Date: 4/3/2006


The invasion of the Golden Temple and the resultant killings in June 1984, including the November 1984 Sikh carnage, the indiscriminate killings of Sikhs by the Indian security forces with impunity, and the collapse of the judicial and democratic process in Punjab brought home to Sikhs the true dimension and scale of Indian hostility and antipathy towards Sikhs. Every right-thinking Sikh rethought the Sikh leaders’ 1947 decision to join Hindus in a united India. The general feeling was that the Hindu-Sikh partnership had failed abysmally and had been dissolved in favour of the Hindu. This feeling manifested itself in the form of a full-blooded declaration from the Akal Takht in January 1986 for the independent sovereign Sikh State of Khalistan. /////// The other bad incidents were the demolition of Babri Masjid by Hindu Nazis and the resultant killings, including the 2002 Muslim genocide in Gujarat perpetrated by the government and its sponsored gonads’. I do not think that the government or even the Opposition has any will to undo all these bad incidents in history. They are retaining power for the sake of it. The Opposition, if comes into power, will do not do anything on these accounts. I am afraid something worse may happen in this of power politics. But, hoping for the best, we should continue to do our work /////// I am sure every body would listen to you and we collectively will matter soon for them when people would come on roads. ////// With regards and best wishes,///// Dsgill /////// ----- Original Message ----- ///// From: ask34amin@aol.com To: IHRO-owner@yahoogroups.com Sent: Sunday, April 02, 2006 9:30 PM Subject: re: curruption & genocide rules supreme in Gandhi's ////// Dear Mr. Gill:////// Two of the biggest human rights violated in our nation were the 1984 Sikh and 2002 Muslim genocide perpetrated by our government. Pure and simple it's falls under the act of treason on our nation by our own governing bodies. Below pasted is my Petition sent to Prime Minister Man Mohan Singh, President Abdul Kalam and the Supreme Court. They failed to respond, as did sic of Indis'd leading news papers too.////// Please help me to break the silence of our government as well as the silence of the people. How could we ignore the suffering agony of the victims of government led riots? Could you please consider to pass my petition to all your members to put their signature on my petition and submit it again to all the three branches our government. If we remain silent, how we will secure the safety of our families against the brutes who rule our nation? The petition is the most nonviolent method with which we can drag the Mafia to curt to answer the charge of treason and help bring justice to those whose Human rights wee violated. ////// FROM ARVIND AMIN:////// A COPY OF PETITION SENT ON JUNE 01, 04 TO THE THREE BRANCHES OF INDIAN GOVERNMENT. COPIES WERE MAILED TO 6 INDIAN NEWS PAPERS NO ACKNOWLEDGMENT WAS RECEIVED FROM THE INDIAN GOVERNMENT AND THE PAPERS IGNORED MY COPIES TO THEM////// Date: May 01.04. Mailed By Air Mail on June 01, 04. To: His Excellency, The President of India A. P. J. Abdul Kalam. To: The Chief Justice of India Ramesh Chandra Lohati. To: The Rt. Hon. Prime Minister of India Manmohan Singh /////// Re: CORRUPTION & GENOCIDE RULES THE LAND OF MAHATMA GANDHI. AN APPEAL TO ERASE THE SHAME WITH SUFFERING OF THE PEOPLE AND OF THE NATION DUE TO ACTS OF TREASON DELIVERED BY INDIA'S OWN SONS AND DAUGHTERS. LETS JOIN HANDS TO RESTORE INDIA'S HIJACKED DEMOCRACY BY ELIMINATING POVERTY, CORRUPTION, IGNORANCE AND THE ARROGANCE OF THE INDIAN POLITICIANS. THE WAY OUT OF THIS MESS IS BY FOLLOWING OUR MAHATMA GANDHI'S PEACEFUL, NONVIOLENT AND TOLERANT METHODS, HE SO LOVINGLY BESTOWED UP ON THE NATION. HATE, INTIMIDATION, RAPES AND GANG RAPES OFINDIAN CHILDREN, WOMEN INCLUDING PREGNANT WOMEN WITH TEARING OUT THEIR LIVE FETUSES IS, INCLUDING SETTING THE LIVE FETUSES ON FIRE AND SETTING ALL BRUTALIZED PEOPLE ON FIRE, IN GUJARAT, ARE ACTS AGAINST DIVINE BEING AS WELL AS AN ACT OF TREASON ON THE NATION. /////// The undersigned Arvind S. Amin, (Grandson of Kishabhai Mathurbhai Amin who participated in the freedom movement India with Mahatma Gandhi). My grandfather during the salt marches was beaten up blue and black and had to suffer the pain and agony for six months in bed to recuperate. His services for the nation were free as was of Mahatma Gandhi's and that of the 200 million Indians who served for the nations freedom with total and utter loyalty to our Mahatma. The political system that has been twisted out of shape, through their corruption and genocide, has made the efforts of the free India movement, valueless and has brought shame, humiliation, pain and agony to the nation. I personally have devoted my time on the events taking place in the nation, since the assassination of India's Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. It is with regret and pain, I am writing to you all about the genocide of the Sikh community in New Delhi, immediately after the brutal assassination