Date: 4/5/2006


Muhammad as a Political Leader////// By Dr. Muzammil H. Siddiqi/////// Mar. 15, 2006////// Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) was both a prophet of Allah (God) and a statesman. His leadership was most comprehensive and dynamic. He was the paragon of virtue and spirituality. He was a noble and compassionate teacher, guide, and reformer. He was a family man. Indeed, he was also a political leader.///// As a political leader, Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) unified the Arabian peninsula, established a great state whose capital was Madinah, defeated his enemies, and went on successful military expeditions. (curtailed)////// ------------------- Dr. Muzammil H. Siddiqi is the President of the Fiqh Council of North America ////// =========== ////// COMMENT:///// Muhammad as a Political Leader?///// NOTHING OF THE KIND! ///// So was HITLER who managed to capture most of Europe. The brute was then removed from the scene (of bloodshed and devastation all round) by the combined global forces of secular Allies. It took a WORLD War, with 50 million dead, to remove Hitler from earth. Hitler was unfortunate to have appeared on earth in 20th century AD. /////// In 7th. century AD the free and secular world FAILD to unite in the same manner to eradicate "field marshal" Mohammed and his predatory blood thirsty plundering armies who were on the rampage across Middle East, in order to nip his intolerant EVIL ideology in the bud. There is an ISLAMIC Republic, threatening to wipe out the only Jewish State (ISRAEL), in size smaller than Kerala, from the face of earth! ////// One needs to ask, "What will be its next target?" Do we expect Abdul Kalam or Sonia Khan to whisper "KASHMIR"? ////// Mohammed (Peace be upon his VICTIMS) was a callous PREDATOR, PEDOPHILE and a great KILLER and PLUNDERER. His motivation to his soldiers was simply, "Kill the men and distribute their WOMEN among you." It says a lot about the man's weird personality and monstrous character with regard to women and that is exactly what his followers did in newly created Pakistan in 1947. ////// To keep the Indians IGNORANT, the "Son of a Bitch" Jawaharlal Nehru and his ruling Congress Party imposed strict censorship on the HOLOCAUST that was taking place in that part of India surrendered to ISLAM. Even his Constitution does not mention PARTITION./////// Capture of women and rape and plunder have become the moving urges of his followers to this day. Even Hitler never uttered such FILTH about the women of the fallen enemy. /////// Each and every INDIAN ought to have the vivid recollection of RAPE of women in NOAKHALI in August 1946, in West Punjab in 1947, and in East Pakistan in 1971. /////// Only "rats" of this world forget their disasters, defeats and surrenders, and go out to embrace the ENEMY. Only a vast colony of "rats" could accept a MOHAMMEDAN as their Supreme Commander and President, and an ITALIAN as their "Rashtramata".////// How ignorant is the world on the story of the BLOODY BREAK UP of India in 1947. Each and every victim had (and has) a story to tell of the man whose IDEOLOGY was worse than that of the NAZIS during 1940's. We ought to study the story of DEATH OF CIVILISATION AND SECULARISM in cities as big as LAHORE, RAWALPINDI, KARACHI, QUETTA and PESHAWAR in the West, and NOAKHALI in the East. ////// His followers have cleared KASHMIR of Hindus and continue to explode bombs and fire guns all over PARTITIONED India, i.e., BROKEN Bharat./////// The Act of Partition of India, 1947 reads. "India will be partitioned between the MUSLIMS and THE REST," thus making the Muslims our ENEMY NO. 1./////// Had the despicable cowardly "THE REST" been strong enough, they would have confronted Mohammed's followers then and there to save millions from MASSACRES across Western and Eastern India and in Kashmir, and, failing that, EXPELLED the treacherous filthy "JAAHIL" lot to Arabia or Pakistan. ////// That any MOHAMMEDAN is still seen in THE REST OF INDIA shows the weakness of the HINDUS who are the original inhabitants of Hindustan and also the rightful owners and guardians of