Date: 3/29/2006


If A Muslim Becomes a Christian He Will Be Killed ////// The recent news medial reported that in Afghanistan, Abdul Rahman, a Muslim, became a Christian and now the whole population of Afghanistan wants to kill him because he changed his religion. He was imprisoned for changing his religion and the government of Afghanistan was planning to execute him. As western countries have put pressure on the government of Afghanistan, the court of Afghanistan declared Abdul Rahman mentally unstable and instead of killing him they are going to let him go. When Abdul Rahman comes out from prison, if he is not escorted out of Afghanistan by the US Army, the people of Afghanistan will kill him. I hope The US Army helps him get out. ////// One Muslim writes in his article, "Sharia law is very clear on the matter . Allah stated emphatically through Mohammed "who so ever changes his religion kill him"". Now the Muslims are converting to Christian in America and they want to have the right to do so. The Muslims in India want to convert Hindus and Christians into Muslims and they are doing it and they would like the right to do so. They would like to have there cake and eat it too. In Pakistan and Bangladesh, they will kill if a Muslim becomes Christian or Hindu.////// Why should India allow Muslims to convert anybody to Hindu or Christian anyway? If Islamic countries allows freedom of religion then India and America should allow them to have freedom of religion in our countries. But, if they do not allow the freedom of religion and conversion, why should we do it either./////// Bharat J. Gajjar////// 000000000