of Indira Gandhi, Politicians from the Congress party took the law into their own hands on a savage murder spree that killed 3,000 innocent Sikhs in 1984. Secular Image cannot be destroyed ruled the Supreme Court of India on March 31, 04./////// But, it was critically wounded by the heirs of Gandhiji's Congress party in 1984. The BJP that arose out of the RSS whose member ASSASSINATED OUR BAPU, Mahatma Gandhi, almost succeeded to assassinate India's secular constitution by its genocide of Indian Muslims in Gandhiji's Birth Place, Gujarat on 2002. The acts of treason committed by the politicians of India must face trial in the Supreme Court of the nation that has ruled Secular Image cannot be destroyed. My Lords as well as Your Excellency The President of India, the nation must face the truth, which is our politicians attempted to tear the Secular fabric of India in 1984 as well as in 2002. To protect the Image not only of India but also of the 200 million Indiana as well as of Mahatma Gandhi, the criminals cannot be allowed to escape justice. Even if my legal language does not meet the requirements of the Supreme Court, My Lords as well as His Excellency The President of India, cannot allow the rapists and murders to escape from the grave crimes committed on the nation. ////// The protectors and guardians of the constitution of India failed to activate their power to ensure that the guilty be brought to face justice. Instead, the Congress government manipulated the system and staged a scam investigation that found no one guilty. Known individuals who led the genocide are standing as Congress candidates in the current 2004 elections. While the victims of the Sikh genocide are suffering in agony even today, but, still are awaiting for justice to be served, to bring closures to their agony. /////// I feel the time has come to make my anxieties public in the hope that the executive and judicial branches of the Government of India will address the legislative branch of India's government with a hope that it will lead to a fundamental reassessment to restore the prestige and majesty of the constitution of India. The legal and political principles on which the nations constitution was established by our forefathers, the freedom fighters are being violated by the politicians who are elected as trustees of the people by the people, but the trustees have their own agenda of corruption backed by hate and intimidation of the minorities. ////// There is no shame or morality within the ruling politicians who behave as vultures, feeding on the nations wealth. The corruption that is going on since Independence, which was a priceless gift o the nation by Mahatma Gandhi together with the efforts of the 200 million Indians, is sky rocketing and totally out of control. Today, we have over 265 million Indians in the poverty trap, leading a life of misery, hunger and pain. Nothing effective has been done to relive the misery of the people, but, instead the politicians of India are getting richer and richer. Look at Bihar, where the state government has not paid salaries to the employed people to run the state for ten years or more. These enslaved people come to work day in and day out without being paid, while the politicians live like the masters of the land. The politicians celebrate with peoples’ money their birthday, while people freeze to death or starving to death in UP for instance. How can this be possible in the land of Mahatma Gandhi? /////// As if this was not enough, the BJP party came to power, which appears to be through anarchy delivered by their saffron private army at Ayodhya in 1992. The Babri Mosque was demolished while the present cabinet was there with their supporters and the saffron mobs. Their intention was to implement Hitler Nazi policies under Hinduvta on secular India. Having come to power using the nations secular democracy, they used the weaknesses of a democratic system to deliver Hinduvta through an evil genocide delivered by Narendra Modi, the BJP and the saffron army on the Muslims Indian citizens of the nation, in Gujarat. /////// Horrific, satanic proportion crimes were committed on innocent Indian citizens. Rapes, gang rapes, tearing out of the fetuses from pregnant women, setting the fetuses to fire, threw the live burning fetus on the brutalized women, setting all the people in their homes to on fire. All those people were brutalized, live people were charred to death in Gujarat. Yet the mechanics of protecting the constitution as well as the nation did not kick into place. Even after two years, the leaders and the mobs who committed this gruesome massacre of 15,000 people are walking free in the land of Mahatma Gandhi. How can the politicians abuse and misuse the power of the land to do as they wish and please? Rob India of its wealth and murder and rape Indian citizens? India's freedom flag is dripping with the blood, of children, women, and men of the Muslim families as well as that of the Sikh families in their thousands. Mahatma Gandhi, who made every Indian a free man, Congress