Date: 4/5/2006


Government Wants NRI Dollars Only, Question Of Pride.///// Non Resident Indians TREATED LIKE DIRT///// Once an Indian becomes a millionaire on FOREIGN soil he cares a monkey for his countrymen among whom he grew up as a child. ///// There is something ROTTEN in Indian blood that loves political STAGNATION. ///// The world wonders, "HOW CAN THE NATIVES LOVE THAT STINKING CESSPIT FULL OF CORRUPTON AND NEPOTISM (DYNASTY) AT THE HIGHEST LEVEL?"///// =========================///// It was not an immigration issue. It is about human rights and dignity. This mata ji regularly visit India and must have spent over Rs.20 lakh so far. On her last visit she spent may be Rs.8 lac on rebuilding old house. ///// She is Canadian born in India and is a regular visitor. Unlike South Africa case, she is contributing dollars to India and Punjab and not taking any local job. ////// Sikhs alone spend over $5billion in Punjab but are not treated with honor and respect they deserve and GOI routinely find new mechanisms to harass them. ///// All the glitter and shine you see is largely due to NRI dollars. Income from farming is just enough to pay for basic needs of bread and butter. ///// To avoid harassment to NRIs GOI regularly promises to remove VISA restrictions. A Canadian citizen of Indian origin and a regular visitor was purposely harassed to extract some dollars and not allowed to board the flight. ///// Our Gurus taught us to live with “Pride & Honor”. ////// First time I went to Patiala in 1990 and from there went to Chandigarh. The bus route was through Haryana and the passed under arches “Welcome To Haryana” and on exit “Thank For Your Visit, Come Again”. Actually it was not very pleasant experience for there were heavy deployment of police, vehicles were searched and people needlessly frisked. It was shocking to me (based in Delhi) that all our Rajas, Maharajas, Governors, Chief Ministers, Ministers in Punjab pass under such arches every day and they don’t have pride and spark of intelligence to lay direct rail and road link between Rajpura and Mohali-Chandigarh just 30 km distance. I have been writing and petitioning for this since then. ////// The problem is we can’t even put to use Rail network of 1500 km gifted to India by British. ////// Sikhs must unite, live with pride, fight for their rights and led by capable honest people. ///// ===================== ///// Date: Sun, 2 Apr 2006 05:05:04 -0700 (PDT)///// From:>///// Subject: Re: How Police Harass Foreign Citizen Punjabis? ////// ///// While I was in New Zealand last month, there was a story about a South African family being deported because the work visa issued to the family head was for working in Whangarei but he had moved to Auckland contravening Immigration requirements. Of course there were people who wrote that the NZ Immigration Authorities were being overly harsh on a talented person needed by NZ and who will face immense difficulties if deported. But law is law! "Mata Ji", in your story, being illiterate etc requires that relations/sponsors be extra vigilant.////// I reiterate that Indian/Punjab Police or Bureaucracy is not something one can be proud of. All the more need to be more vigilant./////// I am glad story ended happily.///// 000000000