGAGE ourselves from the Will of "Italy & Islam" and commemorate Bhagat Singh who was betrayed by the nation, but at the same time DEFY that Will of Enemy and put our active thoughts and minds on 1947, 1984, CONGRESS and NEHRU who betrayed the nation? ////// Are we up to the challenge? Are we allowed to do so by Despicable "KAALI DESI" Sarkar that has promised eternal slavery to the Sikhs and the Hindus ALIKE?/////// 000000000