party and the BJP+NDA instead took away their freedom. The minorities five in fear of their lives. ////// Special note to My Lords of the Supreme Court of India: My Lords I am not a lawyer by profession. I have no idea as to how to draft a legal document to present as a petition to investigate the corruptive practices of the politicians as well as the two genocide delivered to the nation in 1984 and 2002. ////// My Lords: Part one of petition:////// On behalf of my grandfather, Kishabhai Mathurbhai Amin who participated in the freedom movement of India with Mahatma Gandhi and the 200 million Indians who also participated to free India, I appeal to my Lords to investigate the corruptive practices of politicians as well as the delivery of two genocide murdering 3,000 Sikhs and 15,000 Muslim, all citizens of Mahatma Gandhi's India. ////// Evidence 1. The former Chief Justice of India and the former Commissioner of NHRC J. S. Verma, according to news report in online expressindia.com dated May 06, 04 stated that Additional Director of CBI, P. C. Pandey was the Ahmedabad Police Commissioner when the post Godhra riots rocked the city and other parts of Gujarat. In an exchange of conversation reported by expressindia.com Justice Verma asked Pandey to go by his conscious, while dealing with the Gujarat riot cases. Evidence 2. News report of March 01, 02 in online expressindia.com has a headline, “An eye for an eye blinds Gandhinagar,” reporting the burning death of former MP Eshan Jafri and his family, while the police looked away. How can the nation accept such horrible crimes on the former MP and his family as well as on other Indian families? Eshan Jafri died with his cell phone in his hands, calling for help, right till the end of his life but no one showed up to help the former MP. Instead of the police station being manned by Police, all calls for help were being answered and or ignored by BJP members. Why? On March 02, 04 express india.com had a headline: /////// Army in, state looks for line of control.////// On March 03, 04 expressindia.com publishes an interview with Gandhian Nirmala Deshpande on: There was failure and complicity on the part of Government. On March 04, 02 former MP Kuldip Nayar writing in his Editorial/Analysis on the Subject of Burnt beyond recognition, giving his insight on the hombre tragedy delivered by Modi’s government in Gujarat.////// Evidence 4. Former Justice Krishna held a Tribunal - Gujarat 2002, in which Modi and his government were indicted for the genocide committed on the Muslims of Gujarat. Nothing has been heard fro Modi’s government nor the Attorney General of the Central Government. Why?////// Evidence 5: The living proof of Modi’s genocide are the 250,000 Muslim refugees rotting in refugee camps, being fed and taken care of by not the Modi government, but by the Goof people of Gujarat. These people lost their loved ones, their homes including belonging. Their businesses were touched with cooking gas cylinders that appeared mysteriously on the addresses of the Muslim homes and businesses, conveniently provided for the rioters.///// The Modi administration and the Vajpayee regime swore an oath of allegiance to the freedom flag of India and its secular constitution, yet both governments broke the oath of allegiance by allowing the genocide in the first place and failing to provide protection to the citizens of India. Imposition through hate and intimidation of Hinduvta was the motive. This is an open act of treachery on Secular India. What is troubling My Lords is, when such horrible crimes are committed on the nation, why did not the institutions protecting the democratic secular India did not kick in to save Indian citizens and the nation's honor and dignity?////// Evidence 6. The Best Bakery case in the realm of The Supreme Court of India. Hearings took place under the Chief Justice Khare on the Best bakery case where a statement was made, “The modern day Neros” looked the other way while live people, properties and Gujarat burned. This is an indictment itself. Like Pakistan delivers its foreign policies to India through Pakistani terrorists, the BHP delivered its home policies to turn India into a Hinduvta nation, through its Sangh Parivar in 2002. The Congress party did the same in 1984. ////// Year 1984: Murders of Sikhs by Congress party members: Evidence I A: Editorial of April 17, 04 by online expressindia.com under “GHOSTS OF 1984.” The editorial names two names of Congress candidates fielded in the 2004 elections. They are Sajjan Kumar and Jagdish Tyler who led the killings of the 1984 of Sikhs. For the thousands of Sikhs murdered no one was caught and a scam commission appointed by Congress Party could find any fault with Congress government and party. This barbaric action by Congress party, cannot be allowed to represent Gandhiji's Congress party. The present leadership has lost the right to use Gandhiji's Congress party. On behalf of my grandfather Kishabhai Mathurbhai Amin and all the 200 million Indians led by Mahatma Gandhi, I claim the