her TERRITORY./////// The Hindu WEAKNESS, DISUNITY and IGNORANCE has caused the world's most alarming POWER VACUUM in South Asia. The results are before our eyes:////// 1. PARTITION OF INDIA WITHOUT CHALLENGE, FIGHT or REFERENDUM. ////// 2. WIDESPREAD MASSACRES across Western India in 1947 and the massacre in Noakhali district of BENGAL in 1946. ////// 3. Hindus' FAILURE to raise the grand Temple in Ayodhya and FAILURE to remove the offensive and provocative "mosques" in Mathura and Varanasi. In contrast the shameless, callous and INSENSITIVE breed of MOHAMMED does not allow a Hindu to construct even a tiny temple in Mecca where the Kafir and the Pig are regarded the same. ////// For the Hindus and the rest of SECULAR world it is still time to reflect on the bloodshed, invasions, rape and gang rape of helpless females at PARTITION of India and then recall the sudden and unprovoked attack on the UNITED states in 2001 with the aim to BREAK the Will of that country, too, in the manner of smashed India.////// We should also recall the GLOBAL attack on the Danish embassies and businesses due to those harmless cartoons. What might the "devils" do in INDIA if a Hindu journalist similarly draws a cartoon about Fatima like Hussain's paintings of nude Mother India?////// The Muslims are disloyal to their land of birth. How did MOHAMMED Ali JINNAH serve his motherland? After all, he was born in India that had Peshawar and Dhaka in her. ////// How did they suddenly start the orgy of murder, loot and RAPE in West Punjab in 1947? What is the state of peace in KASHMIR today due to the politics of MOHAMMED (peace be upon his VICTIMS)? ////// Let us not keep our eyes closed any more but WAKE UP. Let us put aside the KORAN, the so-called word of God, and read some books about Islam and Mohammed authored by ANWAR SHEIKH who lives in Wales in the UNITED Kingdom. He has PROVED that Islam is a PREDATORY Ideology, not a religion, and is ARAB IMPERIALISM. It is intolerant and bestial. ////// To give a vote on Mohammed (peace be upon his VICTIMS), simply look at the state of Democracy and Secularism in all the ISLAMIC republics that by definition are OFFENSIVE to all the non Muslims forced to live there. What is the status of WOMEN and HINDUS in an ISLAMIC republic as per CONSTITUTION? /////// Let us go to ANY Islamic republic, starting with BOGUS DESH (formerly East Bengal) and Pakistan, to speak to a Hindu there, condemned to live in the TRAP called Islam. Let us think of the simple Muslim in Afghanistan who recently converted to Christianity. He escaped the MURDEROUS blood thirsty wrath of the "beasts" by taking asylum in Italy. /////// "Mohammed" will remain a rotten word in India so long as Lahore, Karachi and East Bengal are under his flag. These are cities and regions DEGRADED and surrendered to ARAB Imperialism and it is the duty of our secular Hindustan to rescue them from the "beasts & bandits" praying in alien ARABIC. ////// As far as the UNITED States and the UNITED Kingdom are concerned, they are tackling MOHAMMED (Peace be upon his VICTIMS) in Iraq and Afghanistan and are about to see to Iran, too. /////// Let us worry about our own NATIVE religions that originated in BHARAT and then safeguard, reform and STRENGTHEN them. If we do not rise quickly, the Hindu will be dead as dodo in Kerala as in Kashmir. /////// We also need to exterminate the present treacherous RULERS of Delhi who have deleted the word PARTITION from their vocabulary and Vidhan. We need to KICK Abdul Kalam, an IMPOSITION by treacherous Nehru Dynasty to PAKISTAN and the worthless White Elephant called SONIA "Gandhi", an IMPOSITION by BOFORS CHOR, to ITALY. ////// We must liberate the Hindus and END THE ERA OF SLAVERY. It does not behove India to be under ONE anti national and anti Hindu dynasty since 1947. Our democracy is a "laugh". ////// If the Centre is not REFORMED and given HINDU "colour" and PRIDE, soon States as large as Tamil Nadu and Gujarat will declare UDI (unilateral declaration of independence) and fly their own flags with PRIDE. /////// They are all VIABLE as sovereign States like Austria, Portugal, Italy and