Date: 4/1/2006


A PATRIOT WROTE TO EDITOR OF AN INDIAN MAGAZINE. HIS COMMENTS ARE NOTEWORTHY. ///// ////// Dear Editor,///// I am disappointed to to see this volume which is nothing but a film magazine covering 32 pages out of 74 pages including cover page only on rotten degrading film industry of Mumbai responsible for increasing voilence, rape, gang rape, kidnapping and falling moral values in India. ////// The film industry of India is nothing but sex, voilence on the screen misleading the immature and young mind and it looks censor board does not exist. The entire industry is run by under world mafia who dictate the terms and most of the under world dons are Muslims so islamisation of industry is almost complete that is why so many assassinations, murdwers and black mailing is so common in Indian film industry. ////// I would suggest you to discuss our NRI s problems and achievments and bring articles on culture, religion and current problems concerning us and we had enough of these lowest of the low film actors and actresses of India who are shaking their bums and showing their bottoms and boobs for money and ninety percent of them have no talents but they are there because of nepotism and destroying India' S traditions, culture and heritage by making vulgar, pornographic films a grear shame on every Indian. ///// S.SHARMA///// 000000000