ownership of the Congress party, to restore the honor and dignity of the nation and it's people. ////// A thought for My Lords: How can rapists, gang rapists and murderers can form Governments at state or central level? No criminal can be acceptable to the nation to act as their representatives as a trustee of the people. How can political parties take the law of the land into their own hands to murder innocent people as well as drain the nations wealth too? ////// The current election 2004 is nothing but a mockery of the democratic secular India as criminals from both major parties are being fielded in the election. India is the only nation in the world, where rapists and murders are members of Parliament and of state governments. Also India is the only nation in the world where rapists and murderers can walk the streets of the nation as free men, even though many are indicted by former Justice of the Supreme Court of India by Justice Krishna? ////// Part II of the petition:////// As rapists and murderers from both Congress, in Delhi and BJP+NDA in Gujarat have participated in the current 2004 elections, my appeal to My Lords is that the election be declared null and void. As criminals who participated in rapes, murders and violation of human rights of the citizens, cannot represent the people, when they lack, loyalty as well as morality towards the nation, its freedom flag and secular constitution. Besides Gujarat & Delhi, the state of Bihar is totally in the hands of thugs and political vultures. The election held there is a total farce on the nation. Media reports that there were people who guaranteed right result in the election 2004 on right payment. What these gunda politicians will do in Parliament after they have bought their way into Indian parliament? My Lords, your court has already been involved in the Dubey murder that took place in Bihar. My Lords, for the survival of Indian democracy, the Supreme Court is the only institution that can prevent the collapse of Indian democracy as well as that of the state of India./////// Indian and international media had covered the genocide inn 1984 on the Sikh community as well as on the Indian Muslim community in 2002. Live accounts were broadcast by radio and TV. Many incidents were reported by the Print media, yet despite all the evidence on the satanic, evil savage and barbaric events India's institutions protecting the nation and its citizens rights failed to kick in to arrest, the leadership of the rioters nor charged them for crimes against the nation and its citizens. How can, in the land of Mahatma Gandhi ruling regimes can take the law of the land in their own hands to rape and or murder Indian citizens innocent of any crime at all? While the nation was reasonably peaceful with no major upheaval within various religion based communities, it appears that the burning of the train at Godhra in Gujarat was stage managed that charged the 57 Hindus to death. The attack at Godhra as well as the riot that was triggered was like a military action, well planned and targeted on the Muslim community.////// How can the indicted politicians be allowed to stand as candidates in the state and national elections? It is nothing but a farce on the nation. The 2004 elections needs to be declared null and void as true freedom of choice was not presented to the voters of India. How can Indian democracy and secular constitution survive when those who violated freedom and constitution of India are being allowed to be reelected as representatives of the people? ////// India is the only civilized nation where rapists and murderers walk the streets of India as free men and women. How can the checks and balances of the nations be so blind on the vicious outrages delivered in the nation by state and central governments of India? /////// In Gujarat, instead of calling in the army to control the rioters on the first day of the raping, killing, burning of properties began, the former President of India Narayanan had to send three letters to Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee to take steps to protect the Indian Muslims in Gujarat. Why did the army was sent on the fourth day only and not on the first day the riots broke out in Gujarat? /////// Having assassinated the father of the nation, Mahatma Gandhi, violent acts by the BJP, the RSS, the VHP and the Bajrang Dal committed unacceptable savage and brutal cruelty, violating the human rights of the citizens of the nation in Gujarat, using the Hindu religion was delivered during four days of rioting. The State of Gujarat, its government, the police as well as the central government failed the nation and its people to provide security to minority religion based citizens. The congress government in 1984 violated the freedom of Indian Sikh community. While the BJP government in Gujarat and the party also followed suit, stating, “they did it, {we are following Congress Government and Party}, so we did it, So what?” Both incidents are an act of treason on the nation. I beg my Lords of the Supreme Court to