even East Bengal, and deserve to see their own MAN sitting at the UNO, next to the traitor from Pakistan. ////// The "MONGREL" Tricolour is the flag of Congress Party in which the "Charkha" (spinning wheel) was replaced by ASHOKA CHAKRA (not TRISHUL). The genuine flag of India has yet to be designed and approved by the nation. /////// The Land where the Hindus are still 85 % needs a NEW flag and a NEW Constitution to reflect the glory of the TERRITORY of the Hindus in HINDUSTAN. /////// The Indians now live in a land that is ONE THIRD LESS due to onslaught of Mohammed's SAVAGE MORONS in 1947. Would the followers of Christ, Guru Nanak or even Mahatma Gandhi have come to the idea of reducing the frontiers, image and status of their land of birth? ////// It is therefore time to EXPOSE the deadly IDEOLOGY that is being painted in colours by the morons of Arab masters or descent. ////// Many an Indian Muslim who went for work in the land of Arabs was given the broom to sweep the roads. In the same way many an Indian (Hindu and Catholic alike) who went to Sonia's land of birth, were kicked or spat on by the natives there. ////// One needs to FIND OUT for oneself and not just put a gloss on Mohammed and Italy. The view of Hitler and Mohammed are POLES APART among brainwashed (moron) "believers" and free thinkers on earth. ////// Free and SECULAR world needs to LIBERATE those who are still mentally retarded and physically trapped in the restrictive, intolerant and treacherous state of Muslim mind. ////// The colourful picture of the BLACK STONE in DESERT, with flying doves above, drawn by author Dr. Muzammil H. Siddiqi, does not belong to the genuinely fertile and colourful landscape of Sri Rama, Sri Krishna and Guru Nanak whose politics today have become rotten to the core due to "political leadership" of Mohammed (Pease be upon his VICTIMS). /////// It also does not belong to the UNITED States of America, the bastion of secular forces that is REVERSING the tide of Mohammed's politics in the Middle East that submerged the lands in the mud of "jehaalat" (fatal ignorance) like a giant TSUNAMI. /////// Finally, think of the "Musalman, Beiman, Shaitan, HAIWAN," (Dr. Muzammil H. Siddiqi, the President of the Fiqh Council of North America) who lives in FREE America and draws such colourful picture of Islamic landscape, instead of showing LAHORE ON FIRE in August 1947 that was the true face of Mohammedís leadership, and his "Islam". /////// The SOLE criterion of good leadership is CONSTRUCTIVE and PRODUCTIVE. Mohammed wiped out multifaith and multicultural civilisation wherever he went and caused eternal dispute with the Jews by dying in Jerusalem at their holy site (Temple Mount). ////// In sheer contrast our own Avatars like Sri Rama, Sri Krishna and Guru Gobind Singh fought "Dharma Yuddh", i.e., wars for justice, truth and righteousness. ////// For brainwashed Indian "morons", Nehru and Gandhi were supreme political leaders who led us straight and effortlessly into defeat and surrender of 1947. The crushing hammer of Dynasty and their propaganda machine makes them great patriots and freedom fighters. ////// The reality is opposite. They could "fight" only within the constraints imposed by our British masters. Nehru's leadership that led to DEFEAT & DISASTER of Partition cannot be called "good" by anyone./////// Ideologically Mohammed was an INFERIORITY COMPLEX ridden weak man who felt very insecure inside. He was a failure in life who took to fighting and creating Jehadis. His political successes were the result of use of arms and weapons. Let us contrast him to Gautam Buddha whose followers revered him without coercion or threat of death and without the promise of virgins after death. (Such a vulgar Mohammedan idea!) /////// For the people of PARTITONED India Mohammed remains the most EVIL political leader, an ENEMY, whose teachings inspired the savage attack on the unity, peace and people of India in 1947, resulting in bloody PARTITION and the surrender of vast territories to Islam. The proof of "Hindu Muslim brotherhood" is the status of a Hindu in LAHORE and SYLHET. //////// 000000000