consider my petition even though it is not in the legal professional language, but, I can assure my Lords that the events that took place in Gujarat during February 28 to March to March 03, 02 are now historically recorded in the history of India, just like the 1984 murders of the Sikhs by Congress party members. I also submit my letter on October 84 written to Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi as well as Margaret Thatcher, the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom on the assassination of his mother as well as Prime Minister of India, Indira Gandhi. ////// Part Ill of petition://///// Because Rapists, murderers o Indians from both parties, have participated in the current election of 2004, I appeal to My Lords to declare this election as invalid for it violates the fair and free requirements of the election laws of India. Criminal elements within the politicians standing in the election violates the rights of the people to choose a person of morality and loyalty to the nation. The 2004 elections are in fact endorsing the criminality of the political system. Mahatma Gandhi's India today is the number one corrupt nation in Asia. How can theBJP Central government boast of “SHINNING INDIA,” when farmers are committing suicide in our nation, minorities raped, gang raped and murdered openly without fear of prosecution, as their actions are protected by authorities that has twisted the laws of the nation to suit their personal agenda? /////// India's own sons and daughters are choking the secular democratic India to death, using Hitler's religion based persecution as used on the Jewish community in Europe from the 1930s to the end of World War II. Irregularities within the election system lets the criminals exploit the current ongoing elections. Instead of having all the voters vote on the same day all over the nation, it is split into three weeks. This way the criminal politicians can move their thugs into areas that vote separately, to intimidate voters with their presence and strong arm tactics. With modern technology, votes can be counted instantly, whereas it takes days and days. Foul play could be inserted to manipulate an election victory.////// A commission needs to examine why has the current election become so shameful for the nation? Press reports backs up my statement on shame, the nation has to live with. Mahatma Gandhi's effort to make “every Indian a free person,” is gone with the wind, so has the secular fabric torn to pieces. My BAPU, Gandhiji as well as the 200 million who sacrificed their lives and efforts to free India are ruined by the political vultures of the nation. On our ancient culture and heritage the politicians have poured the blood of Sikh and Muslim citizens, an act of satanic dimension, a fact that will live in history till the end of the universe.////// Part 1111 of the petition:////// Because the Congress party indulged in corruption as well as genocide, the present leadership has lost the right to be part of Congress party that was led by the founder of the nation Mahatma Gandhi. Violation of his Golden principals as well as the constitution of India is a crime on the nation. Any politician of any other party that indulges in crimes on the nation like corruption or genocide cannot be part of the political system of the nation. On behalf of all the 200 million Indians, led by Mahatma Gandhi and myself, I salute the bravery of all murdered victims of the government as well as all the relatives left behind by those who died at the hands of the rioters. I feel that there is a need for immediate and urgent action from the executive as well as the judiciary branches of Indian Government. Please take steps now as a matter of highest urgency. Failure to take correcting steps, the Mafia politicians with their anarchist policies will most certainly lead the nation towards dooms day.////// May the wisdom of the Supreme Court prevail in freeing India from the evil grip of the politicians who have re colonized India from them selves, their relatives and their friends? ////// Its an act of treason on the part of India's politicians on the nation. The political system has eroded accountably of the Central and state governments. The politicians, instead of being the servants of the people have made themselves more important than the people. Actually and in reality, the nations citizens have become servants of the government. Examine the lawlessness in Bihar, Gujarat, Haryana where sic Dalits were beaten and stoned to death in front of a police station, even though they had not killed the cows, but were only skinning the dead cows in front of the police station. In Gujarat a Dalit, named Ramesh was beaten to death, just because of sitting on the verandah of the temple. Another Dalit committed suicide, because he and his family were abused and insulted because they exposed scam in a project in Northern India. Justice has to be served to all the people who suffered the atrocities committed by the Government and or by their private mob army. What right does a government have to have a private army like the saffron mobs to deliver pain and suffering on behalf of a ruling party? ////// Petition part 11111://///// My Lords, within the Union of India, in certain states, their own citizens are acting as if the laws of India do not apply to them. In Bihar there are gunda armies that deny the writ of the state as well as that of India to the citizens within Bihar. Same problem is in Orissa. Gujarat you already know about through Best Bakery case. Since almost independence of India, the Shiv Sena is on a war footing to drive out non Marathi Indian citizens out of the state of Maharastra. Intimidation has begun again to drive away non Marathi Indians. Now the Shiv Sena wants all children to attend Marathi medium schools only. This is a gross violation of freedom of choice. What is taking place in Maharastra State is an almost duplicate copy of Modi’s Gujarat? Modi’s target were the Muslims, in Maharastra State the Shiv Sena through hate and intimidation are threatening non-Marathi Indian citizens. There are many Marathi born Indians living happily in peace in many parts of India, where they are not under attack. What is under attack is the Unity of India and its constitution? The dignity of our forefathers as well as that of the nation sand all its citizens must be restored. Law and order must never be allowed to be violated by any Indian, holding the highest position in the land by a sweeper on the streets of India. ////// To stop any scam and corruption within the government as well as within the civilian society, corruption has to be dealt with as an act of treason on the nation. The CVC needs to be empowered to investigate any member of the government without exception to curtail corruption To prevent future scams and act of treason on the nation, a Supreme Court Justice must sit in all cabinet meetings to ensure that the politicians are not messing around with the nations constitution, as well as planning corruption of any kind. Before any new law or existing law is amended, the Supreme Court Justices must ensure that what ever the politicians dream up to violate the nations laws, the scam is stopped in its tract Its time the nations government is privatized, so that people can have a voice to express their opinion. Failing that the people can approach the Supreme Court to air their opinions or air their grievances. /////// Let the government be part of the people and for the people. Transparency and accountability of the government should be requirement of each and every government Dynasty politics must be stopped in its track, for one family dynasty of rule is against the interests of the Republic of India, as India is not a Monarchy, but is a republic owned by the billion strong Indians. The BJP has attempted to change the history of India, specially on the sacrifices of Gandhiji for the nation. Historical facts cannot be amended to fit the philosophy of the political party of the nation. Hate and intimidation, cast and creed, gender, race and cultural as well as religion based discrimination has also to be treated as an act of treason. Human dignity and respect must never be ever be violated in the land of Mahatma Gandhi. India's politicians have stained the honor of the nation. Justice must be served to those who violate the nations laws, for no nation can allow corruption and genocide to rule the nation. ////// I also submit my two letters written in 1984 to Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi as well as to the British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher as proof for the 1984 Sikh Genocide by Congress Government and Party. ////// My Lords, I am thankful to haven that while the vulture politicians have penetrated every department of government from the policeman on the street to the cabinet, but, one place they have failed to breach is The Supreme Court of India, for the Justice that is delivered is based only on truth and nothing but the truth. The reputation of your court is world renowned for honesty and truth.////// As for myself, I have presented a petition that lacks the legal language and article numbers of the constitution of India. I beg your pardon and ask forgiveness please for my lack of knowledge. If I deserve any punishment for violating, the Supreme Courts rules and regulations, My Lords, I will certainly present myself in your court to receive what ever kind of punishment I deserve in good spirit. Just like our Bapu, Mahatma Gandhi accepted the punishment delivered by the British Court System to free India from 1300 years of slavery. I will accept your punishment, like Bapu did. Following the tracks of Mahatma Gandhi is the greatest joy I will ever have. ////// With respect to you all,///// Yours faithfully,////// Arvind Amin.////// ask34amin@aol.com///// ===========================////// Mr. AMIN,////// Your petition sent to President ABDUL KALAM is useless. He is a PAKISTANI in Indiana garb. You conveniently forget that in 1947 India was divided between the MUSLIMS and THE REST. ////// 000000000